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My second time at North Fortuna. This time I signed the book

1 day ago

Great hike, did the round trip in about 1hr 45min. Definitely bring some water with you, it was heating up at about 11am when I was on my way back and I was glad I was able to drink some water while I was at the top. Amazing views from the top, even saw a Coast Guard helicopter flying around below me.

Keep your eyes on the trail, I was distracted by the view and came within a couple feet of a rattlesnake crossing the path, I just backed away slowly and gave him the right of way.

Very busy and a lot of rock hopping

3 days ago

Some great views for an easy walk.

It’s a very steep incline but beautiful views all around. I recommend reaching the top before the sun comes out. The way back down is a breeze.

4 days ago

No city views - just peaceful, green, rejuvenating nature and mountains. See snow capped mountains in the distance, rolling hills, huge trees, and some cacti and succulents. Instead of going there and back, take Chapman Dr fire trail for a loop.

Like 95% downhill start to end point, uphill on the way back.

5 days ago

Great for what we were looking for. Awesome views on the way to panorama point and at panorama point. Some spots were icy but we were wearing hiking boots and we were fine. Make sure to pay attention to signs to not go off the trail!

5 days ago

FYI: You have to pay $7 cash on entry to the park, and there is no human there to give change. You have to put your money in an envelope and drop it in a deposit slot that is too tiny to fit a bunch of coins in (we tried), so make sure you have correct change in bills!

The hike itself offers beautiful views of the mountains from a couple of different lookout points around midway, with most of the trail surrounded by forest. As of 4/15 there is a fair amount of mud on the trail and still a couple small patches of snow/ice, but nothing unmanageable in just boots. It was a nice hike to do with the dogs, and definitely on the easy side of moderate compared to other trails we’ve done. Enough incline to get your heart rate up in a couple places, but easy enough that we saw some people with kids on the trail. For us, hiking from Reverend Ridge campground to Panorama Point and back registered as 3.8 miles and 1 hr 45 mins.

Excellent, challenging with a good, somewhat flat break and wonderful views from the top

5 days ago

Snow is almost all melted away. Had a hard time figuring out if we had gone on the right path since it converges with other trails. But great views and not too crowded.

Good trail, went up without climbing shoes and that was my mistake. It says highly elevated at the end, which is true but basically the entire trail is uphill. Definitely not a beginners trail if you are just trying to get it done. Rocks here can be hard to get a grip with your shoes.

People keep saying it's a quick hike, but it didn't feel like that to me lol maybe because it's all a crazy incline. But an amazing hike- challenging, beautiful and a great hike with your pet dog. The last 0.8 of the hike is a really good challenge hiking up to the peak. If you take the east trail it's A LOT easier!

It was a nice stroll!

Quick hike with amazing view at the peak. Be sure to check out the dam after, its beautiful. Last bit of the hike is the toughest.

Quick but steep trail with amazing views at the peak. Worth the climb!

12 days ago

Did this hike last minute by myself. Great hike! The directions on All Trails doesn’t tell you the exact address of the trailhead. Use Google Maps to get the exact address. Great mountain hike to train for bigger mountain hikes like Mt. Whitney and Mt. Elbert. Very scenic and never crowded which I loved! Be careful going down. A lot of loose rock. Loved seeing the American Flag at the top and sitting on the big rock on the summit admiring the view. Took me about 2.5 hours out and back. Highly recommend this hike!

Pretty easy trail, for the last part we walked over the rocks to get a pod view of the falls, was great but not spectacular.

It's a great hike with amazing views.

The saddle trail is super steep and slippery. Great cardio workout and a fun slip and slide on the way down!

People! If you bring dogs, don't leave the dog crap-bag next to the trail. Pick it up and don't be lazy. BETTER YET, leave your pet at home.
Trail was decent, not crowded, and had benches here and there.

This was my first "hike" in San Diego. Nice incline. Fairly congested up and down. Great views throughout.

Amazing trail! Once you get passed the overcrowded cowels mountain trail, you pretty much have the whole trail to yourself. I barely ran into 4 people all together. Great inclines and declines. The last .25 mile to the peak is a nice challenge for any hiker. Absolutely loved this trail- definitely coming back!

5 Peak challenge completed

16 days ago

I was here on the last day in March and the snow had melted to just a few inches so boots were enough to navigate the terrain. It was quiet and uncrowded and absolutely breathtaking.

Wear hiking boots if you take the saddle trail. It gets slipperaaaaaaay! I like horses.

an awesome, easy trail with moderate elevation and beautiful pools at the end! so worth it! went in march and the weather was perfect. some shade, the sun wasn’t too bad out in the exposed areas either, and the water in the pools was clean and refreshing. highly recommended!

Great for trail running. A lot of different options here also. Look for "Cardiac Hill." There is 0 shade anywhere so make sure to bring water and wear sunscreen. I'll definitely be going back. I linked up with the trail that overlooks the 67, the ridgeline trail I think? I saw deer in the middle of the day. Very rare in SD.

finished 5 peak challenge with this peak. to me it was the most diffucult

Beautiful scenery and trail is very clear - most climbing up steps though and is very crowded

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