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1 day ago

Trail has lots of steps, rocks and roots. It’s worth the hike to the river at the south side of the lake where there are a couple tent sites or keep going to Bear Lake or Deer Lake for a few more tent sites.

Left from Todd Lake and it took about 6.75 mi to get to the top rim over looking the lake and the mountains. Beautiful views abound and the wildflowers were amazing in late July. The only issue is how busy it is. I went on a weekday night from the trailhead as the sun was setting and there were about 30 or so people up at the lake camping when I got there.

2 days ago

This was my 2nd time making this loop, and it didn’t disappoint. We had cloud cover for most of the hike, which helped with potential heat. The smoke hadn’t rolled in yet so we had great views. Clean, well-marked trail, lots of off-shoots for fun views, and a great pay-off at the end. Make sure you look back to the range off the other side, and also take a left and scramble out the point for spectacular full views off the summit.

Good hike, Two beautiful lakes. We went there with kids (11 yr, 8 yr, 6 yr). Trail path is wide enough and good. Moderate crowd.

Lovely cruise hike with just the right amount of mystery about which mountain creature you might run into (sadly this bear-hungry Aussie only came up against one mean squirrel but a nice handful of humans coming up the trail while we made our way down).

Phenomenal views...great climb but not overly strenuous...surrounded by mountains with different views along the way. Lake views and waterfalls too. 4 hr trip including a lunch break...cool at the top...long sleeve or a light jacket recommended. $5 fee if you want to park at the trailhead.

Amazing hike, you walk along the spring all the way to the top. Awesome views of Broken top and bachelor behind on hike up. No name lake and the views of the 3 Sisters is defiantly worth the hike. Pretty moderate hike for an awesome reward! Was able to get my Mazda up the dirt road to upper parking lot! It was about 8 miles round trip.

WARNING!!! I saw a Facebook post on “Hiking in the Pacific Northwest” and 16 DEAD ELK CONTAMINATED THE WATER AT NO NAME LAKE.




4 days ago

This was an overnighter to Heart Lake on Lily Basin Trail #86 from 7-28-19 to 7-29-18 for a 15 mile round trip, not counting the time in camp, that took 5hrs going in and 2500ft elevation gain and 3.75 hrs return.

FR48 is in good condition with few potholes but there is one spot around 5.2. miles in with a deep runoff rut that crosses the road. Tricky for low clearance vehicles. One person had to unload his horses from the trailer and slowly drive across then reload. There were 4-5 cars at the trailhead with not much room to spare.

The start of Trail #86 is a gradual incline for a few miles then you start hiking on the forested ridge. The trail does have some steep grades now. At 4.2 miles you get good views as the trees thin out. You’ll cross the ridge once and cross back then finally lose trees. There is plenty of water here…but no flowing water until this point.

At 5.2 miles in your hiking on the West Slope of Johnson Peak following a cirque around to Angry Mountain. This section is 90% scree and crosses 4-5 glacial runoffs. In years past…there was a deep one that required hiking down 10ft into the runoff, crossing the water, then a wall of dirt, mud with no handholds to get out. Difficult to cross. HOWEVER, this year…it was fixed!!! I ran across someone with horses with Back Country Horsemen clearing blow-downs making his way for Heart Lake. He told me last year they dynamited that section making it VERY EASY to get across. IT survived the winter and was a breeze to get across! THANKS!

The junction with Angry Mountain Trail #90 is beautiful and a great place for a rest. Your on the alpine ridge. An old sign marks the junction and the views are everywhere. From there it’s only .5 miles to Heart Lake taking an unmarked trail down to the right. I saw one tent on the way down and ran across a 10 person Boy Scout Troop visiting the area on a 8 day trek starting at Packwood Lake. It took a long time, but they found a good spot for all of them.

There are 5 or so established camping sites here. One right off the lake in the meadow, one near the lakes entrance, one near the outlet and a couple other smaller sites above either side of the lake. However, it WAS BUGGY!!! You couldn’t sit still without being swarmed with flies. Long sleeves were a must. I camped off the trail in a dry grassy area with a fire ring. No matter where you were, meadow or forest…it was buggy and DEET didn't help. Wind helped a lot but was not constant. Bring long sleeves.

The night was beautiful! Clear view of the cirque around Heart Lake, the stars and a Moon Rise over Hawkeye Point. Gorgeous.

The return trip was uneventful and quick. You don’t realize how much and gradually you climbed until you’re going back. A fun trip…however next time I’d like to pass Heart Lake and camp at Jordan Basin near Goat Lake, for a 2-3 day point-to-point.

5 days ago

Awesome trail

6 days ago

The trail up to round Lake has been maintained but from there to the old Kennedy Hotsprings junctions is tough. Camp Lake and Lake Byrne are amazing! And bring your fishing pole, they are jumping!

It was a hot, hot day but the wildlife and flowers along the springs and creek that accompanied the trail were fantastic. No Name Lake breathtaking. I should have left my 11-year-old lab at home. Pretty tough on him but nothing lots of water and a cool, cleansing shower (for both of us) afterward.
I’m not a REAL experienced hiker, but this one was great in my book. The road up to Todd Lake tough. Have the right vehicle.

8 days ago

Started at 2 pm in 90+ degree heat. No snow. We hiked counterclockwise and enjoyed the anticipation and continually bettering views. Blew me outta the water. Only complaint were all the horseflies.

Great trail but easily could be a difficult designation. The hike up to white pass is no joke. Great views on clear days, definitely a must do hike...

9 days ago

The mosquitoes and the biting flies were the bane of my existence on this hike up to Blue Lake. It was incredibly beautiful but even covered in DEET I was swatting flies and mosquitoes for three hours straight. I could hardly enjoy myself.

10 days ago

If you want to get to the upper lake there is a trail that cuts off to the left right above the 5000’ elevation sign. Do yourself a favor and take this instead of trying to bushwhack around the lower lake.

Unmatched views of St.Helens. This trail is very long and completely open. Recommend bringing a hat and sunglasses or the sun will wear you down.

Did this 2 weeks back. Good one.

This trail was a little difficult to navigate but No Name Lake is absolutely breathtaking and was definitely worth the effort! Make sure to have an SUV or other car with room underneath to make the bumpy drive out to the trail head and definitely use AllTrails to make sure you're heading in the right direction. Gorgeous!!!

The easiest 15-17mi you'll ever love. You know the 16-ish mile Larch Mountain trail up above Multnomah Falls in the Gorge? That is, before some Walmart shopper's kid burnt down the Gorge?

Well it's like that: miles and miles of trails so mellow, root-free, and mild that Wilford Brimley's (ghostly) diabetic wheelchair could do most of it. Great for trail running if you're into that sort of thing. But if you are indeed "into that sort of thing," be a little ashamed at all the wonder you're missing as you glide by huffing and puffing in your hot pink Nikes.

But back to the trail: unlike Larch Mountain's 3,000+ft of boring and slow gain, this hike is utterly breathtaking--replete with lush mountain meadows, streams, and an unending supply of Brokentop, South Sister, and Central Oregon views.

Yes, there's a gate (NF370) that's now open and you can drive up much of it instead of hike the Soda Creek/Brokentop trail. But do the whole 15-17mi: you can wander around 10 Barrel or the new Boneyard later on in the day if you want tourists, dogs, kids, and noise.

Start at the Todd Lake trailhead, then take the Todd Lake Trail up and out of Todd to the Soda Creek trail, then to the Brokentop trail all the way up to No Name Lake--then jump in that mofo and wake yourself up with a gloriously icy dip.

Make sure you do the last little steep section to the ridge overlooking all sisters, Washington, Hood, and as far as the eye can see north up the cascades. It's utterly wonderful.

Hiked this beautiful loop on June 18th and it was stunning, very snow covered, and easy to potentially lose the trail at times. Didnt need/use crampons but if you have them I would recommend bringing them. Saw a porquipine who was not shy at all!

13 days ago

Took the trail out to Lost Lake today (Thurs) and didn't see another person until I was almost back to the trailhead. Lost Lake would be a beautiful place to camp, I'm adding it to my list.

Easy trail, gradual grade, no steep spots. Pretty lakes. No bugs today but it was quite cool (55-60 degrees). Good for most skill levels. 3mi to Olallie.

Did this hike on 7/29/18. definitely need hiking poles for this one. The views from this trail are absolutely breathtaking. It does live up to the hype; however, I found certain sections of this trail rather difficult. It gets very narrow with steep inclines/declines and loose rocks, with nothing but deep valley right next to the trail. I did this for my second ever hike, so my experience level might have something to do with it. we went counter clockwise and the incline was very gradual. Encountered some snow, bugs were buzzing in my ear pretty much the whole time outside of the Forrest area, and some hikers reported seeing a black bear not too far off the trail. With generous breaks for taking pictures, flying a drone, and eating/resting, we completed the loop in 6h30m. Lot was pretty full when we got there at 11am. Absolutely gorgeous views, and definitely very glad to have done it!

the NF 370 gate is open! I hiked to No Name Lake yesterday. was a 5mile round trip hike.

Arrived at 7:30 with 2 parking spots left . Great ( mostly) shaded hike, with gentle switchbacks. The entire hike was extremely pleasant. Watch your steps pretty rooty & rocky in some areas. Definitely bring bug spray.

Beautiful hike, but challenging. We hiked this yesterday and saw many hikers that started at the upper parking lot cutting off about 9-10 miles. The view at the top is worth every effort to get up there.

Bring bug spray! There are a lot of open areas, so you'll be under the sun quite a bit. Trail is pretty rocky too. I got to the trailhead at 830am on a Sunday, and the lot was getting close to full.

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