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Very nice trail. Nice colors.

I went to hike this last week & found out that the trail has been closed since a tornado hit it earlier this year.

Nice little hike , well marked , variety of terrain , spend some time exploring around the caves . 5.2 miles round trip

Great hike, Idk what people are talking about. I thought the orange blazed trails were marked fine. I loved the waterfall and the running streams through the trail. A little bit of a workout but very peaceful.

This trail was really fun! Lots of good views, some good scrambling at times. Good amount of mud, plenty of rocks to walk across though.

Love this place. There is sandy and rocky beach to walk, wooded trails and wide paths, historic ruins, beautiful vistas and even low flying prop planes overhead. Be sure to wander off on many of the side trails.

Markers need repainting. Beautiful gorge! Ice formations were great!

23 days ago

Greats views

We took this trail a few years ago in the summer. Ended up going up some additional trails after we came part of the way down from the Tower. Nicely blazed, great views. Can be crowded.

This is an out and back trail that has evolved into a loop, there are no more red blazes after you reach the top, there is a pretty well defined path and you can follow the map on this app.
I've been living close to sea level for a while so this one left me huffing and puffing a few times, not used to climbing.

One of my favorite hikes !... this hike will not disappoint !! ... great look out points

Views are spectacular !! Trail is steep and there is some climbing you have to get through but very well worth it !!

I love the this place me and husband go all the time.

Beautiful scenery...
Trails were well marked and lots of fun.

trail was extremely muddy, make sure to bring proper footwear. easy to get off trail (and off property!).

Great hike, the “caves” were more like GIANT boulders and really fun to explore around. It was pretty wet in a lot of places so I would recommend water resistant hiking boots. Our dog loved it too!

The view on top is magnificent! I took the blue/red trail on the left to go on top of the mountain and it is very rocky. Make sure to keep your head up to see the markers. There is a small portion where there seems to be no more markers and you will go right on a wide trail (like for ATV) and then you will have to go off that path and take a left (slight uphill) to get back on track and keep going along the "cliffs".
Very nice hike overall!!

trail running
1 month ago

It’s a wonderful place in terms of terrain and views etc. and there are a few challenging spots. I ran in from route 58 today (Nov 7th mid afternoon) up to the trails intersection with 53 and back. Unfortunately the experience wasn’t quite as pleasant as it could have been due to the constant sound of rifle fire that seemed to be coming from someone target shooting a little south of the trail. While the area is open to hunting and it is fall, I assumed only bow hunting. And well, this was definitely not hunting anyway. I wondered if perhaps there is a police shooting range somewhere in the area or if this was simply recreational target shooting.

The trail was very wet from all the rain some of the parts of the trail had turned into a small creek so would recommend wearing waterproof hiking shoes.

My husband and I started our hike on the blue trail and ended on the blue/red trail. The trail markings were spaced far apart and difficult to follow. Some of the trail markings were faded and need to be remarked. It is easy to go off the trail if you are not carful.
The views were beautiful.

1 month ago

Great activity to burn a half day when in New Haven. Absolutely stunning views during autumn. After our hike we did some scenic driving which I recommend for anyone with some extra time who appreciates the color change. We visited some parks that had better views within an hours driving distance, but if you are in New Haven and looking for something close I highly recommend.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Beautiful moderate hike, great around the fall time!

Simply beautiful. We hiked in from a parking lot north of the railroad tracks. The underpass regularly floods and today it was impassable for short vehicles but the sidewalk was above water.

NOTE!!! The waterfront trail floods severely at high tide cutting you off. The water depth at peak high tide is deep enough to go over boots. Some people in warm weather take their shoes off - but in the cold you have to take the long way around or double back.

The trails are very nicely kept. We hiked into the area and took the left trail split. This trail has some significant elevation changes we decided to tackle it while fresh. We also confirmed that high tide was at our starting point and with the flooding we took the high trail hoping for the water level to drop as we hiked the wooded trails.

The view at the end is worth the walk. We were correct in our planning that hiking the woods took long enough for the high tide to recede. We still walked through flooding but it was barely over our toes on our hiking boots - sneakers would not stay dry even 2.5 hours past high tide.

Start on the switchbacks and continue onto the stairs when you see them. Great workout ... they say there are 286 steps to the top ... some of the steps are steep and not always a railing to hold. If you have anxiety about being on the edge of steep cliffs ... it will start churning in your belly... but trust me ... the view up top of New Haven and Long Island Sound (and the gluts workout) is as absolutely worth it! Pack a lunch as there are plenty of picnic tables up top.

trail running
1 month ago

This has always been one of my favorite running trails. It is lightly trafficked and the chances of running into someone are slim. The trail is not overly technical, but you have to watch your footing in many spots. I can’t speak to the views because I am usually back in the woods, but you can always get in your car afterwards and find some nice scenery.

Bow hunting is something to be keenly aware of. There are several areas the trail goes through that are open to bow hunting (just in the fall). Just yesterday I crested a hill and saw something to my right (I thought it was Bigfoot!) and it turned out to be a bow hunter in full camouflage heading to his car. We waived and kept moving. I would wear some type of blaze orange/high-vis shirt and/or hat so you are more visible. From a distance a hunter will only hear your footsteps!

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