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Nice forest feel. Worth exploring all the different roads/trails at the top to see the best views.

Some steep hills. Great for cardio and a fun short hike.

Beautiful day, beautiful hike.

2 months ago


3 months ago

good quick trail, good inclines, great views for a payoff. two thumbs up.

3 months ago

Super fun for the dogs! The redwoods are beautiful. The creek isn’t very impressive, but enough to cool off the paws. Be sure to give the pups a good bath; lots of ticks and foxtails around. Google maps has the trailhead and parking lot accurately if you put in “Byrne-Milliron Parking Lot.” There are statues and trinkets around that were fun to look at, plus a beautiful vista at AJs.

4 months ago

Whichever direction you do this loop, you are guaranteed a workout. Serious inclines get you to some seriously worthwhile views. The forest is well-maintained and lovely mixed second growth redwood forest, with a very large and very old albino redwood at the end of the Milliron spur, no longer a loop due apparently to logging activity. This is a gem of a place. I love to bring my dogs here and let them run up and down the hills until they’re tired. Bring a pen to sign the book in the mailbox at Eagle in Tree.

Epic bucket list hike.... went out with a bang! Always wanted to do an overnight hiking trip before my big 5-0 .... trail was no easy task (for me) but with the help of my daughter it was a success..... Not so much for one of our team mates who fell about 30ft down a revine and had to be airlifted out after my daughter was able to rescue her enough to get her back on the trail. Hats off #calfire #chp and the medical team.
I will definitely be back.

nature trips
4 months ago

Such a beautiful trail through the dunes with native plant species preserved. Great views of the bay and peninsula as well.

Great place. Easy quick hike. Waterfall was roarin after the rains. Tied a line to a tree across falls at the top n zip lined to the middle. Epic view. Can also climb on the top of the boulder in middle of water. There's a lil cave under that rock as well.

Nice trail to ease your friends into hiking.

This park is really close to where I live in Aromas and I Iike to bring my dog here. A lot of the trails other than the main loop in the original recording are pretty overgrown in places, and some of the places on the AllTrails map that indicate trails are incorrect.

After reading about break-ins here from other reviewers I parked at the FoodMaxx and walked up the trail across the street near the dead end of Moro Road. It was a little overgrown and carved into deep narrow canyons in places, but overall it was passable. I took another similar trail back down the hill at the end of my walk (in the dark) and had to use the GPS to guide myself down.

This seems like a good place for families to walk, plus there are soccer and baseball fields. It is also particularly good for horseback riding, with wide, sandy trails, and has a place for you to trailer in and an area with a bunch of hitches and a water trough, plus pitchforks and an area for manure. I didn’t see any mountain bikers, but I saw lots of dog walkers, all on leash except mine, and there were teams of kids having sports practice on the fields as I passed by. Definitely not too crowded for the after work hour.

The environment is mixed: manzanita and similar chaparral plants like chamise, sage, and lots of wonderful wildflowers, oak woodland, and a riparian environment in the center. The wildflowers really are wonderful here, and so are the views of Fremont’s Peak and the Santa Lucia Range. Bring a container to fill with free water, and watch for ticks and bees, this whole place is pretty buggy due to the abundance of plant life. There is also lots of wildlife, especially birds of prey, quail, and other types of birds.

This trail is easy to find and has plenty of parking right off HWY 1. The trail starts off with the waterfall only 200 yds from the parking lot. Next, switch backs take you up 800' revealing wild flowers and rock outcroppings. About a mile into the hike, we were stopped dead in our tracks by a mountain lion. Luckily it wasn't looking for dinner or a fight, and just warned us with a pronounced growl. We took a hint and turned around. I am looking forward to going back to complete the hike without interruption.

Great hike for day hikers and overnight hikers. Plenty of water there, easy drive from SLO

This was an amazing trail! Lots of different scenery and wild flowers are starting to bloom. However, be aware of poison oak too. We combined it with the Salmon Creek Waterfall trail. Went to the main waterfall first, which was beautiful! We then came back around to start this trail. The first .5 miles are a steady incline that’s a little strenuous, but the remaining parts of the trail to Estrella Camp are mostly a combo of level ground, some downhill, and couple more short uphill climbs. Many parts of this trail are on a narrow pathway/ledge when you get higher up, so watch your footing. At this time there is still the remnants of a large pine tree that fell directly on the main path right before getting to the Spruce Creek Camp. You will have to step through and over a wall of fallen branches and then climb over the large trunk. On the way to Estrella Camp from Spruce Camp, you are parallel to Salmon Creek and can hear the sound of flowing water. Very soothing. We also caught a glimpse of another waterfall through the trees. On the way back the views of the forest and ocean are great! Especially if you’re heading back down around sunset. Overall the hike for us ended up being more like 6.5 miles round trip. We did not camp overnight.

Grew up my entire life playing soccer at this park and running the trail. I like the west entrance because there is less downhill. It's nice and quiet while on the trail and there are 2 good hill climbs.

on Byrne Trail

7 months ago

What a happy surprise! We were in the area and wanted a nice little hike to do and boy was this special. Everything about this hike was wonderful, the challenge, the hidden and not so hidden memories of a wonderful man who cared for this land, the views, and the enchanted welcome feeling of the forest. We will definitely do this hike again when we are in the area. Dog friendly!

Amazing beach. Never crowded, beautiful sunsets.

The trail was ok, not really up to stuff, but the scenery and freshwater makes up for it.

8 months ago

easy walk on the beach with a beautiful view to sea waves from on side and vegetated dunes from the other side.
Fun for kids

Dogs only allowed on paved roads and in picnic areas

if ttyyou like waterfalls this one is awsome

This is a nice scenic trail. As other reviewers have said, there isn't as much coastal beauty as the Buckeye Trail, but it is nice in different ways. For one, there is a lot more water on this trail, as the Salmon Creek is alive and well, and the campgrounds along the way are pretty nice trail camps. Fall is pretty evident here with the leaves, but there is plenty of green and shade. The trail is easy to hike and well shaded, but seems to be more popular than the Buckeye, which is a tougher hike. Near the Spruce trail camp there is a fork, so you will want to go left for the Salmon Creek Trail, but I will be back to explore the Spruce Creek trail that branches off to the right at that point. Instagram @picbynathan

This is a good, scenic trail that has a lot of clean water from the Salmon Creek along the way. The trail and the camps are in good condition and mostly shaded along the way. The trail leads away from the coast, so you will not views of the coast like the Buckeye Trail, but it has a lot of beautiful backcountry views. Overall, it is a pretty easy hike that starts off pretty steep, but never has any really dramatic inclines after the first half mile. On Instagram @picbynathan

A little confusing using All Trails since there are three different trail names that can be followed. Pays to view the map in the photo’s first.

Amazing hike. First Mile is switch backs and straight up hill. Bring water and at least an energy bar. Gets narrow at times so watch your footing, especially past the pools very narrow and sandy.

One of my favorites. once you get up the hill, really nice and easy.

10 months ago

Improved entrance road, all trails open, beautiful time of year. Take the 3 bears loop and the great white redwood tree too. We do this counterclockwise

I loved this trail, it was gorgeous and everyone I met on the trail were very cool. Would have gave it 5 but it wasn't maintained as well as it could have been

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