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Great trail wouldn’t recommend taking dogs on This trail it get really narrow and especially hard when people are trying to pass up and down the trail. Very pretty and shady. Inclined become more aggressive near the end. Good for older kids. Plan on hiking out with little ones on shoulders or packs

3 days ago

Super dope view, also make sure to go right at the radio tower and not into the rocks on the left there is no way to get to the trail without backtracking.

I would mirror Julie Kirby’s comments. Great trail for running, beautiful, but way too many people. Also way too much dog crap on the trail.

This is a great trail. a small climb up to the Bonneville shoreline trail then it really evens out for a while while meanders the contour of the ancient Lakeshore. I took slightly different track to the point below the peaks and get back up on a trail along the peak face. I like this trail because of the sweeping views of downtown and the valley.

10 days ago

Amazing views and the fall colors were breathtaking. We had an amazing day.

We went to perfect timing with fall leaves and weather. At the top (waterfall) , it can get cold so we were glad we had a good jacket (next time I will bring gloves for my kids hand). Good thing we had a friend who knew exactly where to find the location, it can get little tricky off HWY 89. We started to hike around 3:30pm and were able to catch the sunset by 7pm. It is dog friendly but little kids may need help to go all the way. Even if you don’t go all the way, it is fun to bring family there. I was told every season this hike is different. Probably not in mid summer where it can get really hot (unless hiking in the early morning). Can’t wait to return back again.

16 days ago

Great easy trail, make sure to do this one during the golden hour. The hills are beautiful as the sun sets.

This trail is great for trail running. My only complaint is its popularity. Too many people. It thinned out after the first 2 miles. I clocked this at 7 miles to elephant rock and back.

18 days ago

Beautiful Fall hike. Loved the parts along the creek.

trail running
18 days ago

I came across the cabin and used the trail as part of my descent from Thurston Peak. I decided to make a detour and see the cabin while I was in the area.
My thoughts on the cabin? Meh. I would definitely not have made the trek up this trail just to see it, but that’s just me. I didn’t look inside of it, nor did I care to. As for the trail - I only descended it but man was it unenjoyable. Scrub oak impeded the trail the whole time, loose rocks, sandy, washed out in some areas. I wouldn’t even say the views would be worth the effort, but I didn’t look up from the trail for fear of tripping over roots or rocks. It’s uphill the entire way so if you want a workout, here it is.
The real problem is that not enough people use the trail to keep the oak cleared away. I wouldn’t recommend this route as you will get beat up by the terrain.

Perfect time of year. Perfect trail to start trail running or get back into trail running.

20 days ago

First of all, this is a walk not a hike. Second of all, if I could give a trail negative stars, this would be the one.

The road that leads to it has two lanes separated by a double yellow line legally indicating two way traffic and there is no signage near the trailhead indicating otherwise. But the road is used as a ONE WAY. It’s a total death trap for drivers, walkers, bikers...

Love this hike! And the mountain bikers are very courteous of the hikers. Beautiful.

I don't think this trek should be rated as hard. It might get a bit tiring if you are doing this trek during the hot summer months else it's a decent moderate trek.

23 days ago

Bring a change of socks if you don't want squish foot. This is worth the climb.

Wonderful hike. A little technical in some places.

Such a nice hike up with the dogs and family! Such a beautiful hike and love the creek for the dogs!

24 days ago

It’s definitely hard, especially toward the top. But the views are great. There’s a marker at the top from 1892 and a mailbox with notebooks where you can write something. When you’re just past the radio tower, there will be two trails. One goes straight toward the rocky ridge and one goes down and to the right. Take the right one because the straight one doesn’t go all the way to the peak.

24 days ago

amazing trail if you need something to kick your butt. the first little section is a bit awful just because of the dust and switchbacks but once you're past those, it's all beautiful and shady! dogs are free to roam off the leash and mine loves all the water along the way.

easiest 6 miles of my life. well established trail. some bikers but everyone is pretty cautious of hikers! beautiful views all the way up!

its uphill the whole way good times beautiful waterfall. beginners were at that are we there yet about 3/4 way. lolz. so worth it. well worn trail.

Loved this trail it was so beautiful ♥️♥️

Lovely hike to a beautiful waterfall. i enjoyed hiking by the stream and seeing all the beautiful little cascades of water and mini waterfalls. We started early but I can imagine when it is hot the first part would be a beast! The information we read said dogs were welcome if on a leash...I saw lots of dogs and none of them were on a leash! The dog poop along the trail left by inconsiderate dog owners was a real distraction to this beautiful trail! Come on dog owners pick up after your dogs or don't use this trail!

I love this trail

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall.

trail running
1 month ago

Great hike / trail run. 3.9 miles from the Parking lot, 1.5 hours. Good workout

first time hiking this trail. wow, 70 foot drops on sandy unstable slopes. rock walls. had to turn around, sketchy!

I hiked with my Boy Scout troop up to the pipeline, which I believe is about 2.5 miles in. According to another group of hikers we met, the trail gets very overgrown past this point. As previous reviewers have noted, the trail is shaded most of the way by scrub oak, maple, cottonwood and tall pines. Overall, it was a beautiful hike, and a good workout.

This was a very awkward hike. Kind of confusing on which trail to follow the further up you go. Trail isn’t well maintained, and is very dangerous in some parts. A lot of wasps on the trail where the trail is wet from the creek. Wasn’t all that scenic either. Only pro I can think of is you get a workout from it and it’s shaded. Won’t be doing this trail again.

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