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3-4 ml. Map
4 hours ago

Very nice, great landscaping with beautiful and tall Saguaros, easy trail to go with kids.

17 hours ago

Starting from the picnic area, there are many excellent cacti and Palo Verde specimens along this easy trail. Tennis shoes ok. Bring water and be prepared for lots of sunshine. Map available at the Visitors Center.

4 days ago

Rock solid. Do this loop along with the entire larger loop and stops if you can. Well worth it.

March with Michael, took 70 minutes walking fast to get finished before sunset. Great panoramic views.

10 days ago

This is an excellent, moderate hike with plenty of history along the trail to read about. I was surprised how large Fort Bowie was at its' peak. If you do this hike during the summer, take plenty of water because the trail is exposed most of the time. There is a Visitor Center at Fort Bowie with a water fountain, but it is about 2 miles in. Instead of backtracking, I recommend completing the loop to get back to the trail head. There is a nice view of Apache Pass and Fort Bowie from an overlook after a short, steep hike.

Easy trail to hike as it is flat and the trail has good footing most of the way (very beginning is paved). There were a few parts on the trail where it was hard to see where you should be going. Nice hike to get the legs going or to recover from a harder hike the day before. No shade although at the picnic area about .5 or so in there is a nice place to sit and eat a snack or have lunch that provides a restroom and some shade.

Great area. Worth the extra drive, fun hike with old fort and history

17 days ago

A nice and easy well marked trail. Lots of historical markers along the trail to Fort Bowie Site. Restroom, flush toilets are extremely clean at ranger station

Great hike. This was our second time using this trail. We also added in the mountain viewpoint trail & was not disappointed although this part of the trail is steeper & a bit harder to navigate with some of the rock "steps". The view is worth it though. We stopped to catch our breath a few times.
Did this with two teens & a dachshund.

26 days ago

Heard most people prefer to hike the loop counter-clockwise so we did so. We took lots of photos and almost 3 hours to come back to the parking lot. A park ranger told me this is the most popular trail in Chricahua National Monument.

Great hike for me and my two small dogs. The views are incredible you forget you’re so close to the highway.

out of this world amazing

The petroglyphs are in the parking area. We found one small petroglyph on the trail. The trail is actually a dirt road.


A good third of the trail is in a wash. Didn’t care for trudging through it.

1 month ago

I took my 6 year old son on this loop for his first hike, and he did great! He asked if we could do it every day! It was just enough elevation that he felt like he climbed a mountain, but not so much cardio to make it too hard for either of us. The full loop includes lower spine trail and Ridge Trail. Signs were a little confusing at points and we took wrong turns twice. Glad we had the gps and map in here to steer us back. I think we will try a moderate trail next time.

Too easy. Could see the toad and cars from the trail. Prefer trails where I don’t see any houses or cars. Won’t be doing this one again.

Beautiful, well marked, can see a crested Saguaro.

1 month ago

An informative loop hike through history that takes you to the visitor's center at it's furthest point.

Coming from Phoenix, this was a nice change in scenery for us hike wise. It definitely lived up to its name and was truly a “Wonderland of Rocks.”

2 months ago

Very fun hike, nice and easy, good for folks that might not be necessarily super accustomed to hiking. Great scenery!

beautiful trail. easy to hike and great views of the monument.

2 months ago

Great scenery, fun grottoes, easy to do with kids.

trail running
2 months ago

Fun quick trail for a trail run. Perfect weather in early January for a comfortable hike or jog. There were some other hikers on the trail, but overall not too busy. This park is beautifully untouched and easy to navigate.

2 months ago

Fun trail to get out and stretch your legs while enjoying the park.

The trail is confusing and without the All Trails map (download it - service is spotty) I’d have definitely been lost. Beautiful saguaro forest, some lovely views, and an easy trek. Didn’t enjoy the section along the wash but it was relatively short lived.

2 months ago

Great hike in a special area

We hiked this at the pace of a 5-year old, who was the youngest of the three grade-school-age kids in our group. The terrain was varied and offered just the right amount of challenge to feel like an actual 'hike' for the adults without it being too intense or tiring for the kids. Really enjoyed the scenery and look forward to coming back when there's water running in the creek.

For all that was fantastic about this hike, I can't give it 5-stars because of how poorly marked the trails are. Many sign posts had no signs on them and more than one trailhead marker was faced to serve only one direction (and in each instance, facing away from us as we approached). We were not too surprised when we did eventually end up off course someplace in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness, having missed a turn someplace along the Esperero Trail. We had no idea we were even lost until we encountered a fellow hiker painting a trail marker on an abandoned sign post. She kindly informed us that the unnamed and unmaintained (but evidently well-traveled) trail we were on took an abrupt but manageable drop down into a wash a short spot ahead, and would lead us to the overflow parking lot, which it did.

Fortunately, its hard to feel lost looking at red clay tile roof tops in front of you. And while we ended up with a little more hiking than originally planned, we were well-prepared and no worse for the wear. My husband's gps tracker marked the total hike (bumper-to-bumper) at just a hair over 5 miles.

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