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5 days ago

Not much of a hike but a nice spot to chill by the rocks with the relaxing sound of the water especially on a hot summer day. However when you do please clean up after yourself. I found disgarded clothing, picnic food scraps by the small sandy area today and nothing irks me more than when people trash our beautiful parks.

great hike nice and quiet.

This was definitely more of a walk than a hike. It was stroller friendly and just a great outing for me and my three kids (ages 5,3,1)

I loved this hike! So many bridges. We did this hike in one day but there are several good camping spots available at the lake. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow.

2 big uphill sections (relative of course)
all the water is dried up along the way but cool and green all over
a challenge for kids but doable!

Beautiful, easy trail. Not many views, though. There is a cool meadow restoration halfway through that is worth reading about. Lots of history along this trail. Perfect for if you need to get some exercise and live nearby, but it doesn’t offer any of the typical PNW views.

Tip: grab a map at the entrance. It is easy to get lost, as there are many trails that intersect.

The trail is clean and easy but people leave their trash there. There was a pile of trash by a tree. Diapers, cigaret butts and bags of dog poop everywhere. What is going on?

24 days ago

The map that is associated with this hike takes you to the straight up and back, not the loop. We didn’t make it to the top as it started to get really hot and we knew we entered from the wrong trail head. Discovery pass is required which we didn’t know being new to the area. It was a beautiful hike but water was dried up. Not a soul on the trail which was a little strange but all in all it was a good work out if nothing else.

Beautiful hike but too much garbage once you get to the waterfall.

Parking was definitely a challenge. First visit on this trail. It was scenic and nice, several spots could have been wrong turns but we found our way. Not muddy at all today! Many families with small children, some thought it was a bit far to carry toddlers.

Lovely flora!
Easy to moderate hike. Peaceful. Not very busy. Lots of views of........trees! Big-leaf maple, Douglas fir, redwood/cedar,
Lots of blackberries, huckleberry, salmon berry, barberry (look a bit like blueberries), elderberry
Common holly, western sword fern, lady’s fern
Lady’s glove, large tree fungus, henbit dead-nettle,
Spiders, bumblebees, black slugs
Only a few mosquitoes in a few spots. No bites.
Beautiful moss and lichen covered boulders
Get Google Lens app if you can. It’s fun!

Great trail a few places not marked so well but loved the hike

Great waterfall hike with lots of wildflowers.

great loop hike with plenty of shady forest and fantastic pool of water at base of small waterfall. beware of broken glass in the water and around the pool.

was a great hike well worth it beautiful waterfall and the water was not that cold nor was it deep

this was my first overnight hike ive taken, and while it is amazing it was a lot more difficult than I was expecting. it seemed like it was entirely up hill to echo lake and the last mile or so was the hardest, with about 1000 feet of elevation gain. I would highly recommend this hike just be prepared. coming from Austin tx I'm not used to this at all so I'm sure thats why it was difficult for me but with that said it was totally worth it! there is still a lot of fire damage at and leading up to the lake, which made it hard to fish and also it seemed like most of the decent sized fish were in the middle. I was able to catch 4 trout but they were pretty small.

Brought my kids (9,5, &4). We had a blast and they loved the cold water to splash in while looking at the pretty waterfall. Parking was very difficult with the construction.

Me and my girlfriend loved this trail. The only thing, if your going to camp at the lake, is to get there early. A large burn last year (2017) destroyed most of the designated camping areas and fallen timber has cut off the loop around the lake. Great for morrels though!

Loved this hike! Super chill, more of a long walk (still sweating though). You can hangout in at the bottom of the falls. So much beauty for minimal effort. GREAT for kids too. I recommend going around 8 or 9, it can be really busy any later than that.

Super fun, great for kids small and nice way to get them used to walking out doors. Rocks are super easy to climb, water easy to access

1 month ago

Good hike, don’t need any forest passes.

great moderate hike beautiful

This is such a beautiful place. Great for your daily devotional or a peaceful walk down the river. Easy access

Easy hike with nice rain forest feel. Falls at the end are pretty. There is no dedicated parking lot so you can only park on the road side at the trail head which gets full. Trail is VERY muddy so be prepared to get your shoes all covered in mud.

really nice trail. I went today with my two kids and they loved it!

parking is awful. we had a good time on the hike, not too hard. this is a popular trail so be ready to share your view of the falls. oh, and don't forget the mud.

Absolutely not wheelchair or bike friendly. That being said it is a beautiful trail. Waterfall is dried up but theres an okay fenced off meadow at the end of the trail.

Beautiful! Good trail, not too many people. A few "iffy" bridges.

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