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A very pleasant walk through woods, near marshes, and the Bass River (which looks like a lake). We saw several folks with their dogs and the dogs happily went for a dip in the river which was fun to see. Lots of nice views for photos.

High tide water slog, 18” deep! Right on!

Nice, easy trail with a few hills involved. Not much access to the pond but i did find an area for the dogs to take a dip. Didn’t see many people on the trail. Bring bug spray!

love it. third time here.

Pleasant little walk with nice views of Bass River.

Great for little ones

16 days ago

wonderful trail...one of my favorite hikes with aqua water and endless beachy nooks to take a dip in. look forward to returning every time we come to the Cape!

nice short walk with the pup! plenty of places for them to swim.

26 days ago

Nice trail. Loved the care that people put into it.

27 days ago

This was one of the best hikes I have ever done. Bring a towel and wear your bikini so you can take a dip. Some of the trail was submerged but don’t let that deter you bc there were alternative routes (or just tough it out and walk through the shallows). This was one of the highlights of my summer!

Not incredibly scenic, but a nice trail overall. A little bit overgrown in parts.

Many different trails in this area; would like to try different ones the next time we come.

Favorite place to walk!!! The views are amazing!!!! I go a few times a week. Really enjoy it, and relaxing.

1 month ago

Love this place, especially when I've got the Blues!
Trek on my friends!

Easy walk with dog. A bit overgrown in spots.

Warblers and sea birds so come early and bring your binoculars! Also excellent place for those who like to watch butterflies. Gorgeous sea views top it off.

1 month ago

Very enjoyable hike. If you are going with kids go clockwise. this makes the steeper inclines uphill.

I love this spot! A beautiful trail that great for anyone. Gorgeous views!

so thick with mosquitoes that even with natural repellent and DEET we couldn't make it 2 minutes down the trail... we will try again in the winter maybe.

on Great Blue Hill Trail

1 month ago

This was my husband and my second hike this month and this trail was a fun challenge. We followed the path initially, but shortly after Eliot Tower, we mistakenly continued to follow the blue markers. The blue markers, after a certain point, does not follow the Great Blue Trail path. Instead, it takes you towards Canton and to a path that crosses the street.

This is a heavy traffic trail though and we saw many hikers with their dogs, dogs ranging from a lab to a corgi.

The views at the top of the hills and at the Eliot Tower are stunning!!!

There are a lot of hiking up and down large boulders/rocks. At times it was challenging, but doable for beginners hikers. The down did take a toll on our knees and ankles, but we are beginners.

I would love to do this path again in the winter.

Beautiful views and well kept trails with access to the ocean and benches along the way if to take in the view.

Please wear long pants, hiking boots, long sleeves, and a hat to protect from ticks; dressed appropriately and two buggers still tried to use me as a food source.

Easy walk with beautiful views all along the coast.

Easy walk beautiful views

What a beautiful place this is! Nicely maintained trails with amazing ocean views (there are views all around directly from the trail as well as several observation platforms). SO MANY birds! I'm not a bird watcher, but I saw birds here I've never seen elsewhere in the state. The only drawbacks I can mention are that it was fairly busy, LOTS of poison ivy (so stay on the trail), and others have mentioned ticks (though I didn't encounter any). This was my first walk through a Wildlife Refuge; I think I'll now seek them out!

Easy walk, not a very long trail- a good choice if you just want a good breath of fresh salty air. Good mixture of woods and water. Awesome scenery!!! Breathtaking!!!! Calming, serenity!

Nice views. Check for ticks.

TLDR: Go to this trail. Beautiful, green, remote, and appropriately related as moderate with some inclines/declines, passing from rocky trail to dirt.

Went on Sunday, 5/27 from about 2-4:38PM or so. We started on the side of the police station, up to Hancock Hill. Short 5 minute hike up and you get a beautiful viewpoint (see photos). A few minutes later to Hancock Hill where All Trails has the route split further to the west. We did this, but knew rain was scheduled for 4PM, so we stopped this side route with a couple hundred feet or so to go. Again, great views. As we continued we went down some other side trails exploring the lush forest, then back to the Great Blue Hill Trail.

Beautiful, thick forest throughout. Some fun crossings across logs. There’s a lot of downhill, so it seems like heading up on the Houghton Hill side would be much more difficult. Granted, there were some uphills for us. Wasn’t too crowded. Maybe saw 15 people total. No traffic noise, but heard or noticed one commercial jet.

AllTrails says 3.1 miles, though it’s close to 4.5-5.0. I didn’t monitor exact distance and writing this the day after, but apple health was about that when we finished. Of course we explored a bit off the GBH trail, but not enough to bump it by 1.5 more miles.

Moderate rating is appropriate due to the terrain and inclines. You will be walking over larger rocks, tree roots, etc. It’s not a smooth, flat, fire road like the Santa Monica Mountains. Was visiting family and wasn’t anticipating hiking, so didn’t bring proper boots or clothing. I’ve hiked for years in California in a pair of worn out Adidas so I had no problem in them on this hike. But, if I had my Salomon’s it would’ve been more comfortable and I would’ve taken more “risks” on some of the slicker, steeper inclined rocks. For inexperienced hikers, you will get tired and you should wear more appropriate shoes than sneakers.

Go hike, have fun, bring a bottle of water, and take your trash with you.

2 months ago

Great spot for little kids or beginner hikers! Fun natural surprises around every corner

An easy trail with such an amazing view! I would recommend visiting The Knob to everyone.

Fine if you can't get out of the city, nice little wood. But it is crowed

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