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Rough trail because of snow and ice but well worth the extra effort.

Went snowshoeing 1/12/19 after 8-10” fresh snow on unbroken trail. Absolutely wonderful trail with many ups n downs, really well marked, spectacular views on an azure blue pristine ice cold day! Temps started at 5* and ended at 13*. Highly recommend this trail for folks of moderate fitness. We are all in our 50’s and it was a good workout. Very good trail!

Climbed on 1/12/19. We used snowshoes but they weren’t necessary. Spikes would have been fine. Trail nicely packed down and well marked. Beautiful views

Went out and back on 1/10/19, didn’t do the loop. Snowshoed to pack down the trail after a lot of snowfall. We saw several people out in just spikes and they did fine

Great day out. 5° at trailhead but layers proved essential. Little to no wind. Trailhead parking only had one available spot when we arrived a little after 9am. Wore microspikes for first 1/2 to 2/3 of route. Changed to snowshoes shortly after getting off the Brothers ridge. Some tricky and steep spots getting up to the Brothers. Traction of some sort is definitely needed in my opinion. Final route up to summit is STEEP. Make sure your snowshoes are made for steep hiking - mine weren’t and I kept sliding with every step. We had the summit to ourselves for a short time. Some spots required downclimbing facing in on the way down. Switched back to microspikes before descending the Brothers. Took 6:51hrs round trip at a medium pace with plenty of stops for photos, rests, snacks, etc. Trail is packed is most places. Little to no ice on trail.

My wife and I Hiked on this trail on 1/3/19, it was her first winter mountain climb. It had all the makings of a great adventure! I loved the water crossings, lots of blowdown and it definitely felt like a slog near the top, although we only made it to 3444’ and decided to turn around after the post-holing became too much and we started to lose day light.
If you plan to hike this in winter make sure you have at minimum micro spike and trekking poles to deal with all the ice/ water crossings
I’m originally from about an hr from this trailhead and I will absolutely be back to bag this one!!!

Beautiful trail with great views from balancing rocks. Summit is completely wooded so keep that in mind but has some great viewing areas along ridge. Some sections are icy so I would say microspikes are necessary. The way up to balancing rocks is the hardest part but the rock scrambles were really fun and icy!

18 days ago

Perfect day sunny with 2 inches of snow and ice views were great

Do not attempt without micro spikes. 60% sheet of ice right now. Not much snow. Slow going but can't beat the views!

Not too much snow today, but the rock scrambles have ice on them. Definitely recommend micro spikes - made the icy rock scrambles and the general descent much easier!

Went up the Brothers to Big Slide yesterday 1/4. Nice day. Great views. Most everyone had spikes of a sort which I thought were essential. Steep climbing up the Brothers and a couple tricky spots. Steeper yet last 3/10ths up to Slide summit. Good packed snow and not a great amount of ice. A number of areas past the Brothers where care is needed to not break through some thin ice into running water.

18 days ago

Nice moderate grade with switchbacks to ridge line. Fantastic views but a bit tough finding the path to summit on the ridge. Cairns are small and many covered with snow.

Hiked in 8/18/18. Id consider this hike pretty difficult. It kicked my 13 year old sons butt! Saw some neat mushrooms along the way but nothing overly spectacular, in comparison to some of the other memorable firetower trails. Great workout, but your eyes are on the ground the majority of the way because of the extremely rocky terrain. We had to stop mutiple times along the way because this hike works your legs!

On 8/18 We hiked up the North trail which was rather muddy and returned via the East Trail. Lots of cool boulders and rock formations along the way. Little dissapointed in the condition of the cabin and the amount of trash we found right at the tower steps. Minimal views, other than from the tower. Otherwise, nice wide open spaces to rest and eat. The East trail was a quick return to the parking area.

I did this hike today. A few inches of new snow on the ground. This was a great hike. Lots of great views. Mini Waterfalls everywhere made for a lot of good pics and videos. 3/4 of the way up the hike does get harder but very doable. The view at the top is surreal. Can’t wait to do it in snowshoes once the snow gets deeper.

This trail is currently impossible to do without winter traction due to flow ice. With microspikes you are still unlikely to make it to summit without proper skill. Crampons definitely recommended. Otherwise the trail is wonderful and very enjoyable. Some very tricky and treacherous sections towards the top because of the ice. Be careful and don't do this one alone!

21 days ago

Ohhhh Baker Mt. - Super nice neighborhood locale. Trailhead across from a popular ice fishing pond. A lot of nice people walking pups. And then -the trail. It says go left and make it a loop. Don’t. No trail markers at all when it splits left. We used the shit out of this app to try and find the trail in 2” Of snow. It was a fun adventure scramble up, but icy as F and that wouldn’t be fun if you weren’t prepared. Stay to the right in the winter. Great view at the summit and nicely marked trail on the way down (to the right - which is the left going down). No kidding. Wait until summer. Probably a great trail. Winter. Oooof.

Be prepared for icy trials. Overall great winter hike.

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22 days ago

Epic views. It’s getting icy towards the top of the summit; you might want to bring microspikes or trekking poles.

22 days ago

This trail has been improved with switchbacks and stone steps to help avoid some of the wetter and icier sections. Traction required on colder days. Dog and child friendly. Nice view from the gazebo. After heavy rains like we had on 12/31/18 it gets very muddy however the waterfall gushes and is worth the extra effort.

Did this out & back 12/31/18. Overall a great hike with some awesome views and not too strenuous. Started at 8AM with microspikes from the Garden lot. It begins fairly easy until you begin to ascend the first brother. Nice views up that. There’s not too much up and down between the Brothers which was a nice break. Summited at 12:30 with many rest breaks and later changes. Back to the car by 3PM. Micro spikes were a necessity. Brought snowshoes but didn’t use them as there was no need. That’s # 13!

Trail had a lot of flow ice, definitely recommend crampons.

23 days ago

Great easy hike to start a day. Took only about 20 minutes to reach the summit. Last stretch is a bit steep and icy but nothing too serious. Anybody really could do this hike. Micro-spikes are needed though since a bit icy near summit

Nice easy to moderately easy hike with a nice tower at the top. We took the south trail up and north trail down and it was icy and snow covered on 12/30. Micro spikes needed for trip down, lots of running water on lower section of north trail as well. We were up and down in less than 2 hours, with a good 20 minutes at the top for photos.

love this trail. the view at the top is worth the hike. the waterfall is beautiful too if you are willing to go a little further.

I love Buck Mountain!
The views are delightful!!

25 days ago

Nice for a short hike!

Great hike, did it early morning great views from the top and short trek. Much steeper than I expected but well worth the work for the views. Bring spikes if there is any snow on the ground. Lots of ice on the rocks

A good mix, close to town and just hard enough for a quick, fun workout

27 days ago

Awesome! Pretty steep in the winter, with lots of ice! Well worth the hike tho!

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