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3 days ago

Well maintained, didn’t see any other people today, trail is clear of snow and ice. No trail markings and there are forks in the path where it gets confusing which is why I rated it 4 Stars. Pretty pine and aspen forest.

Extremely well maintained trails, signs, and routes. Pick up a map on the way in (it's a state park so $7/day or $70/yr annual pass). The route here corresponds to: Staunton Ranch Trail, to Scout Line Trail, to Marmot Passage Trail, to Bugling Elk Trail, finishing on Staunton Ranch Trail again. If you have the sunlight, weather, and energy, tack on the Lion's Back Trail to Lion's Head (+3mi). Awesome views!

Hiked about 5 miles up this trail to a trail junction. There was patches and stretches of snow at higher elevations but not enough to post hole or need snow shoes. The first mile and a half has current logging operations and is kind of a mess. On the way down, there were a couple of men who drove about a mile to a mile and a half up the trail where a lot of the logs were stacked and were shooting rifles. Made a very unpleasant last half hour. They were fairly close to the trail and when we passed them, their gunshots were very loud and we didn't have the protective ear plugs they did. I wouldn't hike this one again unless doing a backpacking loop in the area.

I went last week and the trail was fantastic... snowpacked at points but no need for extra traction beyond normal hiking boots... only saw 3 other ppl there on a Wednesday... fantastic trail and well maintained... I will definitely be returning!

Agree with reviewer Kevin. There are many trails to follow. Get a map and plan your route. I took the Mason creek trail to old mill to Staunton ranch to do about an 8 mile loop and it was all trees the entire way.Very peaceful with some uphill and a few switchbacks and not many people, but I was hoping for a Mountain View. It was icy in many spots but I didn’t use spikes and I was fine.

First off, Staunton has a number of options for all levels of hikers (or just walkers). This review isn’t specific to the route in the map of this post, and that’s because you can make your hike whatever you want.

A buddy and I ended up doing 17.85 miles at this park including 3 overlook locations and a waterfall. Get the map to the park and make a determination off how far and how difficult you want your hike to be. Just make sure you know how to read contour lines :-)

Almost no wildlife, but we went in March. Parking lot was crowded, but hardly saw anyone while hiking.

Hiked today, 2/24. A great, dog-friendly trail close to Denver. Trailhead has maintained facilities with running water. The trail is muddy in spots towards the beginning but the majority of it is covered in hard-packed snow. Traction could be helpful, but is probably not absolutely necessary for most hikers. I hiked half of the trail with micro spikes and half without. My wife completed the entire trail without and only had a few minor slips. The trail is well shaded so, we will definitely return in the spring/summer, but it is very enjoyable now.

Icy but managed with just boots.

1 month ago

Didn’t get a chance to do this hike, since the trail is closed until April 30th, 2018.

Nice trail. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear when the trail is icy.

2.1.18 - Insane 360° views! I didn't see a single other person on the trail today. Very well-worn and marked path. Definitely on the easy side of "moderate". Saw three elk packs during the trek. Highly recommend!!

Awesome hike, not terribly difficult besides the distance. Most of the hike is along a frozen stream (in January) and ended with a historic saw mill. The views at Eagle Cliffs Overlook are beautiful and cannot be missed.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. It’s a super well maintained forest service road. You could drive a tiny car down this road.
Loved the hike, saw no one else. Beautiful, easy incline. Took the Colorado Trail back to the car instead of the road like the app had.

We found this trail looking for the Rosedale Peak Trail. Both trails start at the same trailhead and intersect about a mile and a half up the trail. This trail is well maintained. We visited with a fellar at the trailhead and he said the Rosedale trail took some trail finding. It was a fun hike !!!

Fall hiking here is beautiful. Not a lot of people and plenty of wild life to see. The hardest part of hiking here is picking which trail to do. They all offer something special, which brings you back over and over again.

Awesome hike. Recommend it to anyone, especially if you have people in town visiting. Great mountain bike trail as well.

Holy moly. This hike was AWESOME! I thought it would be much colder, there were various patches of light ice and snow but none on the trail itself. The view at each of the overlooks at Bear Paw was phenomenal. I went up Mason Creek, took bear paw loop, then went on the Old Mill trail, and finally the Staunton Ranch trail. I feel like I really got to see it all. Definitely do the Bear Paw loop!

An okay hike, and can be very pleasant in wild flower season. Not a ton of impressive views but it is accessible and enjoyable. There are better hikes in the area for me, like any in Roxborough or Spruce Mountain a little further south.

Back to Bear Paw after being here a week ago. More snow on the trail this time but still no need for extra traction. There is fresh powder but it has not turned to ice yet. Always a great hike through the woods. The Bear Paw loop is worth the extra mileage. It is usually pretty quiet and the views from the three lookouts are awesome. Eagle Cliffs is a great spot for lunch.

Great mountain and city views. Partial shared trails with mountain bikers but everyone was very courteous with call outs. Recommend

Starting to get pretty icy, bring traction. This trail is still pretty crowded despite the gradually cooling weather, but the trail itself is very pretty and well maintained with good views of Denver from the peak.

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4 months ago

Parts of the trail hold ice (or mud) for a long time, but hey! That’s nature:) awesome trail for being so close to town! Scenic view is nice, FYI it faces town. Happy trails ~

One of our favorite hikes near Denver. This trip we did Mason Creek to Bear Paw and down Old Mill Creek to Staunton Ranch. That comes in at about 8.5 miles. We highly recommend the Bear Paw loop. The extra push to Eagle Cliffs is worth it. Great spot for lunch. Some snow on Mason Creek but no need for extra traction.

4 months ago

Icy in areas, traction devices for fall through spring. Decent elevation change, nice scenery, moderate traffic, dog friendly.

Amazing park, brand new a hidden gem! We hiked the Mason Creek to the Bear Paw trail hitting all 3 overlooks. We then continued counter-clockwise and made a big loop via the Old MIll and Staunton Ranch trails. This is the better way to do this hike...as a big loop instead of an out and back. You see more terrain and hike through some nice aspen groves in the final few miles of the Old Mill and Staunton Ranch trails.

We hiked friday 9-1pm and there was hardly anyone out there! A couple mountain bikes and a few hikers. There were plenty of creeks and stream crossings which our dog liked.

The colors are amazing right now!

BTW - make sure you hike the Bear Paw trail as the three overlooks on this trail are unbelievably good. Perhaps the best views from any hike in the area.

5 months ago

Highly recommended for a fall hike. The aspens are beautiful! Just be warned, there is nothing great at the end. The trail just disappears. This one is all about the journey!

Lots of colors at the lookout!

6 months ago

Nice trail with a few minor rock challenges.

6 months ago

I agree with another reviewer "lack of destination". We hiked a few miles in, the trail splits off in two directions. There are no signs saying what goes where. We chose trail that goes to the left and in about a half mile the trail runs next to a house. From there we decided to head back to vehicle and leave.

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