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Stunning, wonderful hike !!!

13 days ago

I'm an avid hiker and this trail is definitely not easy, I would say difficult. The trail is barely wide enough to walk between the edge and all the rocks. It is overgrown and hard to see where you are stepping. Very steep decline makes for a difficult trek back up. It's fun but not easy. Not recommended for children or elderly or anyone with balance issues. Cliffs and rocks are nice.

Very poorly maintained trail. Overgrown, eroded, and poorly marked. There should be a couple nice view points of the river and bridges but the trees block and chance of a clear line of vision. Not at all even close to being worth the effort..

19 days ago

One of my favorite trails, such an awesome view. Watch for rattlesnakes!

My self and two of my friends did this trail from north terminus to south. my plan to do it this way was so that i could begin the hike at 0400 and be waiting on top of chimney rock for the sunrise. My god was it worth it. I sat on that rock brewing coffee and enjoying the perfect scenery until 9am.

This was my favorite spot on the entire hike. I will be going back just to spend a weekend here. You must see it.

the trail has countless overlooks, some with beaten paths, others you can just walk west to the ridgeline. plenty of campsites premade around and the trail was pretty well kept even after all of our recent storms.

to the east is private land lines in and out of the hike. so be cautious of hunters/hunting dogs.

THE ONLY WATER SOURCE IS A SPRING AT THE 12MI MARK. this is crucial for correct planning. its very easy to walk by as i did.

from south to north the trail will continue blue blaze onto a fire road (nice well packed black gravel) down and over pipeline clearings, then downhill to campsites where the trail begins into the woods again. It is at THIS point, a grass fire road to the left of the trailhead. walk roughly 30y down that road and the spring is on the left with rocks holding down some chickenwire to prevent leaf n debris from entering it. (It looks like a rectangle stone storm drain with chicken wire ontop)

when i was hiking this i had spent a long time trying to find it and i wanted to make a point to give a very deffinitive location of this "spring" its yeild will depend on rainfall but all 3 of us got 6 litres and it didnt budge. plenty of water for us in october.

in total, this hike is beautiful, quiet, relatively easy, short distance from town, and offers alot more than you will put into it.

I will be going back.

NOTE: North Fork Mountain trail is roughly 24.3 miles long. From One Terminus to the next. One water source at 12mi. And a shuttle service is offered at the north terminus for the 25-30min drive back to where you started.

Awesome hike. Loved the feeling of using my trekking poles with the rocks on the final section of the top. Really cool view and very good trail, from some of the reviews I was off-putted, however, my girlfriend suggested we still go and I’m glad we did. We went on a Monday and only saw a few people and one person at the top who kindly left for us. We were at the top for about 30 minutes. No one came up. Highly recommend.

26 days ago

We combined this trail with a few links of others, to make it a loop! Luckily I had my GPS because the trails are very poorly marked. In mid October the trail was mushy wet in places. But very manageable. We especially enjoyed the varied flora as the different trail segments went thru forest, wet land and meadows! .

Loved it!! Watch footing lots of big rocks among the leaves.

Great hiking experience. A few muddy/slick spots after a rain overnight. Nice moderate rated trail. Recommend hiking the loop counterclockwise as reviewed in other posts.

1 month ago

This is one of those hikes where the views from the info center are better than from the top of the mountain. There were way too many people for my taste, and they were the kind that just sit at the top, hogging the mountain top to themselves. This is just a simple tourist attraction, nothing worth climbing unless you want to weave around the non-hikers out for a walk and wait for a chance to climb the rocks on top. This is also a gravel path, so it really can't even be called a hike. Took and hour for me to go up and down and so far it's been a least favorite adventure of mine.

Good views from the landing up top. It took about an hour and 10 minutes round-trip.

1 month ago

Great easy hike with a fantastic view at the end! It’s relatively easy, trail ground ranging from large gravel to mud to dry ground with some roots. Hiking in it is mostly a slight downhill grade which creates a slightly more difficult return. There is also a pretty steep incline up to the summit but it isn’t too lengthy! Definitely good for anyone wanting a short hike!

Check out the photos I uploaded for the treat you are in for at the top!

1 month ago

This is a great trail. Hiked on a Friday, out to the point then back around the loop via Dobbin House Trail. The hike was very peaceful, saw no other hikers during our trip. The view from the lookout is beautiful. Past the lookout, there are some great small waterfalls cascading down to the river.

Cool easy out and back with a good view

Always awesome

This was a very scenic and well marked trail! We finished it yesterday and with the leaves changing, made it a beautiful hike!! I would do the Lakeshore Trail again!!!

One of my favorite hikes in Ohio. The views of the lake do not disappoint. The landscape changes various times to keep the hike very interesting. I hiked the trail counter clock wise.

Was there 2 weeks ago right after the reminants of Hurricane Florence came through. The trail was basically a running stream and you almost always had to watch where you were stepping. Found a tiny waterfall along the actual creek running along the side. Going in is a gradual down hill walk then you get to the steep incline at the end. Once you get up on the rocks, the views make it all worth while. The power lines do take away from it a little but if they weren't there, there may have never been a trail up there.
Will be trying to get back when the leaves are changing!

This is the blog post and review written by my wife4.

This hike is just okay, until you get 95% of the way to the end...then it gets incredible. The view from Long Point is world class. I hiked out here to climb. Its illegal to cliff jump, but if you can find your way down to the water to swim, SCUBA dive, or just hang out you'll love it. There is LTE cell phone reception out here (I have Sprint) and your smartphone will capture photos that are well worth the nearly 8 miles of casual walking. I can't wait to return here again in 2019. If you are interested in rock climbing, look over the edge all around long point and you'll see bolts and chains for sport routes.

Definitely do not cliff jump if you are not familiar with the landing as there are some shallow areas, and depending on the US ARMY Patrol's location, you could get hit with a heavy fine.

Fun terrain and gorgeous view at the end. It’s a moderate trail, it would be a little tricky for little ones.

Woke up early and hiked this trail (absolutely recommend) as the sun came up. Better view than Coopers in my opinion, definitely worth the hike. Power lines take away from the scenery but I think they look somewhat unique with the setting.

2 months ago

2 months ago

meh. muddy, rocky and the view has these huge power lines in the way.

2 months ago

For those worried about the road, there are two ways to access this trail. From inside Blackwater State Park, past the snow tubing area, you’ll need a capable 4WD and a sense of adventure. I’ve done it in a stock Wrangler. It’s muddy, rutted, rocky, etc. and also fun to drive in the proper vehicle. The second way to get to this trail is by accessing the opposite end of Canaan Loop Rd from Rt 32 just a couple miles south of Davis. From this approach the road is fairly well maintained gravel. It’s a longer drive from the Rt 32 end but you can make it in a car. Also, the trail is very muddy and wet. Don’t wear sneakers like my hiking buddy did. You’ll regret it.

Did it in the rain and the clouds are the top we’re breathtaking. Want to do it again when the sun is out. Beautiful!!!!

2 months ago

Nice hike trails are well marked

2 months ago

Mostly beautiful with breathtaking views at end. Some places a but muddy

trail is great but watch out on the tipple theres a large Hornets nest on it.

2 months ago

Tried to follow the directions on phone and reviews below to find the starting point but it was closed and no place to park. Was really looking forward to this

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