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2018 Summer Road Trip Map
21 hours ago

Got lost! Never made it! No idea why we couldn't find it. One day I hope to return and see it.

Great hike ! Beautiful views - moderate level

1 day ago

Pretty straight forward hike. You can drive down dry creek rd to the trailhead if you want to shorten the hike and get more time for other things. Not strenuous. Very cool views at the end and of course you need to walk across the bridge. Rock/stairs at end can be slippery so be careful.

Beautiful hike with even better views! The trail was very busy when we went around 10:00 am. The trail was more difficult than I expected but worth it once you get to the bridge. There is some climbing involved but my dog didn’t have a problem with it.

Worthwhile hike. Couple in mid sixties, experienced hikers. We started at 7:30 am Saturday to beat crowds. We saw about 8 other hikers, all friendly.

The natural bridge is all that other reviewers have described. It is at least 8 feet wide at the narrowest and even those with vertigo should not worry. Just use common sense. We were back down to the trailhead by 9:30. The trail was getting very crowded by then.

We drove the VERY rocky road up from the highway. Our Subaru Outback handled it, but be careful that you have at least 8 inches ground clearance for your vehicle.

3 days ago

Well traveled trail, solid payoff and great morning hike

Great drive to the trail head in the JLU and the hike from there was about an hour round trip! Great views!!!

A must to see

Add this to your list, you won’t regret it! We arrived around 9:20am on a Wednesday and were able to find parking at the TH at Dry Creek. Took about 1 hr to get the the bridge. Relatively flat until you get close to the bridge about the last 10 minutes with extremely steep and vertical stone stairs to get up there. Once you are up the views are spectacular! When we got up there were only a few other and taking turns for pictures was easy. Started to get really crowded at the bridge around 11:00 and we headed back down. When we left there were a ton of cars parked out on the street as the parking lot was full. Highly recommend this one!!!

beautiful hike with excellent views.

Wicked good day! We had a 70 year old grandad and a 5 year old niece taking pictures on the arch.

7 days ago

Loved the bridge and a must do in Sedona! Did not like that long, dusty, and muddy road you had to walk to get to the real trailhead. Take Chuckwagon and skip the road. A little bit longer, but if you prefer more of a trail vs a road, it’s the better option.

Went in on September 28. Really windy. Great spot at the lower lake. Didn’t see the bear, but at 6 pm Saturday night a forest fire to west threatened to blow in. Got the heck out through smoke and darkness. Check the fire conditions before you go!

on Devils Bridge Trail

9 days ago


Awesome trail! Breathtaking views throughout and hoodoos abounding! Should be pretty steady on narrow exposed hillside trails

If you begin the trail from the main road, you’ll be following an off-roading trail for a while before getting to the trail head. It ended up being a 5.6 miles of mild effort, totally worth it.

14 days ago

Have hiked this trail twice now and loved it both times!

Great hike. Take lots of water. Take lots of breaks as you go up- it’s worth it to take your time. Beautiful views along the way. The bridge is an amazing site. Ask a stranger to take your picture- and then return the favor! Gorgeous.
Some may complain that its congested with people- but everyone was very nice and considerate. Move to the side if you notice people with a quicker pace coming behind you! Very helpful.
The second time I went I had trouble finding the trail as I apparently took the wrong direction of Mescal trail, instead of parking at Dry Creek.

what's not to love, short hike but amazing views and a thrill to be had!
Don't miss this!

16 days ago

The TH is only reachable with a high clearance vehicle. Parking in overflow or on Boynton adds 1.2 miles. From the TH it’s 0.7 to the bridge. The trail is almost entirely exposed. Still hot to do in the afternoon in late September. Okay in the morning. Trail in is not challenging but the last bits up to the natural bridge may prove hairy for some especially going down. Hiking boots or at least decent runners are recommended. Not flip flops or Keds. It’s worth going down to the canyon floor as well. Trail is quite busy and of course well marked.

What an amazing hike! We had a late start and set up camp the fist night at about 5pm. We found a great area at about 300ft from the trail. on day two we reached Lower Red Lake. it was beautil. we set up camp the second night just by the lake at about 400ft from the trail. After we had fallen asleep, we woke up to a bear circling our tent, ended up leaving maybe after half hour. Talking about being scared!! we had our food on a bear proof container and inside a smell prood bag away from the tent. the scenary on this trail is breathtaking. the switchbacks are long so it makes the elevation gain easy. the hike was overall challenging for us (we come from.florida). def will do it again.

18 days ago

A moderate hiking trail with a spectacular ending.

19 days ago

Great hike for all. The hike gets progressively more challenging as you approach Devils Bridge but is manageable. Amazing views n surroundings. The hike took us three hours but we often stopped to take pictures and soak in the surroundings. After enjoying the bridge we hiked a little further up the mountain for a nice little surprise rock formation. Great for all ages, hikers, mountain bikers, nature walkers, bird watchers, photographers, stoners, etc.

20 days ago

Easy, dusty hike to a natural stone arch. There is a steep scramble up rock steps about 100 yards before you get to the “bridge”. Well worth seeing.

We are from Michigan and none of us have much hiking experience. We had 6 in our group from ages 34-67. The hike was moderately challenging for the younger in the group and challenging for the older.. The views are incomparable and breathtaking and walking out on to the arch is scary but worth it. We all felt a sense of accomplishment and excitement as we hiked back to our car. Make sure you pack a lot of water and maybe a granola bar, and enjoy. This was my first real hike and I wanted to add my two cents for anyone else considering this. It is worth it!!!! We met tons of people on the trail and everyone was excited and enthusiastic to talk and engage on the experience.

This hike is rated as moderate, but it was very easy. There is hardly any elevation gain and the switchbacks are long making what little you have to gain a breeze. Plenty of water along the trail to filter, or for your dog to drink. As noted by the previous review, lower red castle lake is picturesque but definitely not pristine. We camped in the site with the heart shaped rock. It was nice until we noticed all the human waste that was not properly buried. We had set up our tent not realizing till the next morning how close it was to utter grossness. Leave no trace is important. If your not sure what this requires look it up and please respect our wilderness.

The rocks and steps are worth the view at the top!! Stay to your right on the trail. Get to the trail early. On the weekends it gets busy. week days are best.

22 days ago

The views on this trail were absolutely breathtaking. Suggest you go early. Starts getting busy around 8am.

22 days ago

Beautiful view...if you can get it all to yourself. It was absolutely PACKED when we got to the top. Way too touristy! There was an actual line of like 15 people waiting to get “their perfect photo” on the bridge.
The hike was short and I would say easy. I was disappointed as I thought it would be more difficult or longer. The end has steps up to the top but other than that It was an easy leisure hike.

Scenery and setting are truly spectacular. Really a photogenic place. But you’ve gotta embrace the poop smeared toilet paper fluttering in the wind, fire rings...everywhere, footpaths through delicate alpine meadows...and dogs barking at sunrise. Pristine? Not so much. Leave no trace? What’s that?

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