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2018 Shenadoah Map

Don’t let the short distance fool you, this trail is great! The rock scramble at the top is pretty awesome and the views are just spectacular! A great place to watch the sun go down!

Over all good workout. Kinda rocky tho.

5 days ago

Really beautiful trail with wooded areas, waterfalls, and streams. Somewhat protected from the wind so a little less cold than the more exposed summit hikes. This is a great option to mix it up a bit. We were there two days after it rained and there were a few slick spots but it was very manageable overall. It’s closer to 5 miles when you include the fire road (which you need to use if you are doing the full loop), and there’s an interesting old cemetery near the start as well.

Good, moderate trail. Wide pathways with small, loose rocks. Go early in the morning (before 9am) to avoid crowds. The views at the top are nothing short of stunning. Can get windy though, so be careful. Would do this again. Took some smaller, offshoot trails for even more views.

4.5 Stars. Completed Sunday after rain on Friday. Water crossings not too bad. Parked at Milam Gap, down Mill Prong and up Laurel Prong to the AT and back. Just past peak fall color but thin leaf cover made for spectacular views along the top portion of Laurel Prong.

A little steep at times, but totally worth it! The view and the wind take your breath away! Beautiful leisurely hike back downhill to the car. Highest point in the park!

Really beautiful summit! I would rate this more as a moderate, but I'm also a bit out of practice. Definitely feels longer than expected because it's all up hill. Well worth the workout though!

Great trail!! Loved the waterfalls!! Great idea to do trail clockwise!!! Easy wide path at the end then! Entire loop was more than 3.5 though!! Total was more like 5 miles if you count Rose River Trail loop and Rose river fire road.... you have to get back where you started for a total of about 5 miles. We just started out later and sunset came earlier so ended up finishing and it was dark. Trail was five stars though! Beautiful views!

Beautiful hike but we couldn’t make it to the falls as the trail was washed away and required cliff scaling. With 3 young kids and a dog it was impossible. Hope it gets fixed!

11 days ago

Loved this hike. Lots of water over the falls due to the recent rain. This is a great hike if you want to do an overnight in the back country. There is some flat ground near where the Doyles Stream and James Stream meet. If you like to fish...bring your fly rod and license. This is a harvest stream over 9". I saw several trout in the deep pools that were close to the 9" mark.

Great hike. Not long and good work out. Done twice with my dogs.

This trail was very easy and didn’t take but maybe an hour to complete. The top was amazing but be prepared to share it with tons of other people because it’s a popular hike!

13 days ago

Nice hike along water down to an overlook with a view of a waterfall. Many people hike down to the overlook and back the same way, but the loop was a less gradual/strenuous walk — even if it was a bit longer.

This is a beautiful hike. Most of the trail is along streams and the waterfalls are awesome! If you do the whole loop I wouldn’t recommend small children. Also, wear hiking boots or waterproof boots. The whole loop is an all day hike.

The map is wrong for this one. From the blue ridge pkwy mile post 45 (give it take a mile or two) where it crosses over Rt60, Lexington Tpke. Panther falls rd begins there, and the trail head is about a mile on the left, there’s a sign. It’s a very short “hike” with almost zero elevation gain. There are two camp sites before the falls. Carrying stuff from the car is about 200yds

Great short hike with a great view from the top. took the grandkids ages 4 and 5. They did just fine. we did the loop and loved the short trip on the AT.

Great trail. Took our two small dogs they had no problem. Did see a small black bear on the first half of the trail

15 days ago

Nice trail. Easy down, but have to come back up. Be sure to do the full loop in order to see all the springs and falls. It's easier to take the left trail down, then take Rose road back up.

15 days ago

Great trail to end your day on! Super easy. Great for kids!

Love this hike, it’s waterfall after waterfall. Just Beautiful!

Love the trail. It’s a great place to explore. It’s shaded and cool for hot summer days. The first big waterfall can be used as a water slide! It’s right before the boardwalks, and at the bottom there’s a big pool with a steep climb back up to the trail. It may look like there are sharp rocks in this waterfall but it’s pretty safe and smooth!

Yeah the map recording above is definitely not the trail. Spent an extra hour and a half cuz of it. And it’s further misleading because google maps indicated it’s here too but it’s definitely not. If you are driving from Burma Vista, the actual trail head is is right off the main Panther Falls forest road a few miles before where noted above and there is a clearly marked large Forest Ranger sign noting you are at Panther Falls trailhead. There is parking for about 5 cars. The route above though does lead through a cool place to camp and down to the creek.

This trail led to a beautiful waterfall! I definitely wouldn’t call this hike easy though. It’s pretty steep as you go down into the gorge.

Beautiful views! Keep going until you hit the 2nd overlook. Every bit of great as the first and just a bit further than the map lists (probably another tenth or so of a mile past what is listed on the map). Our dog also did very well with it despite not quite being much of a hiker himself.

The summit was a bit crowded at the top, but understandably so for a beautiful Saturday in October :) The hike was not overly strenuous for an absolutely gorgeous view.

Quick easy hike with a great view.

The trail was open this past weekend with plenty of hikers (I could see the tree that was freshly cut, by the side of the road that the previous reviewer mentioned). what a great hike!

It was a good trail. Other reviews are accurate in that the last bit is a little challenging if you are out of shape or have wee legs. Great veiws on a clear day in early October.

Nice and quick! Make sure you go both to the right (views of the Valley) and to the left (lava tubes) at the split. About 1.25 hours. approx 2.25 miles.

27 days ago

Great hike! My girlfriend and I did the Rip Rap/Wildcat loop as a two day backcountry camping trip and had an excellent time. The NPS Guide recommends camping somewhere just after you turn onto the Wildcat Ridge trail off of the Rip Rap trail but we opted to get in another mile and half or so to shorten our hike the next morning. We hiked about 6 miles the first day and the remaining 3.5 the following morning. We managed to find a nice little spot to set up camp after about 6 miles, and realized hiking out the next day that we found one of the only decent spots to camp in that mileage range. You'd either need to hike almost clear to end of the loop or camp back at the trail merge otherwise. The first six miles had a few great views from the ridge line and then some cool stream crossings, small waterfalls, and a deep swimming hole as you hiked through the valley before heading back uphill again. I highly recommend bringing a change of socks as some of the stream crossings can be sketchy and there's a chance you're going to put a foot in the water... All in all, great hike, great way to see the leaves change.

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