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10 hours ago

Good trail lots of lava rocks at first part of trail.

5 days ago

One of the entryways into the cave was closed, but we went in through the other entrance into the cave. It didn't require any repelling gear, but we were grateful to have a big group to help each other climb up and down certain parts of the cave. Also, I very grateful to have a head lamp to keep my hands free. Great cave trail, lots of fun.

DOG AND KID FRIENDLY! Hiked this over New Years December 2018 due to not making it to Sunlight Mountain in time for snowboards to run out! Mostly locals out walking dogs and running even tho the trail was totally snow packed. Nice for when you need a little stroll or something to do and dont want to venture too far outside the town. So many families and doggies. Makes me want to come back to GS with my doggo.

Absolutely beautiful, was a perfect adventure to take with two 10 year olds, an 8 and 6 year old!

great short hike, even in the winter!

We had an afternoon to spend outside and I wanted to squeeze in as much of the outdoors as possible. We couldn’t decide which trail to do with in the park, and ended up deciding on the White Dome Trail. I’m really glad we chose that one, because it was very beautiful. It was the prettiest trail out of all the things that we walked along that day. It has really cool Narrows, very interesting rocks and is a loop which is nice. The nice thing is you can just hop in your car and drive to some of the other trails which are very short, so if you spend a whole day in the park, you could theoretically do most of them in one day. We also did the Fire Wave Trail. This was very short but very cool at the end. It was kind of frustrating, because at the beginning of the fire wave trail there were signs asking people to stay on trail, especially asking them not to climb on the fire wave at the end of the trail. Sure enough, as we approached the end of the trail, I couldn’t even get a picture of just the fire wave rock structure because of all the turds climbing all over it. It clearly asks you to keep off because of erosion. I don’t think that people understand that when they step off trail, they cause erosion and can damage or completely devastate vegetation that has taken so long to grow. All they care about is getting their picture on top of a rock. Congratulations, you walked 0.5 miles and got your picture, I hope it’s still there for your children to enjoy. You can just take a picture of the rock without you on it, the focus of the picture is the rock and not you anyway. Anyways, a lot of the other structures in the park you can just drive up to, to observe. We drove up to the Natural Arch Rock, the Atlatl rock, the Beehives and the Elephant Rock and were able to see it all from our car. And of course you can just hop out really quickly to get a closer look, as all of these rock structures are very close to the road and are within short walking distance, i’m pretty sure all of them had a parking lot directly across from the structure where you can park your car. Drive to the east entrance of the park where the elephant rock structure is located and you will see a nice Polaroid frame that you and a friend can stick your head into to get a picture. We were there just as the sun was about to go down and the sky was amazing. Also I would highly recommend driving through the scenic Loop near the west entrance, where the natural arch rock and ATLATL rock are. It has really amazing rock structures. I should also mention that we visited in January so the weather was in the 50s. All the hikes were very easy, however me and my friend are avid hiker is. I would recommend bringing a ton of water if you plan to be there in the summer and maybe plan for less Miles. I’m giving it four stars, and not five because I enjoy a good strenuous climb, and there were none. But it was absolutely beautiful, and I’m glad that we did this, rather than walking around Las Vegas another day

Went with a couple of friends we all brought our dogs. It went great was easy and fun

7 days ago

This place/hike is amazing. I actually did this back in 2015. I had to follow a blog post someone had posted on the directions to the false kiva but that made it more fun. It was like a scavenger hunt! There are some loose rocks on the trail so be careful and wear proper footwear. But the views are stunning and the whole hike was so awesome. My husband was so happy that I took him there. What an amazing experience.

short and easy, but so much to see!

Of all he trails we did today this was my favorite. Easy hike but really spectacular views from every direction & you can wander off in any direction really through the wash which my dog Annie loved

This was a great trail & lots of beautiful scenery.

10 days ago

We love this hike. We’re locals and my son works at the park so this is a regular for us. It’s a very popular trail so parking is difficult. Certain times of day changes how the colors look in the rocks. The colors are the most vibrant early in the morning or late afternoon. High noon washes them out.

Short and easy for all ages. This trail is prior to the South Park entrance. Parking lot is across the street. The trail starts with lava pits from ancient volcanoes. Be careful as it is easy to fall if rocks roll under your feet. If you are into photography plan to take awhile on this one. Be sure to go to the end of the box canyon. This can be combined with Scout Cave but it is easy to miss the marked trail turnoff.

Easy trail with a very slight incline on the way out. Beautiful sandstone with basalt ridgeline. Trail is mostly well worn, but there are quite a few sections with 1 to 2 foot rocks that you'll need to navigate if you're trail running. Georgous views. Map takes you right to the trailhead where there is a small paved parking lot.

interesting hike that took me back in time. there are petroglyphs carved into the rocks all along the path and the trail is fairly easy to walk and allows for some exploration as long as one watches out for the local wildlife (snakes!).

11 days ago

Fun trail. Kid friendly.

Totally unique place...fun times. Take time to sled down the dunes!

Easy but fairly boring trek to reach the petroglyphs. Once there the hike becomes worth it. Scramble amongst the rocks to find the many petroglyphs. Most of the folks we encountered were seniors, so this is doable. Keep an eye on your kids while scrambling as there are serious drop offs. We will do this one again when we have guests.

Cool museum and ruins

loves this trail!!! it is so unique! and cool!!! short and easy.

14 days ago

My second time completing the hike. Beautiful views, it was a bit more sandy on the rocks this time than the last. Quiet when we went.

on Chuckwalla Trail

15 days ago

Nice area for some easy hiking amid beautiful scenery. It feels remote in places even though the highway is just over the hill and in spite of being able to hear traffic. You can connect this trail with Beck Hill, Gila, Paradise Rim and Turtle Wall trails to provide a variety of options for loop hikes and varying distance. We spent 3 hours in here wandering around and taking photographs. Nothing strenuous about these trails; suitable for anyone who can walk on sandy or rocky paths.

After hiking for a bit and through a fence gap off and back on the Hovenweep property, the towers suddenly pop out of the juniper forest in plain view. Being a trail that takes a little off roading to get to, we were completely on our own and it was peaceful walking through what was once someone's home.

Very hot exposed trail. There are many juniper trees, but they aren't very tall, bring lots of water, especially if you hike afternoon. -- You're in the desert now, Harry! ;)

Take the trail through the canyon!! It's a little difficult to find, but when you do, it's so worth it. I loved imagining I was back in time, just playing in the canyon as a child with the familiar family towers surrounding me. The architecture is mindboggling. How did they build the walls so straight? The trail around the rim is very easy to walk and the views are stunning.

15 days ago

Easily my favorite trail in the park. I hiked this with my pup two weeks ago and loved it! It’s pretty easy and not very far distance wise. There are so many places to stop and take pictures of the views. The only downside is that we lost the trail and wandered a bit(not marked super well and most the ground was snow covered). I would hike this again in warmer weather!

A very easy, short and beautiful trail. We all (my husband, our 9-year-old son and I) enjoyed it and were even a bit upset that it was so short. Very picturesque trail! Every step is worth taking a picture!

16 days ago

The scenery in Snow Canyon is beautiful. However, the lava tubes were not what I expected. Only one of them is large enough to actually enter and it would require repelling equipment to do so. The other two are are more like piles of lava rocks with small voids that you can crawl into. They don't go into the earth any distance, it's more like crawling under an overhang. The walk to get there is rocky, but very short and simple to navigate. The view from the overlook is worth the walk, but don't expect much of an adventure in the tubes.

such a cute little trail into a truly special location! short trail, flat and even, we went with lots of snow on the ground and had no issues. ends at a cute pond and the canyon walls are just stunning. we went at sunset and the light illuminating the canyon was beautiful and then ran across the street to the colorado river to catch the rest!

definitely check it out if you have an extra 30 minutes in moab

16 days ago

Great short hike. Mountain views and a great waterfall.
You can cool off at the base of the falls.

We loved this hike. It’s special because it’s one that you only can do in the winter months of st George. Nov-March is the only time to experience this trail. It leads you around a bend of gorgeous red rock, to a slot canton equipped with an arch and red rocks surrounding your every turn. It was stunning and magical. I felt as if we were the only ones on earth. No wind, no sun, not a single animal or sound. Pretty neat experience when we went. Can’t wait to go back

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