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Great day hike, not too challenging and a nice steady incline. A good amount of snow was on the trail but it was packed down well, no spikes or poles necessary. Saw no other people and the view at the top was incredible. Very cold and windy at the top.

Not the best trail for views, but great otherwise. No snowshoes needed on this outing, though microspikes are highly encouraged. Trail conditions were mixed, some dry stretches, some snowy and some icy. This trail would probably be best in fall when the aspens turn, or as a connector to other higher trails and summits in the area. We ultimately dubbed this "300 Crossings of 3 Mile Creek" as we crossed the creek more times than we could remember! Great day on trail :)

7 days ago

My favorite trail on the west side of the Rockies. Vista views the entire way and amazing 360° view at the top including Long's Peak and Grand Lake.

I did this a little less then a month ago. I was alone the entire time and the trail had mud and snow but the solitude and the views made it more then worth it! Not to hard of a climb to get to a point where I was at a view where I counted 12 lakes!!!! I dont think I made it to the Crest but the snow got at least a foot deep and was hard to see the trail by this point. I was highly satisfied with the situation and stayed at my viewpoint for at least an hour and thought in silence about how great it was.

14 days ago


So beautiful! The trail is a little hard to find at one point,..you have to climb over some rocks on your right instead of trying to cross a creek with a hastily placed log. Spikes are good to have!

Awesome hike, i took it up to Logan Peak in the snow and enjoyed the whole hike. It is non-stop beauty. Also, my ski goggles fell off of my backpack about 5 miles in, it is probably a longshot but if anyone finds them please contact me at 5806564957. This trail is a must hike, and is well built

Gorgeous little area, nice view from the top! Had my blood pumping but was still easy for sure.

21 days ago

Hiked 10/29/18. This is probably one of the most beautiful trails I’ve done. But it is definitely hard! I would say this is probably one of the last good days to do the trail. There was 2+ ft of snow in some areas, winds were 30+ mph at the top, and after the glacier, it isn’t well traveled enough to follow a trail easily especially with snow on the ground.. - if you plan on doing this in the near future, *definitely* pack gaiters, spikes, and a GPS/AllTrails Pro. Oh and $5 cash or check to pay for parking.

Snow/ice on the trail about 2.5 miles in. No fall color left but really peaceful trail

Great simple hike. The trail is in and out of light snow. I had micro spikes on but they were not necessary. The trail was half wet/muddy, half dry. Some deeper drifts, avoidable if you skip the upper lake but as long as it's cold, post holing would be unlikely. Snow is still shallow and sparse enough to summit Square Top Mountain as well.

22 days ago

*HUNTING SEASON* picture uploaded as well. Also, The road getting to the trailhead is pretty rough/rocky. We didn’t end up hiking too far in because there were a lot of hunters out. If you do go, it is recommended that you wear high vis orange and keep your dogs on leash. It is rifle season so be aware of your surroundings.
We plan to go back next year before the hunting season starts.

23 days ago

My first Colorado hike, back in August. The whole experience was nothing short of amazing! The views were impeccable, and the journey to the summit was clear, with views for days!

Great hike! Did it on 22nd October and got as far as the base of the final ascent to Grizzly Peak but, with the deeper snow, the drop offs either side of the narrow ridge and the fact that I was the only hiker in view, I decide not to go for that final push - sensible under the circumstances. One slip, one break or strain and that would have spelled trouble. It's still an exhilarating hike but the snow was quite deep in places, especially around and between boulders so care was required. Temps in the 40's and very little wind.

Beautiful !

We took the alternate route and met up w/ CT, Seg 1 @ Lenny’s rest. Stryker (my pup) and I spent the day on this trail. Beautiful aspens in the beginning feeding into quite a bit of elevation and some beautiful views. Lots of great camp sites.

Amazing views, worth every step.

1 month ago

A perfect hike and the climb is well worth the views. I started in the morning on a Saturday and by the time I made my way down (near noon) the trail was much busier, so if you’re looking for less people on the trail, go in the morning. The road leading to the trail is a pretty well maintained dirt road, my small Toyota Yaris was able to make it driving slow. The incline is good, a nice workout. Towards the top the trail gets a little confusing and seems to branch off into different directions but they all lead to the top. Great hike and I will definitely do this one again in the future!

1 month ago

Great hike and great views. Finding a path up past the glacier was a little hard in the dark, but after getting through that part, the trail is well worn and easy to follow.

on Gore Lake

1 month ago

Beautiful fall hike, low traffic, no bikes, plenty of breathtaking views! The full out-and-back loop is more like 14.4mi. The route to the lake is tough, and slow going, even for experienced hikers.

There are mountain goats up at the lake, please don’t feed them!!

This hike was magical today. The Aspen trees are turning so beautifully and you walk through countless forests of them. This was a pretty consistent incline, yet not too difficult. Very tranquil!

This hike was nice. A lot of good shade coverage. Definitely recommended during leaves changing. Once we got to the top of the trail, we laid down in a sea of trees and it was so unbelievably peaceful. The creek towards the beginning also looked like a fantasy. The water is crystal clear blue.

This is my favorite trail! It’s absolutely stunning right now with changing aspens. The trail takes you through forest along a river and over many bridges. The scenery is beautiful and the sound of the river is so calming. In the middle it goes through a field and then goes back into the forest over the river. Towards the end the trail rises in elevation and gets a bit more challenging, but nothing more difficult than medium. It’s a steady incline, but nothing too steep. The trees are beautiful and even in the parts where the Aspens aren’t changing the scenery is wonderful. I cannot recommend this trail enough. It’s perfect if you want forest, river, moderately challenging, and shaded.

on Mount Sopris Trail

1 month ago

Awesome hike. Enjoyed the scenic views and workout. We are from sea level, to 10k elevation was a kick in the chest. Lakes were pretty, but at the end of summer, so obviously low. Fishing was unsuccessful, but had a great time. Would definitely do it again.

trail running
1 month ago

From a serious trail runner's perspective, it is too technical to run the majority of the trail minus the first mile - trail studded with huge rocks, trees, roots, sloping. It is a rewarding trail, lined with aspens along the creek. It goes through a forest then proceeds to crisscross along the creek under aspens for the majority of the trail until it gives way until a clearing/bog. We clocked 9 miles total as well, the end of the trail is the cover photo. There is no proper 'end of trail'. If you choose to continue, it does through a forest then stops abruptly.

1 month ago

A seemingly normal hike but ended up with incredible views once you are along the ridge! A fairly steady incline but nothing that is not doable. Once you get to the top of the ridge, you can go right or left depending on your mood. We went right and had really great views of rock formations as well as mountains for miles(blue sky day with no clouds). Did not have enough time to check out the other side but I presume it gives a better look at Mt. Holy Cross. Easily one of the better hikes if you just want a short moderate trail.

great hike! we beat the crowds and hit the trail by 6am. The 'glacier' was really crowded when we got down around 11 am. Also, I lost a unigear microspike near the summit. If found please contact garethdickin@gmail.com!!

I loved it! It’s so beautiful .

Fantastic hike, exhausting but totally worth it. We got lucky and saw 4 moose at the lake. Also Aspens along the trail were gorgeous and the views of Grand lake were really pretty. It took us 4 hours to get to the lake and about 2 and change to come down. Highly recommend during fall season (we hiked this at the end of September)

Great hike! Once we were above the tree line, the wind was horrible. Bring layers and hats for the summit.

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