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We started at Wall Street and made our way to queens garden, then back up to the rim. Wall Street was absolutely amazing and better in person than seeing photos! I’m so glad we decided to visit Bryce. It was a bit steep finishing the hike up to the rim but it probably would have been harder hiking the other way around - finishing with Wall Street. We hiked Nov 14, 2018 and it was chilly but we warmed up easily. And I was surprised how busy it was considering how empty North Rim was at the Grand Canyon the day prior.

Hiked this trail in mid November when it was about 40 degrees out. Definitely had trouble finding the entrance to the trail, and there appears to be a smaller trail that has been created right at the parking area that leads off in the complete wrong direction. The actual trail is just a jeep trail that is not marked. Definitely recommend downloading a track ahead of time. Luckily we had LTE on the wrong trail and I was able to download a recording and find the correct trail. Someone had marked the trail down to the cave with an orange tag on a tree so we were able to find our way down. The cave/structure itself is pretty neat and the hike back up was pretty grueling, especially after doing two other trails earlier in the day. Overall a great short hike, just be prepared for going back up.

Amazing views. Prepare to get your feet wet. I wouldn't attempt climbing out of hamblin arch unless there is a rope. Thankfully there was two.... but still with a rope, it wasn't easy. I couldn't fathom doing it without one.

Short and sweet! Such beautiful rock formations and lovely colors.

Awesome hike through the hoodoos! We started with Queens Garden Loop and ended going up Wall Street (kindof by accident— missed Najvajo somehow). It was a tough climb out of there but so much fun! Incredible scenery!!

A minute walk from your car to the viewpoint, definitely worth taking a little detour from the main road.

Easy trail. Frozen waterfall.

Pretty middle hike, some stairs but other then my that smooth. Beautiful views, must so you can see both sides of the canyon at the same time!

I must miss the ponit of why this is exciting geologically speaking.There is so much nicer places to hike around there.

It's impressive to see the road down there. Great view

A nice view overlooking the canyons. Easy hike

Great view! I really like the white rocks

4 days ago

A classic. If your expectations aren't too high, then it's worth it!

went for sunrise, it was nice

this may sound weird but I need a tiny bit of sand from coyote gulch for a gift. would anyone be willing to ship some to me if I send a prepaid UPS label? this is the location I plan to be married at and the sand is part of a gift I want to make. I only need one grain for the gift so only a small amount is needed. I don't know where else to ask.

Fun short hike. Paths are well worn, but if you don’t know where to turn you could end up on a much longer loop. The cabin is SUPER close to the parking lot, so if that’s all you’d like to do, a toddler could make it on their own. Pretty views. Neat cabin. This one is a win for me.

Amazing views

7 days ago

Check in with the staff at the Visitor Center for a map. I went up the trail marked Canyon Overlook and followed that trail as it turned into a Forest Service trail heading off into the hills. I backtracked and followed the signs for Hidden Secrets ridge and that took me down through the Court of Ceremonies. There are many petroglyphs here and there. You are right above the highway much of the time, but it is still a nice area and the park itself is full of interesting stuff, as well as a small museum.

7 days ago

Interesting archeological/historical site, but not much of a hike. You are along the highway. The woman in the Visitor Center was very helpful and informative.

Gorgeous! The Wall Street portion was still open when we visited last week and it was one of our favorite parts of the hike.

9 days ago

NIce loop through the woods and along the lake shore. Some interest in minor remains of camp.

short simple hike, the lake adds some interest.

This is one of my favorite places on earth. I go to SD every year and never miss the waterfalls in Spearfish canyon.

Gorgeous and well worth the ups and downs.

12 days ago

It’s super short and ends at an amazing viewpoint.

This was a nice trail. It was colder so there weren’t many people at all. It goes over a wash and up to a fork where you can see a waterfall (no waterfall right now) and the mossy cave. The cave is certainly mossy and there’s an info sign that says it’s covered in icicles in the winter. The trailhead is fairly easy to find. Go east on 12 and around one of the bends is a parking area with a sign and a little shack.

This trail was amazing! The Queen Victoria formation really looks like Queen Victoria. You have a choice of going up the Two Bridges trail or the Wall Street trail to finish the loop. I did Two Bridges. Wall Street is the “slot canyon.” I saw a Steller’s Jay and a chipmunk.

12 days ago

I’m not sure if I was on the trail or if I was following the footprints of someone who also went the wrong way. In either case, I climbed up to the ridge and took some amazing photos.

12 days ago

This trail is short and nice. It’s a little hard to stay on the trail sometimes because the gravel blends in with all the other gravel. Parking is at the scenic turnout just west of the Red Canyon Visitor Center.

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