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I'm visiting from Utah and wanted something pretty close to where I'm staying, and this hike fit the bill! There are a decent amount of hilly parts, but they aren't terrible. The scenery is stunningly beautiful though. I rated this hike a 4 because it was decently hilly (at least for this Utah native where everything is pretty FLAT!)... so I'd probably say it's on the harder end of easy, if that makes sense! And I have no idea where the main photo for this hike was taken, because it makes it look like the trail is paved and flat and it's neither of those two things. I also ended up cutting down through one of the other paths near the end to make it a bit shorter and it worked well for me. I would absolutely hike this again!

Great place for long boarding as well. Laurelhurst is seriously one of the best parks in SE Portland. Hammock!

Love this place. Great place to take kids and pets. A bit buggy, but otherwise this is a treasure!

It was an enjoyable family hike. Kids ranged from 7-13 in good health. It is on the harder side of easy mainly due to the elevation changes, but very doable. Plenty of families with small children. There are a number of shorter paths as well. The trail started off nice, some rocks and roots to help with the trail feel. It soon transitioned to a more generic manicured walking path, but at least it wasn't paved.

Decently quiet for being inside the city, not tons of people and the parking was nice and easy. The forest was a fairly generic Oregon experience with nothing really unique, but still nice in it's simplicity.

30 days ago

Super familiar park for me. It's not a place to get solitude, but it is a great place to hang out or get exercise. The trails are varied, and some are less populated. There's often some kind of event going on, and there are many areas for kids to enjoy as well as adults. Though I've probably hiked every trail over the years, now that I have a GPS, I guess I'll do it all again while painting cyan lines on the map.

1 month ago

Laurelhurst is super familiar and not very "magical" for me anymore, but it is a great place to hang out or get in some exercise. Today was perhaps the first time I have walked down every single trail in the park.

Great mountain bike trail for beginners.

1 month ago

Great little hike for my young family. The trail is well maintained and not too difficult.

Too close to people, roads, and such. Tough, it can be fun to meet new friends.

Nice and easy hike, would be great for some trail running. There was very few people around but it is extremely well maintained.

All concrete, nice city views but not very pretty along the trail itself. East side very noisy from freeway traffic

1 month ago

Such a fun and easy trail to do. I carried my 9 month old in a hiking baby carrier and she did great!
Bathrooms, and nice shaded trails that are well kept up.
Note, no dogs allowed.
Pulled right into parking lot and right in front of us 2 deer walking across the field and came 20 feet of our car before going down the hill!
Construction is going on off and on so check the Scouters Mountain Nature Park website for Park closers because of a new neighborhood being build right next to it.
Highly recommend for beginner hikers, people with children, and people carrying babies.
View point was beautiful (on a clear day) being able to see straight out to mount Hood!

Easy to follow, year round, dog friendly, can be steep in certain areas but very family friendly. Nice view of Portland at the summit, along with a basketball court, playgrounds and restrooms.

Nice, short hike. Easy but not too easy.

1 month ago

Easy hike, nice smooth trails. Well taken care of, I would rate this as an easy trail not moderate.

My second visit, walking the loop around Oaks Bottom Lake, this time with Mom. We saw tons of wildlife, and it was a perfect weather day.

I give this a 4 because of the traffic noise, otherwise it was lovely. I would not say this is an easy trail....rocky on a lot of the path. Also I consider easy relatively flat. This path was NOT that

This is a nice, semi-challenging, shorter loop option on Mt Talbert as compared to the longer loop around the perimeter. I hiked every trail in the park today, including those on this loop. What a great park right in the middle of Happy Valley / Portland! A very popular, semi-crowded destination, but very much worth the visit.

05/21/18 - quick access stress relief.

1 month ago

Bummer. I must have missed the construction deadline. Curious, I read some articles that explain much of Scouter's Mountain will be developed into 600 homes as voted by Happy Valley City Council (against the wishes of most locals). While I won't argue either side since I'm not a Happy Valley local, I was disappointed not to be able to hike there today. I saw absolutely no way around the construction since the entire Boy Scout Lodge Road was completely blocked off and covered by huge machinery. Didn't even look like there was any angle to walk around the stuff if I parked in a neighborhood nearby. My one star doesn't reflect the park, but rather my lack of ability to go there.

We parked at Sellwood Park and started from there. The beginning was ok - saw lots of birds - got a good pic of geese with their goslings. However, it ends up on a paved road (Spring Water Corridor) and we walked that back with bikers blazing by us....very boring and even though it was maybe 3 miles, it felt like 10 because of the walk back. I think though this would be a good beginner, introductory hike for someone new to it...better than sitting indoors!

2 months ago

Really nice! Short and sweet, just long enough to get energy out of younger kids.

I loved this hike but it was a little hard to follow the trail map and go on the Woods Trail so we got a little lost. I would still highly recommend this hike.

2 months ago

Today I hiked nearly every segment of this outer park loop along with nearly every other trail in Mary S. Young State Recreation Area. While this route isn't necessarily the "best of" the park in one loop, it offers a well rounded, satisfying experience. I recommend including some of the trails with elevation change and more "raw" scenery near the river, especially to the northeast of the park.

beautiful view of downtown Portland.

I love walking here! It is very shaded and serine. I am moderately handicapped and do use a walker / cane for daily mobility and hiking poles in nature and found the Park Loop trail is a safer hike for my mobility issues:)

Ok trip that is conveniently near Portland. It never really gives a feel like you are away from the urban center, though.

2 months ago

One of my favorite places to walk nearby when I don't feel like planning a hike. Crowded, but that's not a problem. It makes it interesting. Not very good for bikers though with all the walkers to dodge.

Nice loop with 4 adults, 1 kid, and 2 babies. Lots of wildlife: wood ducks, a heron, a bald eagle, and more! I much preferred the trail half in the woods. The stretch on the paved trail was a bit dicey with bikes zooming by and no real shoulder to step off to the side. Lots of roots and some mud on the trail, but my friend’s Bob stroller handled it just fine! Parked at the amusement park.

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