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beautiful trail. towards the halfway point is a steep downhill portion of the trail that you will need to hike back up. bring water and enjoy the view.

1 day ago

Very easy!

Beautiful trail that can be extended into much longer hikes by the vast network of connecting trails. These trails are primarily used by mountain bikers. The pros are it’s amazing scenery and relatively few people compared to other nearby trails on the Preserve. The only con is that it’s not much of a workout due to no elevation gain. Great choice on weekend if you want to get out on a hike while also have some solitude in nature!

Used to be my favorite trail—beautiful and solid workout. Nowadays it suffers from far too many visitors on it’s narrow trail and too many off-leash dogs and owners who don’t pick up their dog’s poop.

Great trail!

3 days ago

Beautiful trail with great views and varying terrain. Did this as a solo hike mid-morning in November and the weather was great.

4 days ago

Great trail with fantastic views !!! Does not take long so if you are just wanting to get out for a quick hike .... this is perfect

4 days ago

Super good interval trail. Quick turn around time - under 1.5 hours round trip.

4 days ago

Excellent hiking with good views and an abandoned mine (which is covered).

First trip to Arizona. Finished a class up early by a few hours so hit the trail! Beautiful and great for a beginner with so many other people out and about I felt safe to continue on being a visitor. Glad I packed my water.

trail running
5 days ago

Great trail, but a ton of people.

great cardio workout and great views of North Scottsdale and the city.

Love to take guests on this trail!!

Loved it! Nice and challenging after making the turn to head back. Very crowded, get there early.

Loved this trail! it is a bit challenging and technical but great one. Lots of people with dogs only I worry a bit for small ones but they seem happy. moderate crowded.

great views! lots of people, but, friendly. could use more parking.

One of our favorite hikes! Well maintained trail, nice workout!

This was my second overall hike and the easiest of the three. The other two were Toms Thumb and Sunrise Peak. It was a moderate hike and the highest point was only 20 minutes in. Really nice views. Very expensive homes and a nice golf course. Near the end it said strenuous ahead. Going down wasn’t bad but coming back was hard. Lots of steps had my quads burning. Fun hike.

I hiked this trail a couple weeks ago on a Sunday. It was my first ever hike. Was told by many I picked a tough one for my first ever hike. It was very tough for me. Very steep. I stopped quite a bit on the way up. Sometimes to rest others for the many scenic overlooks. Just about everyone was very friendly. It was quite crowded. Some runners too. The top was amazing with great views. There was a couple people on the top of the thumb too.

Greta trail, I hike on average 10-15 miles per week and this was still pretty difficult for me. I stopped a lot but it was so worth it at the top! I went in December and the weather was perfect. Very traveled on the weekends, so best to go early.

This is the perfect trail to see the beautiful surroundings of AZ. It could be a short or a long hike. I would recommend hiking boots because the rocks are endless. And dogs are welcome!

trail running
16 days ago

Very fun trail run. For someone coming from Colorado, you get to go up and down steep hills at lower altitude and the up and down sections run fast for how steep they look. If you go to the end, you'll be dumped out in a neighborhood and have to climb back up and over to return.

16 days ago

This was my first time hiking, overall good hike for a novice hiker. It's pretty up and down so you get breaks to catch your breath. The hardest part is at the very end, there is a sign that says "strenuous ahead" and if you go beyond that point it's tough but if you don't it's pretty easy!

We connected to the corral trail from Brown's Ranch trail and then up to Cathedral Rock, looped back to corral trail up to upper ranch trail and then back down to Brown Ranch trail. It was a great hike! This trail is easy, but has some elevation changes.

on Tom's Thumb Trail

18 days ago

Perfect length

Challenging up and down hike, not technical but good balance ( loose rock, steep steps and narrow mountain trail) cardio fitness required
Great views and workout !

24 days ago

For regular hikers is moderate. If you're not a regular hiker this is a difficult hike. First half is almost all uphill very steep switchbacks. Then a short section of level then another steep climb to the top. Sunscreen & water!

Good workout!

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