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Wonderful trail, moderate paced hiking but still challenging enough to be fun. Stunning views throughout the trail.

Only down side is that there are a few patches of thick vegetation throughout the trail, but overall, fantastic.

We love this trail! Right now the wildflowers are blooming and it’s really pretty. Definitely park in the lower parking lot unless you have a 4 wheel drive. It can be a little chilly on top.

2 days ago

One of my favorite hikes close to Denver. Great views and the Lomond is beautiful.

did this hike last weekend and was surprised how really beautiful it was!! wildflowers for days and gorgeous views at every turn. The top (3rd) lake is the prettiest and not as many people. Took my Rav 4 up the 4WD road to the trail head....not too bad. :)

3 days ago

Beautiful trail, good views, wildflowers and enjoyable.

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS: for the safety of your animals... if your dog is off leash and you run into a dog on a leash, please grab your dogs or call them over. If another dog is on a leash; they tend to feel restrained and threatened when another animal is approaching them and can become anxious or aggressive. There are plenty of beautiful spots there to take your pups off leash so they can run around, please be cognizant of surroundings.

off road driving
4 days ago

Super fun wheeling. Some tough spots overall great trail for our 1993 Landcruiser . Kids played at Lake and on streams. Half way up we photographed a great stream with wildflowers. will be back on a clear day for sure had some cloud cover.

4 days ago

Very easy did this hike mid-July. We stayed at the campground the night before which was nice. Free sites were also along the road. Vault toilets at the trailhead. Nicely shaded trail. We just wish there was a better spot near the lake for our dog to jump in and cool off. This parking lot was PACKED by noon so plan accordingly.

Lots of wildflowers and beautiful vistas- took off a star because of the bags o poop situation. Forever dragging my own dog away from them- pack it out or don't bring your dog!! It makes it gross for everybody! Would rate this hike easy-moderate- we didn't find it as challenging as some hikes in this area

beautiful trail, with some very satisfying high alpine and lake views after a short ascent. Only 4 stars because this trail was crowded with both people and dogs. There are no indications that dogs need to be on leash for this trail, but I got a lot of dirty looks from folks that were leashing their pups. I would do this hike again if I had out of town guests that weren't that acclimated, but wanted to see some nice vistas.

This place is amazing! 3 lakes, beautiful mountain views & a ton of wildflowers. Parked at the lower trailhead, so it does add a little less than a mile to your hike, which was no big deal. Got an early start, so hardly anyone on the trail when I started, the crowds started to come as I was heading back down. Not too long of a hike, I tracked it at 6.3 miles.

Great hike with beautiful panoramic views. Couple short uphills but not strenuous. Wildflowers are out.

Definitely a bucket list hike! Beautiful wildflowers. Make sure you bring your hiking poles. Very steep in some areas. Worst part of hike was roadbed from parking lot to trailhead.

Great trail and gorgeous scenery. Three awesome alpine lakes and some good photo ops. Trail very well maintained. Great for families too.

5 days ago

Beautiful area, the three lakes are amazing, definitely a good spot to keep in the rotation.

My boys and my dogs did this trail yesterday. It was so beautiful pretty easy hike. It was irratatting to see bags of dog poop left up there.. we packed out someone else's...if your not going to clean up after your dog then don't put it in a plastic bag and leave it! Be a responsible pet owners and clean it up and take it with you. I find the laziness frustrating. I have two dogs and if they poop we take it out with us. It is not that hard. I see this all the time on our hikes..grr

Really gorgeous trail! Easy-moderate rating from me except for the last little bit before the third lake. It seems straight up and I had to stop several times to catch my breath.

There isn’t a lot of parking at the lot or the trail head it’s self. We arrived right before 8 am on a Thursday and there were two spots left that filled before we finished getting our stuff out of the car.

Super dog friendly but after the first 1/2 mile or so it’s very exposed and there isn’t a ton of water until you get to the first lake. We were fine getting there early in the AM but I could imagine it being really hot in the afternoon.

Tons of wild flowers out now and lots of spots to stop for pictures and get some sweeping views.

Good hike even in the rain..

9 days ago

Nice loop trail out of Reverands campground. The vistas at Panorama Point allow a great view of many Colorado peaks.

Went all the way up to Suprise Lake (the second beaver dam at the end) beautiful views of Mt of the Holy Cross and the bridge over the creek and waterfall is stunning. It's pretty rocky and a few points require some minor scrambling but nothing me my friend and my German Sheppard couldn't do. Probably a hard moderate rating to be more accurate.

10 days ago

Road was fine for my 2door hatchback with standard clearance. sporadic potholes but they are easy to straddle.
A sweet little hike. I wouldn't suggest it for backpacking because it's very short (my GPS says less than 2miles) and there aren't many places to go off trail to camp without messing up a restoration area or camping g in the middle of an animal trail. I use a bivy sac and it was still difficult to find a good spot.
SO many mosquitos-- bring bug spray for real.
If you're looking for a fun spot to mess around in small lakes and not have to hike too far from camp this is perfect. Pretty pines and aspens and a few glimpses of a pretty mountain but no wide vistas. It's a very easy hike if you're looking for a short nature woodsy walk without building up too much of a sweat this is a good trail for you.
There's access to Arapahoe Glacier Trail from this Trailhead and if I'd had time I would've turned around and done that instead. That is probably an amazing hike to a wide vista very close by and if you'll be at the campground a while you could goall the way to Arapahoe Pass and Lake Dorothy in a day if you left early.

I loved this trail! Did this as a solo hike on a Monday. I parked in the first lot before the dirt road. I saw one small car driving on the road. The road is not rocky, but it has a lot of dips, especially in the beginning.

The hike is beautiful. You get to see three lakes, and sit up close to two of them. The wildflowers were gorgeous. The elevation gain is nicely spread out on the way up, although the hardest part is right before the last lake. Definitely would do again. Nice way to get used to hiking at high elevation.

As an out-of-towner and only casual hiker, this trail was a good fit. Challenging (I'm not used to the altitude), but really fun with incredible views of the lakes, mountains, and wildflowers. We didn't make it to the third lake, but the second lake is still really cool and above the tree line. Trail started getting busy and hot as we were leaving (around noon). After the hike, we ate at the Happy Cooker in Georgetown.

11 days ago

We hiked on 7/8 and it was beautiful! We parked on the street outside (no parking sign but once we finished there was 10 cars so just be respectful) 8 miles RT from the road to the upper lakes and back. Go to upper lakes! Trail is on the other side of the lake and goes straight up a little discrete. But you can see the 3 hidden lakes on the upper side of Loch Lomond.

The hike up the road is most definitely worth it. Once you hit Loch Lomond, I would suggest going to the right and finding the trail up to the three lakes above. Lake Oh Man is worth the effort and not too hard to get to.

We got there as soon as the park opened so we managed to hike without much traffic. We hopped on at Panorama Point. There is a pretty good incline for a short distance depending on the direction you take the loop but aside from the trail was pretty easy. Mostly shaded and provides a really great view.

Tough and rocky on most of the road up, but about halfway there’s a trail that loops off into the forest and over creeks and offers some shade before getting to the summit. Nice to put our feet in the lake and have some lunch before going back down. Tons of gorgeous views.

Go here! Trust me - while marked as moderate, it’s an easier moderate. Flowers are out. Water is perfect. Trail is super easy to follow & you won’t regret it!

Nice trail, amazing views. Get there early or else...

This trail definitely lives up to all its five-star ratings. Hiking through Arapahoe National Forest at this time of the year feels like walking through the enchanted forest from any fairytale. Everything was lush and green, the creeks were full and flowing, and the wildflowers were absolutely incredible. And the flowers get even prettier as you get out of the the forest and higher up into the mountain, nearing the timberline. Husband and I ended up hiking to just under 12,000 feet, and then a storm was beginning to roll in. Not wanting to risk the potential danger of lightning on the side of an exposed mountain, we sadly turned around but we’re very grateful for all the incredible picturesque views we enjoyed along the way. If you are able to muster the strength and stamina to keep parking pass the first week, by all means do it! The scenery just keeps getting better. Be forewarned - there is still a snow pack covering a portion of the trail just past the first leg, and I slipped and busted my butt on the first step I took! I even had on trekking boots. But the snow is still melting, so it is very slick and compact where it still exists. Had a good laugh and kept going. We hiked this trail on July 7th. Definitely go early in the morning if you can, there is limited parking at the trail head. You can either park right off Guanella Pass, or if you have a four-wheel-drive you can go another 3/4 mile up an unpaved road. But parking is very limited along the way, so husband and I just decided to trek the additional mileage.

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