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Great training trail for my Kilimanjaro summit. I made it! Enough steep spots to get the calves howling on the way up and the knees growling on the way back. A thirteener + with great vistas and a 3,000-foot rise from the trailhead parking lot or 2,000 from the really cool Williams Lake. Did it three times as part of my prep. Windy on top as others mentioned.

Prettty hike and worth the visit.

12 hours ago

If you do one trail while you're in the San Juans, this should be it. 2WD accessible trailheads are hard to come by here! Wish we had known about the loop, but our guide book was old so it didn't include that option. Island Lake is breathtaking. The altitude and gain make this a difficult hike but there is only one small scramble section up to Island. Trail easy to navigate.

I’ve done multiple hikes and scrambles where I live and I don’t consider this a hard hike at all. I could see it being hard for those scared of heights or elderly or those with medical conditions. Be aware of edges with kids as people continue to fall off for not paying attention but you really have to walk to the edge where people have fallen not even on the chain portion. There is no shade you start with switch backs after a long path up then it flattens to a part where most people seem to stop and head back down as this is where the chain starts. The chain portion is really not scary at all and if you’re scared don’t go up as it holds everyone up. There is literal steps built into the rock in some portions. After the chains is quite a gorgeous view of all of Zion. Take lots of water and go early as it gets hot quick. It’s a relatively short hike depending on how fast you’re going.

I didn’t actually hike this, but for all of you planning trips out here, the TRAIL IS CLOSED until further notice due to a landslide that happened July 11th, 2018. Call the park prior to your trip if you’re hoping to do this hike!

Hiked this three days ago and loved it. We hiked it in the evening and was saved by the clouds. My 14,12, and 9 year old kids really enjoyed it. Bring lots of water and try to hike it early or later in the evening if you have kids. The view at the top is worth it!

The views were breathtaking, and it’s definitely something to be proud to accomplish. However if you’re not a regular hiker, especially in the summer months, take extra precaution. The last stretch which is the part where you use the ropes to help you up the side of the mountain is almost all direct sunlight, and can take a toll on your body. Bring lots of water and salty snacks, and enjoy the view!

Awesome hike! A little rocky along the way but overall a good trail. Read the reviews and watch for markers as it looks like some may have gone off the path. Saw many kids and older adults hiking and also dogs. The views are so worth it when you get to the top. Make sure your phone or camera is ready!

Just did the hike up Yerba Canyon Trail (Forest Trail#61) with my sons yesterday after camping out overnight at a nearby roadside campsite. After reaching Lobo Peak, we opted to come down using Manzanita Canyon Trail (Forest Trail #58). The distance on the road between these trailheads is just less than a mile which made it as a great loop.

Going up on Yerba was spectacular! We are accomplished hikers, but I must agree that doing this trail is not for the faint hearted. We went up on it on July 16, and the first part of the trail was lined with lush, eye-popping green foliage and flowers. We criss-crossed the stream like almost 20 times, which added more adventure to doing the trail.

For us, the additional challenge was the rain combined with hail for about 1.5 miles before we reached the peak. Wearing our ponchos really helped. The view from the peak was -well- breathtaking!! According to the GPS on my Garmin watch, the distance from the trailhead to the peak was 4.75 miles.

I was very glad that we made the decision to use the Manzanita Trail for the descent. It is longer but not as steep as Yerba. Even so, it was taxing on our legs doing a lot of braking as we went down. Trekking poles are highly recommended to help with braking and balance. The beauty of Manzanita was similar to Yerba with all of the stunning foliage although stream crisscrossing was not as numerous.

In all, the total distance in doing this loop was 10.7 miles, using my GPS, whether it was accurate or not.

Advice to those interested: I understand that rains are frequent (and unexpectedly) during this time of the year, so be sure to have a poncho handy in case you need to use it. And I really mean it by using trekking poles. And to visitors from lower-elevation regions: Be sure to take some time to get acclimatized to higher elevations.

Nothing new to say, but had to say it - WOW

It’s a great hike but extremely heavily trafficked with people that don’t know hiking etiquette. Get there early before the tourists get there with there beer and boom boxes. In the early morning you will have the trail to yourself. Plus you won’t have to worry about the heat. There is very little shade and everyone buds for it. But the view are amazing

This trail is beautiful throughout. I do recommend not going in the middle of the day though (if you’re doing the hike in the summer) because it can get very crowded and hot. Recommend bringing 1 quart of water per person at least.

awesome it took me four hours but it is amazing

awesome it took me four hours but it is amazing

1 day ago

Nice path leading to the Narrows. We hiked in the water about 2 miles and then turned back.

Amazing hike! We went in mid July and wildflowers were in peak bloom. This hike has it all....wildflowers, Mountain View’s, and amazing alpine lakes. This hike is a must. I would recommend going early or going on a weekday to avoid crowds. Several great spots to camp of you wanted to turn it into an overnight trip. I would say this hike is moderate and not hard. Easy switchbacks the whole way up.

This was an awesome hike! Not too hard. 3 miles down were great. 3 miles up, was hard, but we would stop after every other switch back. My wife (46 yrs old), my daughter (16 yrs old) and my son (14 yrs old) are all in good physical shape. I am a 212 lb 5’9’ 48 yr old. However I do regularly walk at fast speeds. Cant imagine anyone not in shape doing it. Theyd be better off turning back at Ooh Ah point (1.8 miles down). Many different view points and was not crowded. Thus this was a great hike!

Gorgeous scenery, one of the best hikes I’ve ever done. Get there early to beat the crowds.

Did this after Angels Landing. Went about half mile up the River into the Narrows. The water never got much over knees. Saw Mitt Romney Hiking with family.

2 days ago

Being scared of Heights, i was nervous about doing this. But it was not as bad as i thought it was going to be. Go early, we caught the first shuttle there. It was not that busy yet. The hike up to where Angels Landing starts, is the most difficult.

The scenery is candidly unbelievable. The crowds are a bit much, particularly those who leave the trails right past the signs and hide behind “no English” as an excuse.

good intro walk on first day

2 days ago

Awesome. Most inspiring, impressive, risky, spectacular view, trail I have hiked. It is only risky if you don’t take your time, do dumb things, or wear inappropriate footwear. I don’t know what I can add to the thousands of five star reviews but it is truly a memorable and taxing hike to the top. On the day I ascended I was one of the only people I saw with gray in his beard and hair! It is strenuous but worth the hike/climb. I did this with my son when he was 16 or 17 years old and it is still one of our most memorable experiences. Highly recommended, although if you have a fear of heights you may want to avoid this one. it really is safe with a chain guide on posts in all the appropriate places. But, the drop off is straight down at about 1000 feet on either side of the ridge you where you spend the most taxing time of the hike. View from the top down the valley awe inspiring! This is one you’ll want to tell everyone about.

Extremely good hike. Be ready for a lot of elevation changes, not just the initial down and up. Aside from being exhausted around the 6 mile mark, this was my favorite hike that we did at Bryce. Definitely recommend taking plenty of water, my girlfriend and I did the hike in a little less than 4 hours and we only go on hiking trips a few times a year. Just as everyone said, there was the store about 2.5 miles when going counter clockwise, which is a good place to refill any water bottles and water packs and getting food if you havent packed enough. Best views of the park in my personal opinion, definitely worth the hike!

This one scared me as it started raining towards the end. The views were gorgeous.

Great hike. Can get crowded in the summer.


I’m wasnt a huge hiker when I did this but I loved it. Years and hikes later, this is still one of my all time favorite hikes

3 days ago

Wow this was insane. I’m afraid of heights so I had a few minor panic attacks, but I’m SO thankful I did this hike. Many hikers passed me and were very encouraging. We went in July which is monsoon season and we got caught on the top by a thunderstorm. It was fun though.

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