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great easy hike but really interesting to go through the canyon and see the rock formations

on Tunnel Mountain Trail

1 day ago

Snowy today and a bit slippery in parts. Be sure to wear layers, hat, gloves, proper hiking boots, and bring poles if you are not steady. Was able to complete the hike in an hour. No views today because of the weather.

Pretty easy trail. The trail is well travelled so it's nice and wide open. Great views from the top. Good short hike if you're looking for something that's not hard but still gives great views

7 days ago

This a great hike for families. My kids (ages 6 and 10) handled it beautifully. The bridges are fun to cross and they enjoyed jumping from rock to rock in places. You may see climbers so look up!

Was a great little hike. Took about 1.5 hours including picture stops. Some snow today and a bit of mud, but not too bad and still good footing.

12 days ago

A fairly quick (1-1.5 hours at a casual pace) hike with some great views of the Bow Valley to the East and West (including the town of Banff). Certainly can be done by people of all ages and abilities, but there are some steeper sections could tire some people out that are not in great shape so would recommend going slow if you are fairly new to hiking. Experienced hikers and those in good shape can get up pretty quickly and as some have mentioned there are usually some people running the trail. Some of the best views are on the way up especially to the East side of the mountain over the Banff Springs Golf Course and Rundle Mountain.

12 days ago

We love doing this hike at least once a year. Its fairly easy and has some pretty views. Nothing spectacular but its a lovely half day hike!

12 days ago

An easy trail to follow. Well signed.

14 days ago

Great place to hike for any age. Make sure you have proper footwear as it is quite rocky - a lady making her way up had fallen and hurt her ankle (hope you are doing ok!) If you go in the late morning/early afternoon it's quite busy all the way up to the waterfall, take a left and follow that trail into a nice open spot with inuksuks and hoodoos, we stayed in that area for half an hour and didn't see many others.

It’s a nice hike but would be neat in summer when there is water flowing in the creek/river. Go right to the cave and climb up to it.

I love this hike, I do it every time I visit. An easy walk or run up, and you get great views! Perfect to do with a doggo at your side.

Easy trail. Took us 2 hours but we stopped at the end for half an hour and had some long photo stops plus watched the rock climbers. We took our shoes off and walked through the icy water to view the waterfall but it was so cold our feet hurt and it was not worth it. Better to climb up and look down at the waterfall.

Great family hike. We took the canyon in and The High Water Trail back. We got there by 10 am and no issues with parking. Highly recommend ankle support hiking boots/shoes, as there were a lot of loose rocks to walk on. We found the native markings on the rock wall and enjoyed the waterfall and inukshuks. Next time we will stay and do some fishing at the pond and pack a picnic.

great for kids, is pretty flat and easy trail along a creek, a bunch of bridges for tge kids to get excited!
in a nice day you'll see lots of climbers too!

easiest hike ever!

It was an okay hike. Would have been better with water in the canyon for sure. The first half isn't the prettiest of views because your walking along the Lafarge plant.
Best part was definitely the inukshuk past the waterfalls where the "trails end". Most of them were pushed down but the ones standing were nice and we build a lot more.
Great and easy hike for kids. Make sure you bring shoes with supports around the ankles because the path is all rocks.

Be sure to bring good shoes as the main part of the trail is on loose rocks. From the map it looks like a good part of the hike is passing the plant, but this part is easy and takes the shortest time. Once you arrive at the riverbed you will leave the plant behind and start enjoying the hike, with it's great canyon views.

As others have mentioned, go beyond the sign that states trail not maintained and you will get a great view of a wide riverbed.

29 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike with 3 kids ages 9-11 and 2 adults. Agree with reviews below about start of hike and will just add:
1) This trail is loose rock pretty much the entire time. Not ideal for seniors or anyone not stable on their feet.
2) The trail follows the grotto footbed and you may see climbers along the way which is very cool.
3) Once you explore the waterfall, be sure to keep going further, past the sign that reads trail not maintained past this point. Within 5 minutes you will come to the valley of inukshuks which was our fave part of the hike.
4) there is a fishing lake at the parking lot so bring your rods if that is something you enjoy to add onto the fun.

Lovely trail about 6k in length with beautiful wildflowers in June and early July.

easy, low hanging fruit with great views

1 month ago

Easy and quick trail, crowded. Half of the hike follow power line (with the factory noise). When you actually get into the canyon it's pretty cool (and silent). You have a little fall at the end. Lot of climbing opportunity.

Nice little hike for city view

quick hike with elevation. river bed dry. better with water I would imagine.

1 month ago

Very nice hike with some decent views. My 5 and 7 year old were able to do it no problem. Took us about 2 hours round trip from the bottom car park. A good workout for us not-so-experienced hikers!

This was s good hike for our family. We hiked with our two boys (10&8) and our pup. Lots of families and people going through the trails. Pet friendly

Great trail to do with the kids. We had a nice sunny spot for a picnic once we reached the falls.

great trail

1 month ago

Short and sweet, small waterfall, walk beside and around the creek the whole time, pretty easy/beautiful. Wasn’t sure about it at first but def worth it. If you want to do the steep climb to the top, just be aware it’s a little difficult coming back down as it’s pretty steep. When you get up, take a right and follow the little trail for a nice mountain view and a spot to eat lunch :D there’s an arrow marked where you go back down again so you won’t get lost.

1 month ago

Went in winter got stuck in a blizzard but really easy to navigate. Super fun (and easy) for both humans and dogs!
Also managed to snap some amazing pictures!

Did this hike on July 14 2018. The hike up took only 30min and the view of Banff was nice. To be honest, I would never do it again unless someone in my group really wanted this off their bucket list.

I actually saw a jogger train on this hike and the hike itself isn't really challenging. I wouldn't have put this hike as moderate. Saw lots of older people complete this hike and it can be done with any skill level as long as you pace yourself.

FWIW, the sign said it is normally completed in 1-2hrs.

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