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11 hours ago

Great hike today with Stl female trekkers.

This trail was beautiful and well worth it but I would not rank it an easy trail. This is at least a moderate, the hill about 1/2 mile in is killer.
The views at he top though are just simply amazing.
About 1/3 of the trail is remote and peaceful but the other 2/3 follows along side roads, the pool area, and some other pavilion stops.
There are some pretty rugged declines as well, make sure you have good hiking shoes with traction.

18 days ago

Start from the parking lot at the Meeting building and go up the Overlook Trail which looks over the river. At the top the trail starts and follows the bluff along the river. There is a fence to keep you from straying too close. It then meanders down the hill to the creek leaving you to walk back up the hill to the parking lot. Very pretty views.

Nice hike but way too many people for me. When I arrived there were 50 cars in the lots. I saw 25 people and 6 dogs on the trail. Very pretty but I like it more secluded. Lots of sandstone cliffs and water. Beautiful colors.

20 days ago

Easy to find, quick and not too far away. My boyfriend and I took our dogs here and we had a great time. Not as great of overlook views as Castlewood but the trees are magnificent, especially during fall.

Beautiful hike on a well maintained trail.

21 days ago

Great hike today with plenty of fall colors on the trail, especially maple yellows and a nice view of the Meramec! The trail has plenty of elevation change and is great for little ones to burn off some extra energy.

I really like this trail. There was a clear path most of the way and multiple changes in elevation. It wasn’t really high but enough to keep it interesting. I passed several hikers along the way, but overall very quiet. The only thing that was missing is a beautiful lookout!


28 days ago

Quick hike for active hikers, a nice stroll for beginners with some decent altitude. We managed it in roughly 35-40mins with two dogs and a couple of short stops. As said already, there is a perimeter fence on the bluffs so the views are restricted. Overall a good trail for a quicky or a decent running workout.

Beautiful 60 degree day, very sunny and windy. Trail was in excellent condition. Awesome hike with lots of elevation change and some cool creek/drainage crossings.

on River Scene Trail Loop

29 days ago

Nice overlooks. Crowed but nice trail. My boys loved the nearby train and the water

Went out there today. The temperature was perfect. Really nice quiet stretch of woods with quite a few streams/river crossings. Was pretty easy too. Took me 1 hr 15mins. Trail is clearly marked.

This trail has it all- hills in and out of the trees, a fantastic view at the top, off-paths for bicycles, and runs right by the river. It’s a local favorite.

1 month ago

Very convenient location and it does give ya a good elevation hike for a short distance trail. One negative is the interstate noise. Otherwise it’s a nice green zone full of trees and a variety of ozark highlands and river bottoms. I hope they connect the park with others up and downstream. This place can’t match Castlewood, but it has a nice vibe considering you are in the shadow of I-270 and I-44. It’s also right next door to the last Lemp mansion (private property unfortunately!)

Great views all the way through, I would recommend this hike. Prepare yourself for the armada of mosquitoes though haha!

I attempted to hike here at dusk today and maybe 1000 feet into the trail there is a large tree down across the trail. After the tree, the trail looks like it’s not really maintained. I couldn’t tell where to go. I thought I found it going up the hillside but I think that was just a deer path or something else. It didn’t go anywhere. There were no visible trail markers that I could find unless I’m blind. Ended up leaving.

UPDATE: Upon reading other reviews, as I suppose I should have done beforehand, I apparently went on the unmapped side. So in that case, the area I was in was pretty good for it’s purpose. I’ll need to go back for the other side, that’s what I was looking for originally.

nice trail... took 1 hour 15 min.

1 month ago

The weather was amazing. Trail seems unkempt; we counted 20-30 downed trees across trail. Trails were narrow, in some areas less than a foot wide. Seed burrs were a real issue, our poodles, standard and toy had several hundred each. Poison ivy covers about 25% of trail contact area. Most of trail (75%) was difficult to hike, 3-4” stones, and roots presented continuous ankle challenges. With trekking polls it was safer. Maybe in late fall or winter leaf coverage might make it better? Blazings were exceptional; never had a doubt, lots of markings. And creek crossings, starts as at crossing; why not put bridge to start? There were at least 10 crossings, most slippery, and often challenging to keep boots dry.

1 month ago

‘Twas a tiring but good hike.

I loved this trail!

1 month ago

The Hogsback Trail is a 1.16 mile long loop trail that you can access from the Overlook Trail near the meeting center.
The trail is pretty rugged but an easy feat. It has fences along the edge to keep you from getting too close to the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Missouri River. Therefore, views during the summer months aren’t too great here unless you’re willing to risk the $1,000 fine and duck through the fence real quick. I took the trail looking for scenic views so not having any very clear shots, I turned back at the switchback down the hill. The Overlook Trail is where I recommend going in this park if you want to see some scenic views!

This is my favorite trail!!! Always clean. Everyone is so friendly. Almost everyone has their dogs there! Beautiful scenery, great spots for pictures!!!

trail running
2 months ago

Nice trail with good signage and beautiful scenery! There were lots of dogs and not all were on leashes. Well maintained facilities and the restrooms were very clean. Lots of creek crossings so that may be an issue after a good rain.

Great trail, lots of shade. Good when you want to get in a quick hike.

Nice trail!

2 months ago

Very fun and quick trail. I was back to my car in about 45 min with a few stops along the way. Well kept and I only passed a few people along the way. There’s some nice shade from all of the tree coverage, too.

2 months ago

very nice trail!

Beautiful hike, great views at the top and along the bluff, mostly shaded too!

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