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hard!! but amazing views. well worth the effort.

More like 16 miles.

The last two miles are very steep.

Lots of good and diverse views

Great for a workout. Lots of folks on this trail. Too hot for summer days so start early. I have seen mountain lions twice on this trail. Once at 11 am. The second was early evening. Its their home not mine.

the trail itself was mostly a wash basin. There we're some well maintained stairs for most of the climbs. There were plenty of places to do some bouldering, and side excursions. we ended up making it a 3-mile loop. Moderate is a very good description, nice for adults and still kid friendly.

Great view of Joshua Tree when you reach the top. Watch out for high winds!

4 days ago

Must do at least once. I've done it 2.9 times (don't chicken if you are like me, because you'll be back again to finish what you started) and it is indescribable. This last time, in August 2018, I spent the rest of our time in the Valley pointing to the top and telling my husband, "Hey, we were up there on Tuesday morning!!".

First two times, we started at 4 AM and made it up to the cables after 10 AM. There was a lot of traffic, and for this acrophobe, it just made things worse. However, once you summit the sub dome, the cables look IMPOSSIBLE. Get right up to them and you'll see it isn't as straight up as you think. I think having carabiners to clip yourself in just to ease your mind a bit is a great idea, though I've done it without each time. A couple tricky spots, but if you keep things one plank at a time, you'll get there.

In August, my husband and I started at 12 AM. Once we got to the mist trail, I realized we left our gloves in the car (get decent work gloves from Home Depot or somewhere similar as they will work WONDERFULLY for the cables; you need the grip). Had to trek back so we finally started before 1 AM. Hiking in the dark was rough. Took the mist trail up as usual. We reached the pre-dome at sunrise and made it to the top at about 7:30. Absolutely gorgeous. Cables will likely exhaust you, so get ready for a long trip down. We got back to the parking lot (took the mist trail down, though I would recommend the Muir trail down if your knees are in agony; I just wanted my husband to see the falls) at about 1 PM, so it took 12 hours in all, which was the same as the previous trips. Slept for a looooong time after that.

Excellent rock formations at the base, a moderate hike with few trees and sweeping valley views. Great way to get some altitude in a short amount of time. Hiked on New Years Eve in blistering wind. The hiking experience on the way up overtops the payoff at the top, so enjoy the journey!

7 days ago

Crowded, nothing too special. View was mediocre not really a Joshua tree vibe.

bella passeggiata ragazzi consigliatissima a tutti!!

10 days ago

Very nice hike. Good views from the top, and challenging enough to make you work a little for it. We trail ran down which was super fun on all of rocks and “stairs”. Would definitely do again, but probably run the entire trail.

This is a good hike,but be prepared. we hiked yesterday (8/1/18). We started at 1am and I would recommend starting between 12-1am (especially if you are planning on hiking at a 10 hour or slower pace!). The views are amazing and hiking with the moon is really cool. The way the weather is I would recommend leaving the top by 10. The 3.5 miles on the crest take a while and is dangerous when the storm starts. The last water is on switch back 23ish. It's good clean water right from a spring. If it rains the trail rivals any major water park. The trail will become a river. It rained while we were on the switch backs and you will get wet. The puddles are unavoidable. I had fun hiking and splashing on the way down in the rain. I loved this hike and would do it again.
This mountain is not a joke, if you are hiking do research, train before you go, and bring all the proper gear (a good rain coat) Be Safe and have fun.

Amazing, challenging hike with breathtaking views of the valley from Cloud's Rest. The climb at the beginning is a bit of a gut buster and I had a little trouble following the trail when I got to one of the boulder fields on the way up, but not on the way down. The reason to do this hike, though, is for the final half mile or so up the narrow spine of rock to Cloud's Rest, with a 2,000+ foot drop on either side of a trail just a few feet wide. Once at the peak, it is pretty incredible to look down upon Half Dome and Yosemite Valley.

Perfect short hike that provides great views of the surrounding valley and mountains. Top of the mountain has a great stop and overlook for pictures. Challenging due to hiking uphill the whole way, but very worth it. If it’s summer, definitely pack water and sunscreen.

12 days ago

Great short hike with amazing views!

Started early for this hike: on road by 6 on the trail by 730. Easy parking early ona. Cold winter's day but easy to imagine the town fills up fast under different circumstances. I took the Matt Davis trail up to the inn and then the old fire road to the fern trail. Nothing to challenging I may try to attack it from the willow camp trail next time since it's more challenging. Beautiful views, lots of clearly marked trails, hard to get lost.

13 days ago

Went up early January 2018. Sunrise at around 6:50am, it took us about 35 minutes to get to the top, the hike is fairly easy as it’s not particularly rocky and the steps are wide and flat. Does get very windy and cold at the top (~20F) around that time. Great 360* view although not a lot of Joshua trees

I’ve been wanted to climb this hill for a long time. And then here comes an opportunity to climb with dozens of HS wrestling students plus their family members on January first 2019. I almost wanted to give up at first half mile bcaz it’s boring. No trees, no rivers, no rocks which I’ve heard of it, but still. High-light is probably the peak part, I very much enjoyed climbing up the short rocky hill to get to the top. It was fun ;)

15 days ago

Did as beginning and end of Lost Oasis hike. It was lovely with the mine, many flowers and many hummingbirds near the yellow flowered bushes. End is a little confusing because it says trail is closed due to flood damage.

Loved this hike! We split this up into two days so we could camp in little Yosemite valley.

18 days ago

I love this hike. When you get to the top, the silence is amazing. You can hear a single car approach from miles away. The views of the dancing Joshua Trees are captivating. I can't wait to go back! (Sept. 2000)

I enjoyed this trail on New Year's Eve with my wife and loved every bit of it. Monument Peak is a much better alternative to Mission Peak. The trail offers a nice mix of challenging climbs, some technical decents, and great views without the ridiculous crowds that you find on Mission Peak. This is by far my favorite hike in the East Bay. I recommend this trail without hesitation.

18 days ago

Such an awesome hike! Definitely recommend! Make sure that you bring gloves that can grip the cables if you plan on going to the summit!

Beautifully remodeled and our precious trees and so amazingly protected! Great loop! Went off season so that added 4 miles to our hike but IT WAS WORTH IT!

20 days ago

Quite possibly my favorite hike at Joshua Tree! Challenging enough to break a sweat and really feel accomplished when you reach the stunning 360 views at the top! Be sure to bring layers and sturdy shoes, in the winter it can get cold and even have ice/snow on some parts.

what a great hike. we've done it twice now in past 2months... loved it each time. last time we even saw a small Bob cat... near the start, just as you cross the road. at the top we like to to a loop and walk down the other side.

21 days ago

Loved doing something a little different to get above the rock formations and see wilderness as far as your eyes can see. Went early and had no trouble with crowds. Lots of kids with families on the trail, which was impressive!

on Ryan Mountain Trail

21 days ago

Busy, very chilly on Dec 29, and strenuous, but you don’t have to work very long to get to the simply stunning 360° views. If you only have a daytrip, consider making it your first hike and the other scenic loops will seem easy.

Great hike. Amazing views. Elevation change can be a bit strenuous but totally worth it. I also really enjoyed going through the welcome center at the summit.

The most rewarding part is the last half mile! Really gets your heart going and the view was phenomenal. Cell service was also surprisingly great since I was able to facetime my parents at the top lol

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