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11 hours ago

Wonderful hike! Just enough water to make the crossings interesting and challenging.

16 hours ago

Road was open to the trail but you need 4x4 or AWD. We broke trail snowshoeing. We made it two miles in before turning back. Fun first snowshoe of the season.

Very nice trail. It is well maintained and beautifully constructed. The views at the top are magnificent!

Really pretty. Now one of my favorites.

Go at dusk. The sunset is majestic. Hiking back in the dark is good fun!

Gorgeous hike up an old ski area and open meadows. . Of course the weather on 10/28/18 was glorious too.

Road was good and clear of snow. The hike took me about an hour and forty minutes one way. In a season with less snow, I would have definitely continued on as the trail is beautiful. I enjoyed the last portion best as I neared the creek. Also, I found quite a few scenic options and ended up walking up the boulders to get a better view of the valley and peaks ahead. Met about 7 people on the trail and a few more that came to see the lake. Nice moderate hike. I packed poles but did not need them.

16 days ago

Spectacular in the glacial cirque. Snow above the falls but followed the footprints and used poles. It was 5 miles to the lake - not sure why All-Trails map says 4.4. We hiked on 10/26 and saw no one above the falls.

Very good hike. Stream running enough to make getting to end both wet and enjoyable.

17 days ago

beautiful hike, even at the end of October. It is a long one...took about 5-6 hours (we are Flatlanders) to complete the 10 miles. The snow slowed us down. Bring Yak Traks for the last 3 miles up...ice and snow. There were some hiking sticks left at the trail head and they really came in handy on this hike. It was hard to follow the trail on the way up with the snow but as long as you are going up you will catch the trail again. Alot easier to follow the trail on the way down. If you are looking for a good moderate legnthy hike, this one is great!

18 days ago

I also started in the village. Snow towards the top but it is easy to route plan around. Poles recommended. Quite slippery when wet (I had relatively dry conditions). The adventure center was a lot of fun to run around. Lots to do, lots to see at the top, big playground. Met a few hikers along the way but not many (4 to be exact).

Agree with other reviewers about the road. If it's clear with no snow, you're fine in a basic passenger vehicle. Just go slow. Anything more and a 4x4 is strongly recommended. With that said....

The trail is so worth it. The Gore Range is spectacular. I heard about the crowds, heat, etc. and must have lucked out. Thursday afternoon and not a soul in sight. Perfect day to hike. I started at 12:30pm and finished about 4:00pm with plenty of down time for photos, stop for water, etc. I lost sight of the trail at the falls (even though I could hear them) and ended up on the trail to climb Powell. I didn't have the time to keep going, so turned around and hustled back (got nervous about the weather). But the aspens, pines, falls are worth it.

I just came from sea level and took this trail slow given I've only been at altitude for less than a day. Did fine. I'm in above average shape, so lots of water and a good nights sleep the day before probably helped. I chose this for the limited elevation gain on the trail - think that was the right call.

Strongly recommend.

22 days ago

Excellent hike. Agree that 3 hours to the lake is a good time estimate. Gorgeous lake, especially this time of year with the snow. 10/21/2018, intermittent snow above the falls (about 2 hours from falls to lake, I am a slow/moderate paced hiker). Snow is hard packed and surprisingly very manageable. Poles are useful nonetheless. Weather was warm all the way up to the lake. Trail visibility excellent.Highly recommend going on from falls to lake if in doubt. Trailhead parking lot almost filled up on a Sunday (my start time was 11:00 am, very late). Was back at the car 5 PM easily.

Slow incline on the way up. We took our time. The hike down went much faster. The road here was sketchy. We rented a car, booked a Jeep, ended up with a HYUNDAI. Even the front wheel drive vehicle did fine. If it snows you will need four wheel drive. You get a bit of everything in this hike though. 4- of the 5 senses. Everything but taste:)

22 days ago

great fall hike. nice views at the top!

One of my favorites in the area. The view just keeps getting better as you climb

Interesting when getting close to the Window, but the first few (and last few) miles can get really hot and feel pretty long.

Absolutely gorgeous view from the top. Super worth it!

Really great hike. Road up to the trail head was a little rough. Great views up top

We went during the week back in August to avoid the crowds. Bumpy road going up in a Jeep. Views are stunningly beautiful. Gentle stroll at first then slow ascent. I’d barely call this moderate.....more like advanced easy

Beautiful hike! Bears are sited!

on Lost Mine Trail

1 month ago

Gorgeous view

on The Window Trail

1 month ago

It’s was a really fun trail to explore. Beautiful scenery.

Definitely a challenging hike but worth the views at the top! Climb to the very peak if you are brave enough - it’s beautiful! We did this on a rather warm day in September; thankfully it got cooler the further we went up, but the way back we definitely felt the heat. We started at 1030am and we were back around 4 or 430. Total time of actual hiking was about 4 1/2 hours (we are in our 30’s and do CrossFit.. we booked it on the way back..don’t get me wrong though, this was a tough hike!)

1 month ago

Amazing views. Great trail

1 month ago

I started in Vail Village, so I took the Strawberry Lane trail to Berrypicker up to Eagle's Nest. It is steep but beautiful patches of aspens everywhere even though the valley is past peak. It rained with a little snow on October 4th, so poles were necessary on the slippery terrain.

1 month ago

Great trail with plenty of shade along the way & not as difficult of a scramble to the peak as anticipated. Did this trail first in the morning then completed Lost Mine trail.

1 month ago

Good trail with great views. Also saw a black bear from a distance, but it didn't get close.

Magnificent views, and a good chance to see a black bear.

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