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3 days ago

It was an amazing hike with no snow until the DNR portion of the trail past Upper Falls.

5 days ago

Got to the parking lot around 2:00 pm and found a spot right in the main lot. Weather was gorgeous and the hike was amazing. We hiked all the way to the upper falls. No snow anywhere and not a ton of people since we went later in the afternoon. Hiking beside the river part way was refreshing and all views of the falls were breathtaking! Definitely will be going back.

Beautiful day up there! A little muddy in places but not bad at all.

6 days ago

Beautiful hike! We started at 12:30, and had to park a half mile away from the parking lot (that’s what we get for sleeping in). Unusually warm day for March, so there wasn’t any snow to be seen. Pretty packed trail and there were lots of families and dogs. Beautiful forested views, with sounds from the falls as the day’s ambient noise. Worth the view when you get to the upper falls, but the lower falls view was actually our favorite.

We did this hike in early February - the falls are amazing! Great viewpoints of the falls and nice walk through the forest

10 days ago

Beautiful views of the falls and valley! Slowly gains elevation at first and gets pretty steep quickly when you get past middle falls. Some snowy patches at the upper falls viewpoint but no traction needed.

Steep hike but not difficult. A lot of snow at the top and too slippery for just tennis/hiking boots. Had to turn around because we didn’t have the best shoes for compact snow and ice.

Amazing views! Short, steep hike

on Wallace Falls Trail

24 days ago

Started with my buddy around 11:30 on President's Day, at which point the lot was about half full. Trail was decently busy to the upper falls, but it wasn't too bad. Halfway to the upper falls it started to get a little snow so we put on some microspikes, which helped a ton.

Once at the upper falls we took the trail to the lake, and although it had a decent amount of snow, there were trails forged by previous hikers that made it a lot easier to traverse. It was a beautiful clear day, and you could see the Olympics perfect from the top of the road. Once at the lake we decided not to hike to the other side (forgoing two extra miles) so we went straight back to the parking lot. Ending up being around 2,500 ft of elevation gain and 10.5 miles, I highly recommend doing the whole loop as you get away from some of the crowds and see some awesome views!

26 days ago

Gorgeous hike! Despite the fog we were still able to view the waterfall and Wallace lake via DNR road. A bit muddy -- don't bring your favorite clothes!

27 days ago

Went here specifically for the snow and there was lots way before the trail head!! We didn't even make it to the trail head due to high levels of snow and fallen tree a mile from the trail head. But we got out and played in the snow for a little bit after getting unstuck and turning around. Hopefully it's better in a couple weeks :)

Felt like I was in the movie 'Fern Gully,' totally mystical, lush, and beautiful.

Great day to be out.

1 month ago

Easy hike through old forest on the well maintained trail. Gorgeous view of the lake and mountains. On the weekends it might be too busy and no parking right at the start of the trail. Cheers!

on Barclay Lake Trail

1 month ago

Easy,great view of the mountain at the end of the road

Fun trail with amazing views! A few steep spots going up and down that might be a bit difficult, but it’s definitely worth it

Took the family up this trail and a sign says it is closed until 7/08/18. I am excited to come back this summer and give it another try.

it is a great trail very enjoyable suit for everyone.

1 month ago

Really enjoyable little trip through the woods. Service road up is in pretty good shape and the trail itself is a little muddy, a little slushy and a little crunchy.
Was hoping that the clouds would clear out so I could see Barring better, but I guess I’ll just have to go back.
There was a downed campsite at the far end of the trail that threw me off especially because I was by myself. Looks like it could have been collapsed under snow for a day or so. Strange because there were two cars in the parking lot but I saw no one the entire way up.Reported it to the ranger station when I got down.
Other than that, really nice easy trail with manageable snow.

The view of the falls was spectacular, and the view of the valley was an unexpected treat.

Steep in places, this is a moderately difficult hike that offers stunning views of the valley and Wallace Falls. it is a very popular hike, so I would recommend getting there early especially in summer as the parking lot fills quickly.

Amazing hike, amazing scenery, gloomy and a little cold but we soon warmed up as we walked. We came in January, wear some comfy boots, waterproof preferably.

We hiked this amazing spot today. It is beautiful and worth the hike. You can do a short hike if you turn right after the sign at the beginning. We didn’t know of the shorter hike until we accidentally walked that way. Gorgeous gorgeous hike. A must!

Little muddy this time of year. Pretty lookout however it was cloudy today so it would be even better during the spring /summer! Quick hike & a good workout!

Gorgeous views!! Did this today 1/15 solo with my three dogs. Short hike, but it got steep quickly. No snow or ice, muddy on a few spots, but nothing too crazy.

Beautiful hike and not very challenging. You cross lots of streams so be sure to wear waterproof shoes or bring an extra pair. Be prepared to climb a small waterfall or two to get to the big one!

Pretty much straight up hill, wouldn’t say it’s “easy” by any means but definitely doable. My 4 year old walked the whole thing. Pretty views! Trail was pretty muddy.

Went up in mid-January, and it was delightfully warm (about 62 degrees). The trail was pretty dry and has some good elevation. Great moderate hike!

2 months ago

Great hike. There was some snow on the last part of the road. The trail had some snow and ice - the bridge was particularly slippery!

It is all uphill and definitely tiring with a little one. it is manageable with kids for sure. I'd definitely recommend bringing extra shoes for afterwards. mine got soaked. besides that the views are stunning.

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