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had a great time with my lady on the trail definitely will go back!

Lovely hike along the creek. The parking lot is up the mountain after Helen Hunt Falls. Hike through the gate then follow that dirt road until you see a little brown 622 marker on the right. Take that for Seven Bridges. if you keep going up on the main dirt road you'll end up at St.Mary's Falls

Decent short hike to a great view! Too many peope.

Tourist spot, not a good place for a secluded nature hike. But it's very short and there are plenty of ponderosa pines to smell. Plus, the views at the top are pretty nice.

Easy trail if you stick to the formation area; it’s all paved. Going to the actual trail is a little more like a real hike instead of a stroll. Trail is still very easy, even if you do the four mile loop. More of a nature walk than a hike; if you are looking for a hike or something remotely challenging look elsewhere. Views are beautiful though!

11 days ago

Did this loop after a good 4-6 inch snow accumulation over night. First tracks around 9 am were fine trudging through with beautiful snow covered trees and babbling streams. Took smuggler coming down with great snowy views of the valley below. Got a bit muddier as it got warmer. Great trail and loop! Wubba lubba dub dub!

I have a question, y'all. I've been day hiking intensely for a while, but my navigation skills aren't exactly stellar. I really want to see Jones Park and I've been looking for it for a while. Looking at my pocket guide map, I thought the best way to do that would be to catch 7 bridges and then turn west on 667 (at the junction of 622a and 667). Each time I've tried, I do something like this: reach the end of trail 622 (which starts as 7 bridges), continue through the impressive stand of aspen trees uphill and to the north (ie to the right if you're coming up the trail). I'm able to reach the place where 666 used to intersect 667 (before that section of 666 was closed for trout preservation). I then go west on 667. Yesterday I got pretty far on 667 before I had to call it a day because it was getting late. Does anyone have any advice for me? What I've seen is beautiful, but I've become very intent on finding the ~mysterious~ Jones park. Would I have better luck just taking 667 from High drive until I come to Jones Park? Any help is appreciated!

Very cool to see, smell, and learn more about the bristle cone pines! Would highly recommend stopping here

on Seven Bridges Trail

14 days ago

I really enjoyed this trail. it was beautiful and a great place to take friends from out of state who aren't too sure about doing a too intense hike. I'll be back!

16 days ago

Nice, mostly-shaded hike from the parking lot up and around Spruce Mountain. Good views of the southern Rampart Range from the top. Pikes Peak and Almagre Mountain are partially visible from spots on the trail, as is a distant Mount Evans. Trail is easy enough that it doesn't really feel like 600' of vertical gain.

I've written a blog post about this hike @ www.break-trail.com
If you'd like to read it, follow this link: https://goo.gl/MbqHs2

I've walked this trail twice, once in summer and once in the winter. Gorgeous both times.

22 days ago

This was a beautiful hike we did with our two sons, ages 7 and 9. We loved walking along the creek the entire trail.

Since we weren't familiar with the area, there was some slight confusion about finding the trail. At the parking lot, you want to walk past the gated dirt road at the far end of the lot. There are two other roads--one that leads up and another that continues around the edge of the mountain--these are not the ones that you want to take. You'll walk about a half mile and the dirt road will turn off to the left. There's a "622" mile marker that might be tricky to see, but just past that you'll see a dark metal sign for North Cheyenne Cr. Trail. This means you're on the right track.

We hiked the trail a few days after it had snowed, so the trail was partially covered in snow, which didn't pose much of a problem until coming back down the trail. It was very slippery in parts, and we all ended up slipping and falling at one point, but no injuries. It ended up being one of the highlights of our trip.

Nice late afternoon hike with my baby, quiet despite being close to highway. Beautiful scenery and easy access to the creek to dip your hands or feet.

It was very beautiful, but I have trouble breathing in high altitudes. I would defiantly recommend it. It was really hard, but I persevered and when I got to the top, it was breathtaking!

Nice hike, has lots of traffic

Nice, fun loop. You can really make it your own as it has alot of other trails surrounding it. We didn't do the whole loop this time as the parking lots near it were at capacity so we ended up on the other side of the park. We did this trail on a Sunday morning, alot of people and cars if possible go on a weekday.

24 days ago

not exactly easy going up because there was no flat area. going up was a bit challenging. the trail was beautiful; covered in a fresh snow. lots of unleashed dogs running around and pushed me. almost fell because of that. it was windy too, but a good trail overall.

short hike, lots of stairs but a beautiful view. I suggest not going on weekend when it's crowded. actually it's better to go to Cheyenne Cañon on weekdays rather than weekends. gorgeous place to visit.

Keep going after the 7th bridge all the way to Jones park. It will be well worth it. Careful on the loose scree on parts of the trail.

24 days ago

This hike was great! With recent snow, the hike was 98% snow covered trail, but thankfully very little ice. Half of our group wore tennis shoes and shorts and they slipped a bit, but survived. If you have yaktraks or extra traction for shoes, bring it. Once through the trees, it got really windy and cold. We were greeted with blue skies and beautiful views at the top!

25 days ago

Great trail! Covered in thick snow: Yak Traks are a must. Trail is rated as easy but to me it’s more toward moderate. It’s very well marked which made it easy to follow but it’s a good climb.

Road is not open 6 miles from the trail :( snowmobile renting was close to $200/pp. We went back into town to rent mountain bikes from UTE City Cycles who were super great, $75/half day. Unfortunately the snow was in such powder/slush conditions even their snow mountain bikes couldn’t make traction. We ended up biking up 2mi, walking/attempting bike for another 2mi, before realizing we should’ve brought more water and food. Luckily slush was good enough downhill to ride about 3 of the 4 miles back. Even the cross country skiers were unimpressed with the snow conditions! Hope this helps someone!!!

26 days ago

Well packed snow through the initial wooded area with a few spots above tree line with ~6”. Totally doable without poles or spikes right now. Great 360 views from the top, but be ready for some wind. A few large boulders made for some easy wind shelters for stopping to snack. Parking is on the roadside near the ski lift for echo mountain (trailhead can be easy to miss if there aren’t other cars parked already). This hike would make a great introduction to a bit of altitude for a lowlander without being too long or strenuous.

Super pretty!!! It’s really fun to hike around or drive around. Lots of different trails with views of rocks and mountains.

They never warned me that I couldn’t drive to the beginning of the hike . We walked 4 miles on the road and until turning around after a nice guy on his snowmobile told us we wouldn’t even be able to see it today because of the clouds. Bummer, it looks beautiful.

Good for family. There is a little area kids can play on the rocks. Great for some family photos to.

1 month ago

3/25 - hiked up Chief Mountain after doing Squaw Mountain. The trail was mostly packed ice/snow mix, but definitely starting to melt in places. I brought my spikes and they were needed, although I saw groups doing it without any traction. Beautiful day outside today and fantastic views from the summit - clear skies all around!

Great packed trail. Made it out just after the morning snowfall. Suggest spikes or yaktrax. Many off leash dogs for head pats.

1 month ago

Mar 24 2018 - Easy morning snowshoeing adventure. We got some snow the night before, so snowshoes were necessary for the duration. Some falling thru fresh powder involved here. I had the serene, snow-covered lake to myself at the top, and it was a really nice experience. No real excellent panoramic views and sporadic forest coverage. [3.3/5]

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