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2 hours ago

I started out on West Tiger #3 which was pretty uphill. It gets the blood pumping to be sure. About a mile in, the trail splits off to Talus Rocks Trail.

The first little portion of Talus Rocks Trail continues uphill but not for long. Within a half mile you arrive at Talus Rocks and they are phenomenal. Kids would have a blast climbing on, around, and through them. As an adult, I was blown away myself by the spectacle. Huge boulders stacked all over each other.

Continue on the trail until you reach the Nook Trail which leads you downhill back towards the trailhead.

For a longer hike, you can skip the Nook Trail and come around to Tradition Lake.

Overall the trail was in good shape. There are some muddy spots and a few trees down but nothing difficult to work around.

Took Nook trail up. Pretty much all up hill but it’s not for very long so it’s doable! Plus once you get there it’s great. I didn’t continue on passes the rocks, because we got a late start. But this little area is so cute. It’s like a fairy forest playland and I loved it. The moss covered rocks were gorgeous. Fun to explore around each corner. Would do it again.

1 day ago

Tough hike but well worth it. Bring plenty of water.

There are two trail heads. The bottom one will give you more miles and it’s worth the climb.

I took my dog hiked all the way to the main lookout yesterday. Started at 11:30 AM and back to the car at 3:30. Gorgeous day shared with quite few people on the main lookout. But I was so disappointed when I got back to the car. My back trunk window was shattered and my purse was stolen out of my car. This happened during daylight! My Orange Subaru Crosstrek was parked just a few cars away from the restaurant Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive. This is sucks!! So please don’t leave any valuable in your car. Take it with you!! I learned valuable lesson here. But other than that I still love hiking up to Oyster Dome.

10 days ago

Hard to say the actual length of trail as there are loops and tunnels leading off the main trail. We parked at a car at the top and bottom and walked all the way down from the top. Beautiful and full of history, much of the trail buries old track. Neat experience for sure

14 days ago

Went yesterday with my dad and our dogs. Started our hike at 8:30am. We started the hike from chuckenut on the hwy so it was the 7.9 mile hike compared to 5 miles from the samish outlook. Trail was in pretty good shape.
I’ll say if you start at the hwy and not samish outlook those extra miles are nothing buck switch backs going up. My legs are so sore today.

15 days ago

Awesome views!

19 days ago

Nice trail, easily found route, fun rocks, waterfall and amazing moss on the trees. Great way to start the New Year! Good for kids too...

Nice hike. The Talus Rocks section is pretty wild so it's sometimes hard to tell if you're on a trail. The reward was a beautiful waterfall. Try it in the wet season.

23 days ago

After a moderate uphill climb that got the whole family huffing, the trail flattens out and leads to a really neat and fun collection of huge boulders that the kids really enjoyed climbing around and exploring for a bit while us parents rested. Gorgeous views especially as you get higher up the hillside.

24 days ago

We decided to explore out here today, starting from the Nook Trail. We made it to the rocks which looked amazing but then for some reason we felt like we veered off of the loop so we decided to return the same way instead of completing the full loop. I’ll try this one again for sure on a warmer day - we would have been more willing to explore further if it had been springtime or if we had seen more people out and about.

In terms of day hikes, this one is was tough. Bring water

1 month ago

Did the old trail up and new trail down on Friday 12/07. This past week the weather was amazing so the hike was great. Started hitting light snow about 3,400 feet which increased with elevation.
Was all packed down though some parts were a little icy. I went without spikes or poles which would have been nice but not a necessity yet. The old trail up was definitely a challenge. I made it to the mailbox in 1:50 so I was hauling. The way down on the new trail took about 2:25 as I was taking my time but could definitely be done faster. Very rewarding hike!!

quick super easy hike. tons of people out and about. overall great easy hike

1 month ago

A nice moderate hike with great views at the top! A decent elevation gain and dense forest to hike through.

Very challenging hike. There's other more beautiful hikes in the area, but the workout is worth it for this one.

Night time hiking trying to break mountaineering boots in. Not a good idea I advise everyone not to try but I did it anyways. This is not my only time going up to check the mail. For as close as a fun hike it is it’s wonderful for conditioning! Old trail up and down this time. The new trail down is about the same time as the old if you do some ruining.

1 month ago

The most magical overnight trip I've ever done. Camped on a flat sandy area at the top. Bring plenty of water. You'll want to stay once you reach the top

1 month ago

This one has been on my list and we couldn’t have had a more beautiful day for it (11/18/18). Hiked the new trail up and back down, I don’t think my knees could have taken the old trail from what I hear. Pretty brutal last 1/2 mike until you reach the Peak but no question, worth it all! Gorgeous views of the PNW.

2 months ago

We really enjoyed hiking this trail in such a beautiful and sunny day in Fall. Fabulous view at the top. The sky completely clear and sunny. Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and Glacier peak were clearly visible. Lake Elan, Lake Copper and Spada lake were also easily visible. Lake Elan was looking very white (like a lake of milk) due to ice and snow reflection. It was a great view.
The driving was fine, there were a few potholes, but any car can make it. I had a sedan and it was fine. Parking is small, but the trail is not crowded, and we didn’t have problem finding parking.
The trail is starting among the woods and we crossed 3 streams. Then it becomes rocky. Last 1.7 miles were snowy/icy and very steep. Having micro-spikes help a lot. It was really slippery.
My AllTrails recording measured 7.6 miles round-trip and 4170 ft elevation gain.

2 months ago

Nice and long. Pretty steep and an amazing view on top. Just not that much to look at besides trees and a couple of streams on your way up

We did this hike on Mothers Day. We took the old trail up & new trail down..wear proper shoes for the down hill. Amazing accomplishment....hardest
one for me so far

Took my dog to the main lookout today. Gorgeous views and sunset. Started the trail from Chuckanut Dr at 1:44 PM and back to the car at 5:20PM. I started little too late. It got so dark the last mile before the car. But I used my phone flashlight almost to the car before totally out of battery. 8 miles roundtrip with 1900 ft elevation gain. My little pup American Bully was such a trooper

Definitely a workout! Did this hike on Monday (11/13) and it was relatively busy at the top from it being a holiday. My phone recorded round trip about 12 miles, but I’m not sure how accurate this is. The last 0.5 miles are a grind but the view from the top is worth it. Watch for ice patches, poles are a good idea. When we hiked a group of hockey players were taking up a fire hydrant, look for it at the top!!

Great Hike.

2 months ago

such a beautiful trail. can't wait to go back

Terrific trail, I got lost and ended up doing the loop! No need for bug spray in November! However, on a windy day, do bring your chainsaw as trees can fall across the road! I will attempt to attach photos!

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