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Short trail down to the bluffs and the waterfall. Another trail that is several miles down the dirt road and not heavily trafficked. We didn’t scramble down below the waterfall but we did find the spot mentioned in other reviews.

Water fall was refreshing. Too bad caves are closed.

I’ve been hiking here since I was a child. Great day hike and plenty of other activities to do in the park.

Great hike! It is challenging, especially when you hike down to the bottom of the falls because the hike back up is a rough one. I love this state park and it holds so many different waterfalls so I would highly recommend that you try all of the falls out! Also, if you can get a chance to see these falls in the winter, I would highly recommend it!

9 days ago

Not really a hike but the falls are beautiful! A 4wd is definitely needed for the drive in. There is another easy trail just before the low water bridge that ends up on the river. We took that after seeing the falls and it was perfect with young kids.

Very beautiful hike once you get down to the creek. The trail comes and goes so we ended up just climbing on the rocks along the creek.

9 days ago

Great view of the falls. Pretty short, but great photo opportunities.

14 days ago

I've hiked this trail several times.

Easy and beautiful especially in spring!

16 days ago

Great trail if you live within four hours or so for a nice weekend escape. Lots of spiders in the late summer but great fall and spring temps.

Great, challenging trail well worth the hike.

20 days ago

Great trail for me and my 7-year-old. Took us awhile to complete, simply because he needed a lot of rest breaks. Lots of caves, although they are unfortunately closed due to white nose syndrome. I've been before the diseases and the caves are so awesome. This trail has lots of rock formations, crags, caves and different elevations.

21 days ago

This was a beautiful trail with lots of bluffs/overlooks and a great waterfall at the end. If you're really adventurous (and careful) you can go across the top of the waterfall then climb down. It is a big drop off and pretty dangerous, so be cautious. It's a fairly easy trail, we set up camp overnight and had no issues. A little bit difficult to find the trail head but well worth it!

Great trail, Good first backpacking experience, lots of spiders and webs along the trail when i came through but hey its nature! will definitely come back!

Best trail at this great park! This trail provides awesome lookouts of Cane Creek Gorge, Cane Creek Falls, and of course Fall Creek Falls, and it really isn’t that long of a trail. I recommend doing this hike early in the morning and catching a sunrise at one of the overlooks!

1 month ago

This is a beautiful hike! Multiple rock formations and waterfalls to explore!

A great beginner’s backpacking trail. Some gorgeous views and good backcountry camping sites. For my first solo backpacking trip, I hiked two half-days on this trail in early November, and the temps were perfect (highs in the upper 50s and lows in the upper 30s).

1 month ago

the drive was rough... it's 2 miles straight down. make sure you cool your breaks halfway down. the trail was shot buy worth the drive. the falls were awesome

stunning in winter with the ice and snow..beautiful area

Found a camera on the trail, turned it into the visitor center, I believe it was a canon. Some of the pictures had 4-8 people in it, so maybe it belonged to a bigger group? Hope you find it!

This area is quite possibly the most beautiful stretch of Missouri I have experienced. As Cory said pleas take care of this place. Pack in/pack out, practice safe fire use and watch out for snakes in the warmer months.

1 month ago

This is a pretty challenging trail, and I think a little longer than it is listed as. I planned for a three day hike so I could take my time and enjoy a couple nights of backcountry camping. The trial is pretty rugged, with lots of ups and downs, and most of the trail is riddled with large stone. I wound up bruising/spraining the bottom of my foot on mile three and limped through most of the trail, so that only made the trip harder. That being said, I was impressed with several primitive campsites along the trail that other hikers had made. The site at Quaill Valley was especially impressive. There were a few places to filter some water, just before mile 5, and several places from 6-9(Junction camp I believe is the last place for water). There are also several campsites right along Blackburn Creek from mile 6-9. Butterfield Falls(a rock garden) was a challenge, but a short one. I was through it in a couple of minutes. At the top is a primitive camp with a gorgeous view. The next couple of miles ware fairly easy, and another primitive camp around 11.5. The last two miles of the trail are pretty rocky and steep. All in all a good trail, but be sure to wear proper footwear. If I had less give in my sole, I think the trip would have been a lot more enjoyable.

my favorite spot in the state. very remote and serene. not for anyone afraid of venomous snakes or four people looking for an easy path. please take care of it. pack in/pack out

Had a lot of fun in the park with the family. Looking forward to going back. ; )

This trail if full of amazing views and makes for a great weekend trip.

Moderate difficulty. Poorly marked but much of the trail is on old logging road so not too impactful. Exception is the segment along the river beyond the campsite (counterclockwise). Keep alert for the occasional ribbon, have a map & follow the contour above the river. Be aware of potentially significant stream crossing @ Copper Cr. Length is variable as there are many side trails to visit. Only elevation changes are going in/out of the gulf. First 1.5 in and last 4 miles out are pretty pedestrian, but the mid section is worth it. Beautiful falls & rock. One could be forgiven for hiking to Copper Creek and back (counterclockwise)-really wouldn't be missing much.

This canyon and surrounding bluffs are one of the most desolate and beautiful spots in Missouri. Watch out for Cottonmouths!

Lots to see and explore on a relatively short and easy trail!

2 months ago

Only the strong should perform this loop. Between steep ascents and descents, Rock gardens, slippery creeks and very uneven terrain it was a trudge more than a trek. Having to plan almost every step took away from the true beauty of environment. If all stated does not bother you, this is the trail for you.

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