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4 hours ago

Hikers who enjoy a physical challenge will enjoy the Grouse Grind Trail. Hikers who mainly want to appreciate the scenery may not. Hiking the trail is quite strenuous, the footing is tricky enough that you have to watch where you're walking nearly the entire time, and the trail is narrow enough and busy enough that it's not always easy to just stop and look around. The nearby BCMC trail provides an easier, if slightly longer, hike up the side of Grouse Mountain.

All of that said, this is one of the most fun hikes I've done in a while. Having a cold Molson (or other adult beverage) at the top of the mountain while taking in the views of Vancouver is a nice bonus, too!

Great walk, we have done this many times. We even did a vlog of our walk. Check it out on our channel J&M Jaunts on YouTube.

21 hours ago

Perfect on nice hot day light hike with few very nice swim sports...

It's a rite of passage for anyone who likes hiking, took us 2 hours with lots of stops. Beautiful trail though. Very busy

Great area and trails are dog friendly. The ravine near the playground in the park does not connect to further trail. Visit the ravine spot then return to Hedley road and continue south down the hill and you can pick up the trail behind the tennis court. This is a hidden gem

The grouse grind redefines swamp ass. It’s just you against yourself in this race against your own heart beat and heavy breathing....and sweat drenched attire. Enjoy!

Did it! A little longer than it took me 5 years ago. But I did it.

nice beach

Great workout rewarded by beautiful views!
TIPS: follow Howe Sound EAST trail, which includes a steady incline that levels out throughout the trail.
Took us about 2.5 hours round trip with a lunch break at the top.
PS- currently there is a bit of smoke throughout the sea to sky, you'll notice it faintly

8 days ago

Beautiful lake. The trail was well maintained and not crowded at all. Took around 2.5 hours total to go around the whole lake. Mostly shaded which is nice on a hot sunny day. Didn't feel like a real hike though since there wasn't a viewpoint at the end, it was more of an exercise/walking trail. Perfect trail for dogs.

Loved it. Dogs enjoyed it even more - lots of places for them to swim.

One of the best hikes!!!

10 days ago

Great and hard workout. Perfect view from the top!

Pretty views of the ocean - others may say incredible, but I favour mountain top views. :) Was a straight forward hike and while it had me sweating, I would say it was easier then I thought it would be. We were on the trail by 7:40am to avoid crowds in the long weekend Monday. We had to match our pace for our group of 5 so while it took us 1 hour 45 min up, this was at a moderate pace and included multiple breaks. Coming down the traffic was steady, but not packed. I read previous reviews that had me dreading the crowds and bugs, but it wasn’t bad, definitely space between groups, though I’m sure the mid day crowds had a hard time vying for a view as the lookout area is small. Also, bring bug spray in case, but we only noticed the bugs in the parking lot.

11 days ago

Easy and beautiful hike!! Took us 1.5hrs up and 1 hr down. Only a little elevation in the beginning and it’s pretty flat for a bit. Elevation gets more steep as you go further along. Luckily did this hike around 7am and only a few people were on the trail/top. On the way down there were at least 30+ people going up so start early if you want to avoid the crowds!

11 days ago

Nice hike. Definatly a HIKE. It's quite steep and may be difficult getting down for those with bad knees. I'm fairly hiking savvy and would rate it more difficult than moderate based in that. Munro lake is more of a large pond with many frogs, tadpoles and lily pads. My group had time constraints so unfortunately we didn't make it to Dennet lake or the cabins but will go again for that. I never firmly rely on suggested times but for reference we made it up to munro lake and back in 3 hours with a 15 minute peruse around the meadow just past the lake. Again NOT knee friendly and wear good hikers as grip is crucial on the way down! Happy hiking fellow hikers!

13 days ago

Went on a weekday and it wasn't very crowded. Really likes the woods and the view from the top. Went at a slow pace and didn't find it hard.

Good hike, watch out for the markers on way down as several false trails.
Good workout, next time the lions.
Highly recommend.
Only passed 6 people at most.

great beach walk.. a little too busy on weekends though. I'd avoid it on weekends if you don't like crowds

trail running
14 days ago

Perfect for workout at the end of the day ! Best is to cycle to go up there

15 days ago

Hardest 1.9 miles I've ever done.

15 days ago

Beautiful walk, mostly shady. Lot’s of spot for swimming. I recommend to get there fairly early in the day, as the parking is very limited. We had to walk 40 min to actually start the hike

Great workout!!! It was pretty hard for me!
But still fun!

Great Hike... We went on a Monday and it wasn’t crowded..

Amazing views of the lions and horseshoe bay. Best views for a local hike and conveniently located near the city.
Hike was busy and view point had minimal areas to stop and soak it in.

A very nice, reasonably easy trail. Surprisingly beautiful w/ a cute little creek going through. Wasn’t busy at all on a Saturday afternoon and almost felt like a private stroll :) Easy/free parking. Dog friendly!

It's a nice stroll. Take your (leashed) dog; take your baby stroller; take your camera. Watch for eagles on the south-east section of the path. There's more wildlife than you'd think; just look for it.

20 days ago

Great workout! Did it yesterday.

Great hike with the exception of the crowds and loud music. I desire being with nature and though I love to see people of all ages out there, why not enjoy the moment?

Do it for the workout, not the views. This trail cannot be called 'hard' unless you try to get a good time. I'm not in great hiking condition at the moment and I did it in less than an hour.

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