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Great hike! Definitely not for beginners and please don't bring your dog(s) if you plan on going all the way to the summit. Stick to the left on the way up. Views were amazing.

Hiked 2nd time in honor of my Dads 83rd Birthday 1-16-19!!! Happy Birthday Dad xo

Great hike! Beautiful views and smells! All the recent rain makes everything so vibrant. Be careful on the way down, there is a lot of loose gravel and it can cause you to slip if not wearing proper hiking shoes.

Another great hike. One of my favorite trails in the Scottsdale area!

no shade
22 hours ago

First time hiking this loop. Muddy in sections after recent rains. All easily passable. Excellent, beautiful hike. Personally, I would not call this hike primitive or difficult and I am just of average fitness. Trails are VERY used and well defined. We hiked counterclockwise, which climbs faster and gets you up to Elephant Mountain faster, with a nice gradual descent back to the parking lot. Most people seem to go up clockwise and return the same way. Note that the route up to the "summit" is posted "AREA CLOSED" but everyone goes up anyway. 360 degree views are awesome. Also note that this summit is NOT Elephant Mountain, which is the tall mountain peak just to the west. My GPS said 3342' and 7.6 miles from the parking lot. I'd definitely hike this again in the same direction, CCW... easier on the knees.

1 day ago

Use Desert Vista Trailhead.

1 day ago

AllTrails should probably update their rating system and include expert level, because this one would definitely be that. I didn’t feel this was so much a hiking trail as it was a rock climbing trail. You were using all fours for a good majority of the last mile. That being said I’m from the Midwest and am an average hiker at best and I did feel overmatched by this trail but a more experienced hiker may feel right at home. Be sure to pack water and maybe a snack or two. Also the notion that dogs are allowed on the trail is absurd. A dog can maybe handle the first mile and a half but after that it’s impossible for a dog to go on this trail.

Excellent hike with just enough uphill climbing from the get go and steady to the top. Totally satisfying.

Awesome hike! As a pretty experienced hiker, this trail was difficult because of the lack of markers. Easy to lose your way if you are not looking up to find blue and white dots throughout. Amazing views at the top! When in doubt, stay left on the way up. Gloves would be very helpful for the way down as you are rock climbing down for the first mile descend. Not for someone who is afraid of heights or is a nervous hiker. Definitely recommend this bad boy if you are in the Mesa/Phoenix area!

Great long hard hike. Best done in cool weather as it is hot and steep! There are sections of climbing and scrambling back down, not for the nervous hiker.

Really demanding hike. Come prepared with plenty of water and hiking boots. There are times where you will face 20ft rock climbing walls. This is not a breeze in the Park but easily doable with some common sense. Heavily traffic at times. The only downside is that a lot of the trail markers are not as legible anymore or non existent in places hence why I gave it 4 stars. Beautiful 360 views. This hike is definitely a worthy feeling of accomplishment when completed. Don't give up and just go slow. Cheers.

Beautiful landscape with colorful flowers. Only saw 3 people the whole hike

Awesome hike! Definitely not for beginner hikers but not terribly difficult either. Trail isn’t marked too well — when in doubt go to the left. Took about 3 hrs to get up and back.

Awesome hike with great views! I saw a few pets and I wouldn’t recommend them as it’s very steep at points.

Challenging to say the least. Views are spectacular all the way up. Caution on the way down. Recommend gloves for the last mile.

If you plan on taking a mountain bike, only ride on the west side until the the trail starts to get rock on the north side then turn around. east side of the mountain is too rocky to ride.

Really enjoyed this hike! Did it back in May, started early and was able to avoid the harsh heat. Challenging parts, and the views were worth it.

Great hike, easy to get to and free parking. It was 4.1 miles on my GPS. Trekking poles are always a good addition to the gear kit.

Nice hike, moderate difficulty, but we took a newbie with us and we had a good hike. We’d do it again. Pretty saguaro forest..

Hiked this today with our Husky and Shihpoo. Mild ups and downs on a largely sandy trail that circumvents Brown’s Mountain. Vistas are marred by power lines. Parking and restrooms as well as maps at trailhead. Horses and bikes share the trail.

Did it this morning at the sunrise. IT WAS BREATHTAKING. You need to do it.

If you’re a beginner like me, here are some things Ive learned:
One wrong move/footing and you can potentially have a serious injury.
Take caution and take your time.
Wear gloves because you will be grabbing rocks to climb. We went when it was cold and it had just rained, so my fingers where numb on top of getting scraped up.
When it’s wet, wear boots where water can’t get through because there’s some puddles. Unless you’re okay hiking with soggy shoes like me.
It’s the most rewarding feeling when you make it to the top. You’ll look back and feel accomplished that you hiked this beast.

Great hike! Would definitely not go at sunset again (should have figured that out since it’s named sunRISE peak after all) because the sun blocks your view of the valley completely so it would probably be a more beautiful view at the top if you went at a different time! Took my friend who’s never been hiking before and she loved it! Only had to take a couple of breaks for her to catch her breath but overall a great hike and level for beginners!

1/1/19 Snow capped Flat Iron. I had always wanted to do this hike and New Year’s Day was the day to finally check it off the list. What was obviously the most technical part was made even more challenging by a snow packed ice! Even your best trail runners or hiking boots will slip. So worth the bruises though!

I did the Gateway trailhead to Bell loop and prospector trail to jeep trail. DAMN! This is hard.. I mean I have done rim to rim in 11 hrs so I'm no slouch but the 30 degree incline over the last 2 miles or so, on pavement... It's harder coming down than going up

Nice trail great views... easier doing counter clockwise

15 days ago

What a beautiful day! It had snowed the night before, so the trail was a bit hard to follow for the last miles-and-a-half. The summit of the mesa offers great views of the Cave Creek drainage. I saw several animal tracks along the way (coyote, deer, and bobcat).

Beautiful area and views. Would say this was moderate, not hard and 8 miles vs 6.8.

Awesome trail. Some legitimate climbing involved. Amazing views at the top make it with it.

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