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2017 April Map

Loved this trail. Completed Jan 2018. Snow covered in areas and waterfall was frozen. Very beautiful and great views!

This hike is spectacular! The views the entire time are amazing! The sun was setting the last mile of my hike and it created the most beautiful scenery. Do not come
to Death Valley and skip this!

Ok ... no real review but to note road closed (far from trailhead) for THREAT of snow 01/12/19

The perfect walk to start your trip into the Sequoias. Within this hour you’ll learn everything you need to know to spot young or old sequoias, what type of environment is most suitable for growth, and a little history about the park. It’s perfect for all ages and super easy to complete.

I've done this trail several times, and I never get tired of it. It is one of my favorites!

Amazing views from the top. Good hiking boots needed for rocky portions. Steep inclines. Some patches of snow/ice (January) but no special gear needed. Took us 4.5 hours round trip with stops. Much of the hike was in the sun in midday, so layers were good. Great drive on the way in.

18 days ago

There were some icy sections but they are easily avoided without any special equipment. The vistas are really nice, though not as expansive as from the Telescope peak hike as you are at lower elevations and hiking through more forest. The last ridge before the summit is especially scenic. Very windy weather! Didn't get to spend too long on the summit due to the high winds.

El viaje fue muy increíble y este lugar es encantador, el blanco de la sal es tan bonito, es un buen lugar para fotos, lo recomiendo mucho.

A beautiful exploration of death and nothingness (except for the incredible wealth of geological amazingness). Go early so it’s quiet since it’s the most popular in the park. Take the offshoot to red cathedral and climb all the way up, if you like to boulder, loop it and climb down. Favorite part is the last 1/4 of it (I started clockwise) where you hit the gulch, which is really just beautiful. Definitely do this trail while you’re there it’s a trip.

I loved this hike because it was not crowded! We saw maybe 2 people during the very busy week after Christmas. The colors of the rocks change with the sunlight and shadows and I realized that the multi colored rocks are not isolated to the artist palette area! It was very windy at the top which made it challenging, yet all the more surreal. Definitely a hike that can make you feel small in the world!!

Great feeling

Hiked in April 2018. If you are in DVNP then you have to visit Badwater Basin - the lowest point in the US. The walk is easy and flat - the adventure for us were the winds - winds that held us up as we leaned in and made visiting the pit toilets an adventure.

Hiked in April 2018. The sand dunes are another must see in DVNP. You feel like you are in another world. Walking in sand can be a challenge and the wind was fierce along the way. We were covered from head to toe with a layer of sand by the end of the hike. Bandanas and sunglasses were a must.

Great experience! The salt flats were incredible and there was great light for photos

26 days ago

I was going to give this a 3-star review as there wasn’t much to see in the 2-mile hike in other than unspectacular canyon walls. The isolation, as mentioned by others, is nice but not a game changer in it of itself. What is a game changer is the view at the end overlooking Artist’s Drive. There’s a hiker-created trail past the official trail that goes another several hundred feet up the mountain. “That” view is spectacular. If you stop at the end of the trail marked on this map, you’ve probably did yourself a disservice.

Very nice hike. The trail is in great condition and the incline isn’t too strenuous.

Hiked this trail on Dec 19, 2018. It was fully covered by snow during this season, so you have to walk on snow for the whole time. If you have proper shoes, it's still a easy one. We spent a lot of time on the trial to take pictures. It took 2h to hike around 2 miles to reach the end to see the fall. Although half of the fall had been forzen, it still looked amazing. We took around 40mins to walk back since no need for more pics. It's a quite trail and we only met one couple for the whole time while we were in the trail. For those ones looking and easy trail with beautiful views in this park, I high recommend this one.

Hiked this trail yesterday for sunset. It's fully covered by snow, so not an easy one in this season. You have to follow other people's steps to stay on the trail. If you want to see sunset on time, be sure to prepare to reach the top early, since the sunset in winter season could be as early as around 4pm-5pm. We started the trail at 4pm, however, we only finished half of the trail after 30mins and the sunset already started. We had to find a high point on the right side of the trial to catch the sunset. Although its not the top of the trial, it still can catch the whole sunset, very beautiful. In addition, make sure to bring a headlight, since it would be dark quickly, you might need it to find the trail while you are back.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike in the snow. Waterfall is partially frozen - a good winter look! I used snowshoes from the campground entrance to the trailhead, and then the road was cleared on my way back so I could walk. Traction was helpful on the trail.

Very beautiful trail. The waterfall was frozen when I hiked this one but still nice to see. Camping was really cool but full so get a spot early. *Warning store you food properly because the bears are brave here. We saw two black bear in one night of being there. Drive slow to not kill these beautiful black bears and their cubs.

Like the devil's golf course, this was a truly unique landscape. I ended up walking the .8 miles out to the end of the path

1 month ago

Climb sand dunes is always fun. Easy access, and be careful with sun even in winter.

5 stars for a sunset view! After a long day of hiking this was a nice end of the day stroll

1 month ago

I did this trail November 25th 2018 started at lodgepole campground and when all the way up to Twin Lakes. I had always intended to make it a single day hike and by the time I got the Twin Lakes my legs were pretty pumped out so I didn't go up to the summit. Besides the root was covered in icy snow and I didn't have any crampons and didn't want to risk it.

I passed two sets of hikers coming down from Twin Lakes and one lady who passed me on the way up. by the time I got to Twin Lakes she had already visited probably ate her lunch and was on the way down. she was probably in her mid 20's and I'm twenty years older but in good shape for my age. it took me 3.5 hours to make it up.

because there is a 2in layer of fresh snow I could tell that nobody had attempted to go to the summit, at least not since thanksgiving day when it last snowed.

the views from the lake are beautiful but the tree line is high enough that you cannot see much of the surrounding territory. I agree with other reviewers that to get the best out of this hike you should try to scale at least part way up the summit wall.

the trail is very well-marked but as with all trails when snow covers the ground that's hard to follow. my Samsung Galaxy was able to hold a GPS signal the whole way and so alltrails was able to record my progress. I always find that very useful since it's easy to lose trails and the alltrails topo maps are great for finding your exact position at any given time using the GPS on your phone. course correction is a breeze that way.

1 month ago

It was one of my best trail in this park.

11/25/18 One of our favorites so far! The trail was a fairly easy hike. Any inclines were very gradual. We really enjoyed the variety of scenic views, from giant sequoias, to rock formations, small waterfalls, babbling brooks and a look out point overlooking kings canyon. The trail was easy to follow and never any cliffs to worry about. There was just a little bit of snow. Enough for us to make a small snowman to honor our friends in Wisconsin. While we didn’t see any wildlife it’s certainly out there. We saw a couple dozen bear pop piles. Note: carry bear spray just to be safe. Temps were in the mid 40’s with abundant sunshine. It was perfect weather. We looped the trail counterclockwise. With a short trail snack we finished in 3 hours for a total of 8.25 miles. On our drive out on the dirt road we came across a LARGE BOULDER in the middle of the road. It fell while we were on the trail. We managed to get around it but it was very tight. We notified the ranger. Hopefully they remove it soon. Definitely a hazard. Would definitely do this hike again!

Great view! Your knees can get a little shaky when you have a fear of heights, but the view will make you forget the fear!

1 month ago

cool views. i didn't even go on the trail. i just parked at the viewpoint got out, took a few pics and took off afterwards because the temperature dropped down to like 40 degrees ( this was on the 12th and I wasnt dressed for that chilly, windy weather...the rest of the day was perfect, warm prob mid 70s). so overall, it was cool, I wish I had ventured out on the trail with the appropriate attire

spent the morning on the dunes for the sunrise a couple weeks ago and ended up walking around aimlessly for longer and farther than I intended. got some cool pics while heading out to one of the bigger dunes in the distance. dunes look cool even when viewing from a distance

1 month ago

Great little secluded trail to hike for the day. Literally no one else on the trail. No views on portions of the trail but great relaxing hike to take with some friends.

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