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Amazing trail.

This is such an amazing hike. You start off with a steep hike upwards(not too strenuous) and then you get up to the shoreline trail, which wraps around the mountain, and gives an amazing view of SLC.

10 days ago

Quick loop with about 1500ft of vertical of climbing. Currently the trail is 90% dry. Little mud towards the top.

11 days ago

Even though it says only 203 feet elevation gain, I felt it! :) I don't prefer to walk on this trail because of the fact that it's paved. I guess there is a grassy/dirt/forest trail on the other side of the creek which I will try next time. There are also a few waterfalls along the creek which are nice to see!

11 days ago

Steep and quick. Nice little workout in under and hour. Decent payoff for the amount of work

Solid workout, great views!

Had a blast !! Great trail! Sunny day!

I pulled into the Tanner Park lot right as a woman discovered her car window had been smashed and a backpack taken. It was a stark reminder that this place is in the middle of the city. I was nervous to leave my car there, but I made sure it was obvious I didn't have anything of value in it and took to the trail.

Despite that dubious introduction, I love this park. There are several trail options so you can decide whether you want long or short, paved or dirt, shaded or exposed. It is close to I-80, so there is constant road noise. There are also many, many unleashed dogs. I was greeted by several, so if you don't like dogs, maybe steer clear. Despite the amount of dogs I encountered, I didn't notice many piles of excrement left on or near the trails, so most people do their duty. There are signs of homeless living, but again, it is a park in the middle of the city, so what can you expect?

Great hike, you can reach the top within an hour or so and hop back down. Trail was dry.

road biking
23 days ago

Outside the busy city traffic of Salt Lake you can bike from downtown SLC thru Memory Grove up to City Creek Canyon where you can escape. A fairly significant climb. Road surface needs repair.

Nice easy hike. Mostly uphill obviously. if you head East and get bored 2 hrs in like me you can just shortcut back down the side of the mountain, if you're at least 1/4 mountain goat.

The trail was very quiet on my visit 3-25. Only saw four other folks the whole way. This first half of the trail was really muddy. The last stretch to the top of the ridge is a real leg burner. Still a couple feet of snow on the steep portion made things more diffiult. I managed to make it without micro spikes without much difficulty.

Very pleasant hike! The slope is pretty gentle all the way to Elehpant Rock. There was quite a bit of fresh now on the ground on 3-18 but the trail was easy without the need for microspikes.

I snowshoe and hike this trail all year long...it’s usually pretty crowded and sometimes tough for mountain bikes to squeeze past the hikers. That said, I love the location, the ease of parking and getting right on the trail and the scenery. Elephant Rock isn’t the best reward after a long hike but it’s a great workout.

It was absolutely beautiful! There’s quite a drop off at the beginning but super worth it to see the stream. My pups loved every bit of it!

Really glad I made the extra effort and went to the end. Snow was pretty deep and would fall through about every 5th step. Last 1/2 mile is steep also. Views on return actually rival the top in my opinion.

Great winter walk. We started out with snowshoes and after several yards we decided the trail was packed well enough to go without.

So beautiful in the snow!

This is a hidden gem! There’s a lot swing about a mile up the trail, and a couple decent waterfalls as well. The trail is definitely moderate, you get your blood pumping but nothing too hard.

Great hike with amazing views of the Valley. Great workout and worth making it all the way to the top.

2 months ago

Love this hike. It's very rewarding, steep and strenuous. Great workout! There was hardly any snow last week amd we didn't use spikes.

2 months ago

The headlamp hike to Jacks Mt last weekend was good. I love the tributes at the summit. Heart warming stuff. I decided to proceed to the to the ridge line behind to the east. WORST MILE EVER. I ran out of deer trails altogether and found out that rocks are hard and shins are softer. My own mistake. Socked in at the top so no payoff. I'll turn around after summiting Jacks next time.

2 months ago

Not exactly a hiking trail, but it’s a very nice area to walk around with your dog

2 months ago

pretty decent hike to make you lose your breath and keep you winded, but in the end it's an amazing hike.

Very little snow on the trail right now. Muddy in some spots. Fun little hike!

great trail, but icy towards the end so need shoe spikes. when you are about 0.5 miles in the trail seems to disappear, you just need to continue over the jagged rocks and the trail picks back up. dog loved the trail.

2 months ago

lots of great trails to follow

3 months ago

I have been hiking here for 3 years now. It's pretty easy to get to from the intersection of 11th Ave and B street. The hike is basically of 2 portions. The first one is a little over 3 miles and ends at the water treatment plant. The road is wide and the trek is not very steep at all. The second portion is about 2.5 miles and it starts at the water treatment plant. It's covered in snow during winter. The road is narrower and some steep drop offs on the right while going up. Some portions are a little steep but very manageable. The third portion of this hike is a dirt road which starts when you reach the end of the 5.5 mile hike.There are signs to be aware of cougars and bears. I have done this only once and I must say it's a little spooky. The stream runs right next to the dirt road and there is hardly anyone on this road. I must have walked about 3 miles and turned back but you can go further.

The constant noise from the freeway kind of ruins the hike, and there was dog poop EVERYWHERE. It smelled terrible in places and you had to watch where you stepped.

Decent place to walk a dog or take in views of Bountiful McMansions. The destination is a medium sized boulder with a view of the oil refinery. Also busy. Mountain bikers year round.

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