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Hiked mid-September. Awesome HIKE, spectacular views of the mountains. No bugs this time. You do gain some elevation, but the views are well worth it. VERY popular hike, so don't expect to have the trail to yourself, even Mid-week. There were 20+ cars at the trailhead when we arrived at 10am. Remember to fill out a free hiking pass at the trailhead; turn in part of it & keep part of it on you when doing this hike. Enjoy!

Crazy 360 views of distant mountains, lava rocks, and forest. Observatory made of lava rock and the trails are short and easy walk.

Nice, friendly trail. No bugs today.

Great hike. There are certain steep bits but overall it isn’t too bad. The end of the hike marked on the map is nice, but if you want great views continue along the unmaintained trail along the ridge. There’s spectacular views of broken top and no name lake at broken foot an additional 1.5-2 miles further.

7 days ago

Amazing Overnight stay.

left pre-dawn, complete down pour of rain!! Rain turned to snow just before Summerland shelter. Within the next 1/2 mile, trail turned into its own waterfall (water mixed with slush). turned around shy of Pan Handle, wet/slushy/freezing rocks way to slick (I was running). Beautiful day!! Snow mixed with fall color and hazy skies, awesome!!!

Has all the different types of terrain to see in the area; forest, swamp, desert with lava rock, ect. Absolutely beautiful!

8 days ago

Great trail! I took my dog with me and she loved it! The best part was the part leading up to the creek. Its so beautiful out there! I will definitely be returning.

8 days ago

Nice, easy hike (and that’s coming from someone in not the greatest shape). We went the middle of September, and it was just a delight! Definitely recommend it for an off the regular path kind of hike!

10 days ago

Beautiful views, strenuous hike which is worth every step.

13 days ago

The trail reopened recently after the Milli Fire in 2017, so we took the opportunity to hike it on Thursday. The trail itself was very defined, but a large portion of the forest is completely burned. Although an interesting sight to see, I was definitely more on edge worrying about snags falling..so I was eager to get past the fire damage. Unfortunately, it was hazy the day we went, so our views were very limited at the summit, but on a clear day this hike would be absolutely beautiful. There is something so cool about walking through the burned sections and seeing the wildflowers and nature growing back. We only passed one other person the entire hike. Make sure to bring sunscreen, as the tree cover is now gone. I had never hiked this trail before the fire, so I have nothing to compare it to.. but I think it is still worth doing now after the damage.

there are so many amazing views and photo opportunity on this trail. Be prepared for a climb, but this is a well marked and we'll worth it hike. Just breath taking.

13 days ago

Great trail , really easy beautiful area
Lots of trout in the creeks

16 days ago

Nice hike with beautiful views. We were afraid the smoke would ruin the views but we lucked out. Only drawback are the tons of yellow jackets. I am allergic so I’m probably more aware then others but they were at the trailhead, on the trail and at the top

16 days ago

this was such a fun trail dispite the fact that the opal pools were not quite as impressive as I was lead to believe. still very pretty. nice easy trail. the kids gave up about mile 4 though so unless you got some energetic kids with some hiking enthusiasm I wouldn't recommend it. jawbone flats is pretty cool I had no idea that was there. the path is mostly gravel road except for 1.3 miles that is good trail type trail. lots and lots of huckleberries this time of year.

17 days ago

Great trail
It was a smoky day
Can’t wait to go back on a clear days
Lots of scenic mtn views

Pretty easy hike, took about 2 hours total. Moderate elevation the whole way. Unremarkable forested scenery on way up, but pretty spectacular panoramic views at the top, but a bit smoky today (9/5), so giving it 4 stars for now. Enjoy!

Ive never been on the PCT but was surprised how many people I came across. I only did about 3.5 miles out instead of the 5.5 but I ran into at least 30 people (all backpackers). Beautiful views and the trail is easy to follow. The road is ROUGH. The rocks don’t look bad as you approach them but you definitely get knocked around. Do not attempt in a sedan... at all. I have a Jeep and that was perfect.

Great day. I agree that it is an 8 mile hike. That is what my phone recorded as well. The climb the last few miles is a good workout and the trail is fairly rocky with scree in some places. Views are spectacular. Bring lots of water. I brought my dog. Only a few very friendly folks on the trail today. Trailhead is super easy to find.

We did this hike on September 1 and the trail was open, albeit with a warning that snags could fall on your head. The bottom 75% of the trail is completely burned to charcoal and the trail, although obvious, is very dusty/ashy. Upside: It's marvelous seeing how small plants are already hard at work re-colonizing the ashes. Downside: The dirt is very fine and gets kicked up into a lingering cloud when hiking in a group. If you are sensitive to particulate matter you might want to bring a scarf or mask at least until the winter rains have gotten a chance to damp down the dust. However the view at the top is worth it if you can stand the slog! Clear views of Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Three-Fingered Jack, Mt. Hood, the Sisters, Broken Top, Little and Big Belknap craters, and some amazing lava flows. Great places to eat lunch with the views at the top.
We're a moderately in-shape group of mixed ages and it took us 4.5 hours round trip included multiple geology nerd breaks and lunch.

Found a hidden gem along this trail. Almost died. It was epic.

Beautiful opal waters

This is not a moderate hike...it is completely uphill the entire way with solid elevation gain. It has great views but don’t bother going on a cloudy or semi cloudy day-you can’t see anything. The trailhead is located at Dutchman snow park by the way-we drove by it!

Great views of Three Finger Jack and Mt Jefferson. Nice trail, narrow though and lots of Mt Bikers. Great old growth forests. No water except near south trailhead. Used this trail to connect to the Old Cascade Crest loop trail.

Outstanding views from the summit

Would like to hike this whole trail. It’s a serine lake with a variety of vegetation. Peaceful and enjoyable.

1 month ago

Awesome hike ! Wish somebody would have said it was 6 miles of driving on gravel road because we popped a tire on the way down ... oof ... but other than that it was a really cool hike ! The natural water slide at the end was so cool. Maybe if they could put up more signs pointing to where to go to that would be helpful because we got a little confused.

This is a beautiful hike, the kind you take out-of-town friends on. You have a well maintained trail that starts off in old growth forest that transitions to subalpine meadows and then to a glacial moraine. All of that in 6 miles (one way) and 3k elevation gain.

I stayed on the marked trail for Shevlin loop. Occasional peak a boo views of the river below. Not much shade. Next time I will drop down and walk along Tumalo river. More shade and cooler along the river.

1 month ago

So did this hike with co-workers. The app says it's an easy hike. it is not! More like moderate is how I would describe it. Over a gravel road and up and down spots. But that being said it is beautiful!!! All the little trails you can go off to see the waterfalls and the most beautiful pools of water ever!! Jawbone Flats is so cool!!! Here's the moderate part of the hike.... the 1.3 mls from Jawbone is a very narrow rocky and better watch out for the tree roots trail. But I am telling you the end results is totally worth it!! I would do it again!!!

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