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8 hours ago

awesome hike some downed trees due to storm and higher river water but it is ok to cross in order to continue to the trail up to the waterfall where we were able to jump off a few times and swim under the sun. just beautiful . easy even with dogs and an 8 year old.

Must do!! One of my fav hikes in Chattanooga, beautiful sights and challenging routes. Also connects to waterfall and other trails for longer hike.

6 days ago

Excellent raw trail. Lots of interest. My wife and I took took this on in late afternoon. Lots of rain over the days before had Rock Creek flowing fast and high, turning the rock hopping jaunts into thigh-deep wading. Nevermind that. The reward at the in end was well worth it. The reward at the out end a downhill grade. Note: Lots of slick mud on the trail.
Also this is not a hard hike, but it did not seem particularly kid-friendly to us.

Great little hike with a beautiful waterfall as payoff. There are a few really muddy spots on the trail so make sure you have the correct shoes.

Hiked this trail 7/28/18 Signal Park has short walk down to awesome overlook. The trail from there to swinging bridge at Rainbow Lake had some trees down, but pretty easy to go under, over, or around. Rocky trail also. The trail from swinging bridge only had one small tree down. Overlooks are nice. First big overlook is not Edwards point, its maybe 50 yards past that one. Beautiful views.

19 days ago

This is a beautiful hike to a waterfall.

19 days ago

Very nice falls. The hike is short but there are plenty of other trails to hit while you’re there. We did a nice 7.2 mile loop. Go early to avoid the crowd.

I've hiked this Trail many times. It's beautiful and offers a bit of a challenge but not too strenuous. From the Ohio Avenue parking lot to the Edwards Point Lookout is 2 miles exactly on my GPS. Not sure why it says 8.4 miles on the alltrails app. But overall it's one of my favorite trails to hike.

23 days ago

The hike to Laurel Falls was well worth crossing the river where the bridge is out. They are currently working on it. With all the rain we have received during this season, the amount of water that is falling is incredible. Like other reviews I have read, I was super glad that I wore hiking pants. You have to climb over a few trees and the bugs and poison ivy is bad this time of year. I doused myself in bug spray before heading out. Laurel Falls trail is clearly marked although Snow falls trail gets really tricky in several spots. I finally arrived to a trail marker with an arrow pointing up and then there is no clear path of which way to go after that. So I never made it to see Snow falls. The hiking trail itself and the beauty you see along the river and the bridge across was worth the attempt to find it though. I will definitely return for more beautiful hikes. I can’t wait to get pics of laurel falls in each season.

24 days ago

Beautiful forest setting!

This map actually begins at the Rainbow Lake Wilderness Trail head on Ohio Avenue. Edwards Point is 2.1 miles from here and is located on the map at the point or where the trail turns sharply up. Not exactly sure where this trail map ends, but heads towards Mushroom Rock (5 miles from Rainbow trailhead) and Suck Creek Rd., Trail head (8.4 Miles from Rainbow trailhead). Starting at Signal Point would add a little over a mile to the hikes.

Great way to stretch the legs and plenty to see.

Easy hike. Great swimming holes!

Loved this trail but this map isn’t right about halfway on this map is Edwards point

had time for about half, fairly easy up hill, ran water off the trail pretty well considering the rain at the time. convenient to do along with other activities.

This is a hidden gem - magnificent waterfall and a pristine crystal clear mountain top lake with a sand bottom beach

Great hike! Only thing I would change if I could do it over is wear pants... lots of poison ivy this time of year! I covered myself in bug spray but my boyfriend had a few ticks on him

Enjoyed the trail!! Great for kids and dogs!! Def one my fav and go to!

i just did it and we got pored on, but it was fun. its great for people who are starting climbing and trail-running.

1 month ago

Beautiful waterfall. $3 fee per car for parking. It’s 1.5 mi out to the waterfall, and then 1.5 mi back. There are multiple other trails if you want to continue exploring. Most of the trail is sand, but there are some muddy parts and a large stone staircase at the end, so tread carefully. Great day hike! Also, make sure to stop off at the scenic overlooks up and down Oswald Rd on your way in/out of the park.

Beautiful falls well worth the easy hike in. Little work hiking back out (steps up from Falls) but was easy enough for someone with little physical ability to do. Can’t mtn bike the steps down into the Falls area but can bike 99% of the rest of the trail. I too packed out some trash. Too much litter. Highly recommended because of the Falls.

Moderate hike average hikers and children can complete. Be careful to stay on the correct path, there are several forks to other trails. There is a dam and small swimming hole at the bottom with campsites.

If you enjoy rock/mountain climbing and don't mind a workout this trail is great. The view is well worth the hike! In summer there are wildflowers and even raspberry brambles along the path. Beware when it rains some parts become muddy and slick.

1 month ago

Nice falls and easy trail. I was there early so the traffic was all but none. Days of rain made the falls something to see but the trail also had a lot of water because of it.

Easy hike, too many people for my taste. The falls are interesting almost look man made. nice looks to swim in at the bottom. My dog loved it.

1 month ago

Pretty falls, easy trail. Good for an outing close by.

1 month ago

Pretty nice little trail. Nothing too spectacular. Most of it is sandy. A good place for families but not a ton of room near the falls. I'd go on a weekday if you can. Lots of trash.... please don't litter!!! And pack out trash you might find. I brought out a couple of water bottles.

2 months ago

LOVE THIS HIKE!! Super beautiful & love that you have to walk through water. Cools you off. Super peaceful & just simply amazing!

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