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wide range of things to see. so much fun and by far one of my favorite hikes I've done. I did the glacier and back down the other side so it was a bit longer but absolutely incredible.

It’s where I had a close encounter with a black bear. Awesome!

Catching up on some reviews, so note that I did this in early September. I know many people start around 2am to get to the summit at sunrise, but I just wasn't done for that this go around. Started the trail around 7am and got back to the car around 2pm. Lots of people going both directions. The log at the top was already filled with 200 names, just from that day!! Saw a mother moose and her two babies, as well as a mountain goat. Beautifil wildflowers filled the fields. Great time with some good friends--would definitely recommend doing this one.

Attempted a climb just yesterday and the trail was pretty accessable. there were places where spikes were very useful. On the approach to the final climb snow shoes are required. My buddy brought his but I didn't so we ended up having to turn back. Another hiker on their way down said that he got to the base of the final climb but there was steep ice covered by snow that just slid away so we had to turn back. Those looking to summit this time of year need spikes, snow shoes, and actual crampons / ice axes.

The terrain on this hike was so interesting. The limestone made interesting landforms. There were also some springs coming out of the mountain.

I loved this trail up to the saddle. I must have done it on the busiest weekend of the year so it was a little treacherous actually summiting due to mostly a lot of boys jostling, and the summit itself was very chaotic with lots of people on it. But the part up to that was pretty mellow and had such spectacular views of the wasatch and was lush with flowers. When I do this again, I’ll just go up the the big meadow on the timpooneke side or the emerald lake, once on the summit was enough for me.

I hike this every summer. Top 10 most scenic trails in Utah.

Great view of the city and neighboring mountains. Route from Pioneer Park is very icy with 6-8” snow in parts. Microspikes/crampons helpful.

Only went up to Lone Rock but the view was great there. Just so AllTrails users know, the road is closed for the season about a mile and a half before the trail head, so bear that in mind. Also the trail was quite muddy and slick towards the beginning of the ascent.

Did this Trail in October. The views are incredible. Each section offers more and more just insanely gorgeous scenery. This hike is steep and long. Be prepared.

Exposed and steep. Pretty icy this time of year. But very nice work out hike.... my dog loves it

No snowshoes needed today, but slushy and slippery. Micro spikes used after 9200 feel.

11/12/17. Extremely difficult. I’d say it’s closer to 14 miles round trip. Look for the stacked rocks to follow the trail plan on making a day out of this 10 -14 hours.

I give this only 3 stars based on several factors. For solitude it rates a five. For being well-maintained I give it a one point five. It is very difficult to follow in the Big Willow forested area. Once out of the forest the bushes have nearly overtaken many portions of the trail. I call it trail- oriented bushwhacking. The views are a four if you make it into the Big Willow drainage. I have been up this trail 25 times + and it is still often difficult to stay on it. Someone has put red metal markers on key trees and those help. If there is a ton of snow, be careful - getting lost will be easy.

Very steep with some Icy parts glad we had our micro spikes. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

4 months ago

Hiked 10.21.17 - Loved this trail! Get to pass lakes Mary, Martha and Catherine and end up at the peak where you can see all 3 lakes together. This is one of my favorite hikes I’ve done in the area. Beautiful views!

The trail is easy to follow. There was some snow when I hiked a couple weeks ago, but it was completely doable. It took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to the top.

on Naomi Peak Trail

4 months ago

The trail for Naomi Peak and White Pine Lake is the same leaving the Tony Grove parking lot, but pretty soon they branch. A little further there is another chance to peel off to White Pine Lake, and after that it is on to Naomi Peak. This is a fairly steady uphill, with one dip along the way, and as others have pointed out, there is no shade along the way, as the trees are sparse. The trail is very easy to follow and there were no parts that were tricky or required special skills, except one icy patch that wouldn't be there earlier in the season. The views towards the top are fantastic. This late in the year, there were a few significant patches of snow here and there, but this only impacted the trail in a couple places. The road up to Tony Grove is paved the whole way.

I did this yesterday and it kicked my butt. I hike every other day and struggled to do this!! also, directions are wrong here and take you too a closed road. i hiked from a parking lot many miles away. very steep and easy to lose the path at the end. bring water and company.

This trail isn’t bad but its more of a warm up hike for another hike , its a good trail until you get to the wooden bridge, then its a steep climb for 200 yards or so then the trail sorta ends

Great Trail! Beautiful all year long, and never ceases to leave you winded on the uphill!!
One thing to note, the trail head is no longer at the base of Berghalde Ln. It has been developed, and Berghadle Ln no longer exists. You must park and the bottom of Canyon Winds Lane and walk up the road in order to access the trail head.

We do this hike every year. Jacobs is always hard (up and down). Minimal snow on the top. There is some ice, but going to summit is not a problem.

Great hike! Beautiful weather. Did hike 25 October. Some small icy spots lower down but not problematic. 2nd time up, much better experience than the first! Will do again.

Lovely sunny day. Minimally icy. Summited in 3:35 without pushing too hard.
Route finding up on to the saddle a mile before summit a bit tricky.

5 months ago


5 months ago

The trail had 4-6 inches of new snow early this morning and had the trail to ourselves except for bird and deer.

it was actually pretty darn easy. I summited in under 4 hours while going at a slow pace. The neighbor to the north Box Elder peak is by far a harder hike.

Difficult yet rewarding hike. Best to do this hike in September or October when the temperatures decline. Bring plenty water and your camera!

Beautiful hike! My husband and I did this hike on October 9th and the fall colors were amazing! We didn't summit because of time constraints, but we made it 5 mi in and 3100 ft up in about 2.5 hours. There was snow and ice on parts of the trail, which was a little nerve wracking because we didn't have crampons and if we had slipped, we could have fallen down a steep slope. We heard from other hikers that the trail is very icy where it splits to the summit. I would definitely recommend crampons. We met Ben on the trail. Super cool guy and he helped us through some of the icy bits.

Made the summit just after sunrise today with help of crampons and ice axe. Others who came later behind me didn't use such gear, though a few had some on hand.
Finding the trail at night was tough, but the full moon was a great help in saving batteries on the simpler paths. A tiring but absolutely excellent experience!

Very challenging but worth it! We did this Oct 7th and made it to the top. There was snow on the ridge line but it was doable!

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