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Finally heathy enough to try this. It bugged me every time I drove up I-90 and saw it sitting up there. Did it last Saturday on a nice cool, but cloudy day. Got a glimpse of Chester Morse as clouds lifted for a minute. Loved the fact it was not crowded. Only saw about 10 people all day. I was slow up and down, including a clumsy stumble. Just a flesh wound, so nothing other than some scrapes and pride. Funny, my first thought was “did anyone see that” knowing full well no one was around.

Trail is not as well travelled as Mt Si despite their similar statistics. It has some more rocky spots, hence the stumble.

I’m not much of a repeat hiker, too many places to hike, but would like to do this again on a clear day.

Great cool weather today for our first "hard" rated training hike. The trail is a bit hard to find in a couple of spots, but there are signs at most of the decision points. Be prepared for lots of rocks and overgrown berry bushes flanking long sections of the trail. Minimal bugs and great opportunity for views if skies are clear. Light traffic made this an enjoyable hike.

Trail well maintained, nice view on the top, lots of berries , no bugs

this is a great out and back with several options to head off on various trails. it's lightly traveled and the trail is in great shape. amazing views in every direction

trail is ok, but the lookout it very underwhelming, not worth the climb

Wonderful view today. Perfect conditions! If you have not done this one yet, put this one on your to-do list!

Trail was well maintained and much less traveled than the other nearby hikes. The views of North Bend, Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier at the top were well worth the 3200' elevation gain.

1 month ago

In the beginning, it was flat. But then, you hit the John Wayne trail, and it's all uphill from there. There are certain parts where it feels like you are scaling the mountain. The trail is about a foot wide until you reach a fire road, where the width switches from super wide to about a foot. The path is very over grown, as it felt like sometimes we were making our own trail. Granted, we never encountered anyone else on the trail either. The hike took very experienced cross country runners 4 hours; and honestly it wasn't totally worth it. Yes, it is very pretty, but it is so difficult that the payout was not all that rewarding. Also, the trail is about 6.7 miles, not 5.9 (just warning). Very sketchy and not likely to do again.

Trail was in pretty good condition. A lot of friendly people on the trail. Got to the top around noon and the views started opening up once the clouds started cooking off.

Hiked this a couple weeks ago. Rainy and foggy day, so missed the views at the top. Pretty steady incline the whole way up. Let me know how out of shape I've gotten. Hardly any other people on the trail and my dog did great on it. Definitely will be back on a nicer day.

I would not rate this as moderate. Going up the nook trail was doable but the section line trail was definitely difficult for me. View at the top not worth the effort going up this way in my opinion. Next time..if there is a next time I would do West Tiger 3 going up and down.

on Mount Washington Trail

2 months ago

Great training hike. Sadly no view when we were there. The trail is completely snow-free except for one tiny patch about a mile from the top.

2 months ago

Well I wish I had picked a better day to hike this. While I enjoyed the hike to the top (mostly shaded and through a wonderful forest with steady elevation gain) unfortunately it was raining pretty much the entire way up and so we didn’t get too much of a view on the top. Also too many pebbles on the way down. But it’s a great hike if you want to get away from the crowd.

There are some incredible views at the top that make the climb worth it. However, I’m not sure why this is rated as moderate. We went out thinking we would get some nice switchbacks, but this is pretty much straight uphill the entire way. It was a great hike but should be rated as hard.

on Zig Zag Trail

3 months ago

Good hike, pretty steep. Didn’t finish it this time so can’t speak of the view(s) on top. Soon as you get to the bridge, keep going straight UP.

Great trail! A bit intense for novice hikers or kids. There is still quite a bit of snow covering the last couple of miles. Water proof boots, and/or and extra pair of wool socks is definitely recommend. No need for snow shoes or crampons. I always have my microspikes in my pack, and used them on the descent. There are several view points nearing the summit. Be sure to stop and see them all! You’ll be glad you did.

4/23/2018 (Monday) -- Move up by TMT and K3 for 2.6 miles, costing nearly 2 hours, then lunch on West Tiger RR, and down by West Tiger 3, Talus Rock, Nook. The parking lot and the road have been newly paved in pleasant condition.

Couldn't find a parking area that looked legit. Otherwise, nice trail.

4 months ago

Still enough snow that I was glad to have sturdy waterproof boots, but other than that I didn't need any special gear. Some areas are slippery where the snow has been packed down and started to ice over.

Good hike. Great view of Mt. Rainier!

Hiked this on Saturday, March 17th 2018.

Started on Nook, continued up an unmaintained trail towards the summit of West Tiger 3, (2,522ft) went down Cable Line and circled back to the parking lot. Up and down in under 3hrs.

Conditions were perfect. no snow or ice. Bring layers! Our hands very quickly started stinging from the cold at the top. Hardly any views. its mainly a hike through the trees.

Arrive early if you can. we started before sunrise and by the time we got down, the parking lot and the side of the road were lined with cars.

Discover Pass required.

the trail was easy to find with the picture of the gate already posted. The issue was there was no markings to follow. One trail followed along the stream and ended, the other trail went up to the bridge that didnt have any signs for zig zag. We went left and walked accross the bridge and say multiple rock climbers but the trail was a road. Some cool views but without the signs we didn't do the intended hike.

We did on St Patrick’s Day and loved it. It was challenging but enjoyable. Definitely want to bring poles and microspikes. Snowshoes not needed. Hit snow at 1.5 miles all the way to too. Great winter hike with not a lot of people. Probably better in winter as you get more views and less overgrowth on trail. Slower going in the snow. Took us about 2 hrs 45 minutes to the top. Trailhead can be a little tough to find. From parking lot climb up to logging road and stay right. Go further and then stay right at the next junction with the John Wayne Pioneer Trail/Iron Horse Trail Look. Go about 150 yards on left and look for cairn on the road and trees carved with Mt WA.

I gave this hike two stars but thats my opinion and others will see this hike differently. I value a tough hike with awesome views, this was neither. We did this hike at a one way through hike and that was enjoyable. This was a hike that I had wanted to do and I am glad I did it but I would never do it again. I did it with a good group of people otherwise I might consider this a wasted day. The hike starts at Snoqualmie Point and crosses roads, goes through an older area that was logged but not growing again. The trail is wide and feels like your on the freeway rather then a scenic back road with warmth. Stan's and Grand Prospect offered no views but I have seen them before and had little to do with my opinion of the hike. At this point we put on spikes at Grand Prospect for ease of travel even though you could have passed without them. Just after this we encountered the detour and clear cut. I know that these logging operations often are the reason that the trails and roads are accessible as they are revenue generating but I think they could be more responsible with how they make things appear and look. There is a section of blow downs that made a great obstacle course for us, but if they are going to cut right to the edge dont they have some accountability being they didnt leave any buffer? We continued up and reach the summit and then it was a pretty fast hike down back to the cars.

This is a great beginner hike or for someone that is looking for a change of pace from an out and back hike but for any hikers that seek a challenge when hiking, find another hike to so as there are many more waiting. Grand Prospect and back is decent as is Rattlesnake Ledge and back. The clear cut really bumped a solid one to two stars off the hike.

Trail in a good condition as long as you have hiking boots (slippery). No obstacles, no snow. Steady elevation through West Tiger Trail, pretty comfortable. Went down through Section Line Connector - this trail is unmaintained, nothing crazy, just steep. Going up this way may be challenging, need to try next time..

Very nice trail with lots of snow as you get close to the top

The trail itself was very well maintained. It was a nice quiet forest setting most of the way. The final viewpoint was pretty, but kind of anticlimactic. I kept walking, assuming it got better, but the trail ended at some clear-cutting and a washed out trail blocked by fallen trees. No snow, except for some packed slush at the viewpoint.

7 months ago

This trail was not clearly marked so we walked around the parking lot a little to find where it started. If you head out of the parking lot, across the main street and head to the east a little (just a few east of the creek/river) you'll see a yellow gate. That's the start of the trail. The first fork, we went left (up the stairs) and made our way up to the bridge. We didn't realize that you essentially do a U turn to the right and up and we walked along the bridges for awhile instead. We saw the trail going up when we were heading back down. Someone had carved some bark out of a tree to try to mark the trail but unless you're looking for it, it's not really noticeable. Beyond that, we didn't go up as it was already late. I will have to try this again another day.

Veterans Day hike with Mrs. W. Hiked up Nook Trail to summit West Tiger Peaks 3-2-1-2-3 and back down West Tiger 3 Trail. Mrs. W wasn't told she would be hiking all three peaks ... she wasn't happy.
I told her she would thank me later.... I don't think she will.

Beautiful hike on a rainy day. Hike up Nook Trail is unmaintained it had a lot of down trees on trail. It is also steep and the trail is not clearly marked to follow... basically a scramble to the top. Not very good views unless you go to peak #1. Next to peak #1 is a cool little hut for hikers we had a little snack and got out of the rain for a little bit. Hike down West Tiger 3 Trail was a little longer but not as steep.

Post hike: Free Veterans Day meal and a long soak in the hot tub followed by a glass of whiskey.

9 months ago

Lots of snow, branches were falling down. Be careful. Hike was great!

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