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I can't wait to go back with the family when the snow melts. Nice, well marked trail. Mid April is not the time to hike this trail as the main trail is the snow run off route. Many times the trail was under 6"+ of water.

Broke trail after 4-5 inches of fresh powder. Beautiful day with everything coated in white. Trekked up the brook trail and brewed some coffee at the pond using mountain snow as the water. Pressed on to the peak to face 30-40mph gusts. Amazing. Tried to come down the loop trail but the chimney was frozen in so we backtracked and came down the brook trail. A+ day with good people.

Tried to go up through the Liberty/Brook trails in early April, the 3 mile dirt path to the start was completely snowed in and couldn't get the car through. I recommend taking the Champney Fall Trailhead route from the North, parking is right off the highway—its not marked for Mt. Chocorua at the start, but about 2 miles into the hike you will start to see signs pointing towards. Near the summit you intersect with with Liberty/Brook trails. About 7.5 miles there and back using this route. Really beautiful moderate hike and nice scenery during the drive. A little icy at the top, spikes wouldn't be a bad idea.

Super pretty summit! Amazing views all around. There was still lots of snow on the ground (early April). The orange trail was pretty packed down- we didn't need micro-spikes or snowshoes. There were a couple of steep spots and mini stream crossings. The trail was easy to find and follow.

Really fun trail, great summit views, and not many people compared to comparable trails elsewhere in the Whites. Really underrated hike.

Solo single-day winter traverse

1 month ago

A short but rigorous hike; pretty steep most of the way up. The trail isn’t well marked but the views are gorgeous. Once you hit the viewpoint with the Bald Knob sign you can turn around (there’s nothing past there closer to the actual summit) and it only takes about a mile to get to that point. I will probably hike this again but will do so via the Bald Knob cutoff trail that’s at the actual trail parking lot.

LOVE this moderate hike, have done it many times with my kids as they grew. Endless granite ledges at the top carpeted with blueberry bushes. The locals come up here with blueberry rakes in mid-August. Views are staggering. I have seldom found so great a payoff and never with such an easy climb. My all-time favorite hike.

2 months ago

Beast of a trail for backpacking, much more suited for ultralight backpacking or slack packing. Made it halfway to through but forced down after submitting Washington due to weather. Will definitely be going back to complete the rest of the traverse.

Planned to do this hike today--started at Crawford notch and sumitted Jackson first, the trail was fairly well packed and we didn't need any crampons or snowshoes. Planned to go over to Pierce, however the trail wasn't broken yet and even with snowshoes on we were up to our waist--same with heading to Webster. It was a beautiful day however and the Gray Jays were out, Mt. Washington was clearly visible and decked out in snow. Tough climb straight up, but going down was fun--sliding on the snow on our butts makes for quick descent time! My pup came along too and she did great, the snow was soft and had no ice so her paws didn't crack at all and she was warm enough with just a wool sweater and waterproof top coat.

hiked this trail in early august and it kicked my butt!! it was a tough hike and we got a bit lost along the way, but the rattlesnake pool was an amazing way to cool off and it was a great workout. also - BRING BUG SPRAY! we practically got eaten alive on this hike!

Cool hike , completed the trip to the peak and down to the DC 3 Wreck. trail was in great shape with many photo ops at the AC site and the Peak.

nice hike, one of my favorites. great viewsa

Very well marked. Great hike. Lots of rock /boulder climbing. The pup enjoyed it. Had to lift her up at only one spot (French bulldog). Was icy and slippery with the dusting of snow on it.

5 months ago

The road to the trailhead was washed out in parts. Much of the road is covered in large river stones so big that driving on it was like off roaring. You can make it in a truck with high clearance but be prepared to rock and roll.

The trail was very gentle at first. It follows many small streams and crosses a few larger streams. Pick your footwear appropriately.

The view above the tree line is gorgeous.

5 months ago

Beautiful views at the top. Trail near the top not marked well and required a scramble up steep granite. Steep hike overall and rocky and challenging for newbies like myself, but doable.

Good solid hike. Reinforcing what others have said : supportive boots make your life nicer, as trails can be wet puddles and slick if it has rained the same week you're hiking it. Bit of a scramble to the summit. Nice views from the top. Would go up brook and down liberty if you're looking to loop it and save your knees. Brook trail going up is poorly marked when you hit the granite boulders!! We hiked with our friend's med size dog and she did well. Only at the rocky summit did she need a little boost here and there.

5 months ago

Mt Abram is a great hike perfect for moderate to advanced hikers. The views are excellent when you get near the peak and the rock formations for the last 1/4 mile are great. Highly recommend.

The trailhead is located on East Andover Street. There is a sand pit/clearing on the right side of the road about .2 miles from the East Andover Street intersection. Just before that clearing, about a hundred yards, is a trailhead marked by several boulders (this is the trail to take up next time). We arrived at about 8:00 a.m. and by the time we got our equipment ready, it was 8:15 a.m. or so before we began the hike. We took the trail up from within the sand pit/clearing. We lost the trail and ended up following a snowmobile trail. There was some apparent foot traffic going off to the right at about 1300 feet which we should have taken, but we did not. We ended up having to bushwhack through the woods by going off the snowmobile trail and eventually connected with the foot trail we passed earlier. We had our snowshoes but did not need them, despite the volume of snow. There are two “peaks,” and we came up the smaller one first, only to see that the taller one was off in the distance. By the time we reached the true “top” where the U.S.G.S. pin was, it was about 10:00 a.m. The skiable slopes were the SE, NE, and SW facing side of the mountain. The snow on the SE slope softens up quickly and was too soft by about 11:00 a.m. The other two slopes were good for the rest of the time we were up there. Probably good to let the NE slope soften while skiing the SE slope. The SE side is the steeper of the slopes, and is the shorter, as well; it is a blue or
borderline black slope; we skied this slope twice. The NE side is a green/blue, but is long and is fun because it requires some navigation through the trees, which hide more open and skiable slopes beyond them; we skied this slope once. The SW side is the side we hiked up to the top; it is a blue with a lot of trees, dips, and streams to navigate, but not steep at all. We were able to ski the entire footpath down to the roadway, because we followed the trail marked by the boulders; we might have been able to ski the trial we took up. We arrived at the boulders about a hundred yards from the car and had to turn right to get to the car. We were down the mountain and at the car by about 1:00 p.m.

Hiked with my pup; followed the advice to take Sandwich up and Drake's down. That was definitely the right way to go. The first 1.5m on the Sandwich trail are a steady ascent with some steep parts but no rock scrambles. After that, you walk on a magical mountain pass; many level parts with minor ascents. Don't miss Jenning's Peak. The summit of Sandwich is very understated. Drake's is a lovely walk down the mountain. Once the trail meets the brook, it levels out and widens, too. Very nice on the knees :) Definitely recommend this loop. We loved it. I would say it's a moderate hike, not a hard one. However, I hiked it in dry conditions and that made it easier for sure.

5 months ago

It was the perfect fall day hike! An easy incline up with a terrain mix of gravel, leaves, stone stairs, and cairns. As everyone said, the 360 views at the top were amazing! So colorful and close to the wind turbines. No bathroom at the trailhead so plan accordingly in town.

Pro tip: “Take the yellow blazed trail up and the orange blazed trail down. Great mountain side views on the way up.” - the friendly greeters who maintain the trail

Great overall day and hike. Stayed on Craford up to Pierce. Wind was howling and cloud cover but felt pretty awsome. Took a break at the Mizpah. Pretty cool trek between Pierce and Jackson. Finally saw some grayjays on Jackson! Great views there. Onto Webster and cliffs. Wow the cliffs were crazy. The wind was intense looking off the long drop down. Nice waterfall and look off thev"bluge". Just so much to love about this hike

love this hike, try to do it weekly. not sure why its rated difficult or hard, is say moderate at best.

Went down this way from a mount Ellen to Abraham loop. This is very rough terrain on the way down. Would be tricky with a dog.

Great trail!!!

6 months ago

A well marked and maintained easy to modrrate trail based on your fitness level. We made it up (orange trail) and down in two hours. Lots of rough rock surface on the last 1/3 which is very to climb even when wet. The 360° view is a beauty!

6 months ago

We used this as a backpacking mileage test; full packs, and see how far you can get on mountain terrain in a day. Beautiful views, easy stepping ridge-line trails, and a way around the toughest peaks (the AT) in case the weather turns. There are shelters with water along the trail, but the weather is famously changeable and dangerous, and it's not easy getting off them after the weather turns-- the descent is often through a steep boulder field.

Plan your camp early, or at least don't plan to find a campsite at sundown. The sites which are out of the wind/weather are down steep and slick side trails, and it is often a long way to a flat area to pitch a tent. This is a beautiful place to hike, and also a place where one can end up soaked and exhausted in a tent which is tied to a tree so that it doesn't begin sliding down the mountain in the night.

These trails are some of the least popular when it comes to hiking Chocorua, probably because you have to drive 5 miles of dirt roads to get to them, vs other trails that are right off 16. They are definitely worth checking out though; not as long or even as rigorous as trails like Piper, plus there are brooks along many parts of both trails which sound lovely (though they make for a wet/muddy hike at times)

6 months ago

I chose this trail not because it was the toughest (though I do like a challenge), but because I had heard the views during the elevation gain were the best of the trails heading up to Mt Madison. This advice was spot on! The first mile are so was through lush forest and followed a stream with lovely waterfalls though the water level was low at this time. About a mile and a half in, the trail really begins to climb and soon enough the birch trees are left behind and you are surrounded by tall evergreens. The trail is named appropriately as it follows a ridge line with 4 false peaks called "The Hawks". At the first of 4, a partial view of the valley below opens up. Just a taste of what's to come. At the top of this first peak the trail levels off and is more open and much softer ground than the rocky, root strewn path previously followed. It gives the impression that things will get a bit easier going. Wrong! Soon enough you are balancing on multiple rocks, climbing over boulders, and tripping over roots and stumps. At the 2nd peak, the views are more broad (180 behind you) and you get a great view of Mt Madison and the ridge line still to be traversed. This is a great place to take a break and grab a snack. Soon after more decline, more incline, decline, incline and so on. Eventually you clear the treeline completely and can see the final ascent before you. There is no rest for the weary here. The incline is steep on, sometimes, wobbly rocks with a much less defined path. If you can locate the blue paint streaks on the rocks great, if not, multiple cairns mark the easiest path upward. Even so, the wife and I somehow missed the target slightly and ended up about a hundred or so yards right of the trail. We soon recalibrated and located the Osgood Trail for the final 400-500 foot ascent to the peak. NOTE: there is a rock formation above that appears to be the peak of Mt Madison. It is not. Once above this section, you have about another 100 foot incline over about 2/10's of a mile to the true peak. The views from the peak are phenomenal with 360 views of the rest of the Presidential Range to the South, Randolph and Berlin to the North and the Green Mountains to the west. Once you've taken in the views and truly realized the accomplishment of climbing Mt Madison you'll continue along the peak and then down a steep path to the Madison Hut to recharge your batteries with lunch you carried in or a hot lunch which can be purchased. There are multiple paths back down toward Rte 2. We chose Valley Way which was the most direct but was loaded with rocks and tree roots the entire way down which can be devastating to already tired knees and ankles. I would definitely recommend trekking poles for the descent. This probably was the most challenging hike we have done but also the most rewarding. Will definitely visit the White Mountains again

Always a great hike up this mountain, took a couple of noobs- they loved it - perfect day

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