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2 days ago

A little to steep for me. Came down this trail after going up Ledges trail. Then walked back to the car about 1.5 miles. It was a great day to hike.

Very nice hike! Took red trail up and yellow down-yellow needs more trail markers.

This hike is easy to get to, has no parking fee, and offers the opportunity to hike either a pretty hard trail, or one that is fairly moderate. Took Sandwich Trail on the way up and it was pretty rigorous. After the first viewpoint it starts to be a flatter walk in the woods. Went up to Jennings Peak which was really stunning; plenty of room there to sit and relax. Went to Sandwich after that which was less impressive. A good view for sure but it’s hidden by trees and there isn’t a lot of room. Went down Drakes Brook Trail which was a pretty easy descent. One of the toughest parts of the hike was probably the brook crossing on both trails. It required a little more maneuvering than I’d expected. All in all, great hike.

11 days ago

Took this trail up to the summit, steady and steep elevation the first mile but the view is absolutely worth it. The trail was wet and slippery in some of the more challenging places so we opted to come down via the Ledges trail and hiked about a mile and a half down the road back to the Bald Peak Trail parking lot. Would probably do this trail again after exploring all the other trails on the mountain.

I consider a good hike to have a view as a reward. “Eye candy’. Jennings peak was worthwhile as well as an outlook on the way up. After that we hiked to sandwich dome. Not much of a view there. We came down Drake. I would consider Drake to be a moderate hike. Going up the other way was moderate to hard.

14 days ago

Great trail, well blazed and maintained so it's easy to follow. You will have to park a bit before the trail head as it starts past some private property. Pass by the white farm house on the right, take a left onto Squirrel Bridge road over the little bridge, then continue following a few signs to the actual trail Actual distance ended up being closer to 7 miles. Most of the trail was pretty moderate, getting gradually steeper after the junction with the cutoff trail. Note that the last portion of the trail requires a good amount of climbing which makes it very difficult to do with a dog. I brought along my 11 pound dog so it was possible to hold and boost him along the way, but I can't imagine doing it with a much larger pup. I also would not recommend this trail in rain or high wind due to the climbing! The views on the last half mile are beautiful, definitely worth the scramble.

My wife and I hiked this loop with our dog and we found it tough but rewarding.

15 days ago

Did the orange trail up and back 9/9/18. What a fun hike, even after blueberry season. The exertion-to-payoff ratio is perfect: steady but not steep up, then flattening over ledges through the final one-third or so to a broad, open summit. Some recent re-routing of switchbacks, all well marked with cairns, signs, tape flags, blazes. Lots and lots of blueberry bushes. 5.2 miles total up and back, acc. to my GPS watch. Took us about 1hr 15 min up with a leashed but curious pup, a bit faster on descent. Wish I'd learned of this hike earlier... Perfect!

Great hike on a dry day. The last 1/4 would be hard to do if it was wet or winter. Will do this one again!

I took the Brook trail down from the lake after going up the Loop trail. This trail was a nice relief from the hard climb up Loop. The water at the lake was refreshing. Will definitely be going back soon.

Stunning, great work out and beautiful views!

Loved rattlesnake pool on down leg at end! Steady straight up climb.

Did the single day point-to-point with 2 staged cars. The weather and wind is no joke, even if all seems calm at the trailhead. Beautiful views, especially along Monticello’s lawn. Perfect time to do it, first weekend of August. Started at 5am.

Wonderful view at the summit was worth the hike. Definitely expect to get muddy if it has rained recently. We found this hike to be difficult to do with a leashed dog at one spot we had to pass him down some rocks and back up again, good thing he doesn’t weigh that much yet because he’s still young. Definitely bring a suitable vehicle to the trail head parking area, the logging road is quite rough. Would definitely do again to see the crash site now that we know how to get to it thanks to some fellow hikers.

Such an awesome hike with amazing 360 degree views at the top!

This is a high quality hike- it has a decent rate of ascension (to raise your heart and breathing rate) with a fair amount of slab granite and several challenging rock climbs. The ‘hard’ rating very much applies if it were wet. A wide open top makes for great summit viewing- plenty of space to enjoy without crowding other hikers. The crash site gives perspective how hard it would for rescuers to get to people in need of help.

23 days ago

Very fun hike, the first mile and a half suck and make you curse as it is a steep climb up. It eventually gets better and is worth the view from the summit, would recommend!

Beautiful hike, some rock scrambling on the last 1/4 part of the trail. Gorgeous pond right near the summit, bring your fishing poles! 360 views from summit are spectacular

Just completed a single day Presi Traverse with my brother in law. we are moderate hikers who do one bigger backpacking trip each August. we started at Appalachia trailhead @ 4:15am and took valley way up to Madison hut. At 6:15 we dropped our day packs and did the out and back to Mt Madison. we tagged Adams & Jefferson before stopping for lunch at Washington at about 11:15. we took a much needed 75 min lunch break and leg rest and we're back on the trail by 1230. we skipped Franklin but tagged Monroe, Eisenhower Pierce before finally exiting the forest at 5:50pm. great, but difficult day!

My wife and I (both in our 50s, in pretty good shape) went up Brook and down Liberty. Trails were a bit wet after rains. Glad we went in this direction because coming down Brook would have been exceptionally tough/dangerous in some spots. We found this hike to be much tougher in spots that South Moat Mountain and Mt. Kearsarge North. The top .5 miles on each trail and the scramble to the top have some very tricky parts, particularly when the granite is wet. Our round trip hike time was 6 hours and 10 minutes. Great view from the top, though South Moat Mountain and Kearsarge North (particularly with the fire tower) are nicer at the top to stop and eat. The top part of Brook is not very well marked. When you get to the first set of open granite faces, you have options to stay left or stay right - neither one seems obvious. Stay right at that point.

The view is worth the challenge. We'll maintained trail, thank you to the volunteers who were working so hard when we were there.

One of our favorite hikes we do every year at blueberry picking time. **Please note; Trial has been rerouted and new trail is still narrow in a few spots and not greatly marked near the tree line. Lots of blueberry picking going on. No bugs!

1 month ago

Excellent hike! We were camping at Mt Blue State Park and decided to do this hike which was an enjoyable not too difficult trip. There was a few places where you had to do a little rock scrambling, but. for the most part it was switchback walking Nice lake at the top, and great views. Great hike for kids too. Be aware that you may run into many families with dogs also. Fun way to spend an afternoon. Round trip it took us about 5 hrs with several stops along the way.

By far one of my favorite mountains to hike in Maine. The terrain is varied, passing over a few streams, an old fire warden cabin/camping area, the trail is pretty level for a few miles then it begins to get real steep for roughly the last mile of this out and back trail. The alpine zone around the summit is over 300 acres; the 2nd largest in Maine after Mt. Katahdin. Mount Abraham (aka Abram) is challenging and rewarding. Views of surrounding mountain ranges are stunning.

My first time up. Didn’t really know what I was in for. I’m a little out of shape so it was very challenging! Pack light! It did take us 2-2.5 hours to get to the pond. Breathtaking views up there! Pristine lake with lots of fish. Perfect for a quick swim! Absolutely stunning and I’d do it again in the fall with the foliage! Enjoy!

Very nice view. Steep near the summit. Enjoyed a family hike in about 6 hours with kids from 8 to 14.

a great hike, we got there early and didn't encounter very many people. our decent was met with a few more people. We brought our doberman who did great both up and down. The summit was more difficult (more rock than trail) than the first 2/3 of the trail, but well worth it. Bugs weren't too bad

We did this trail North to South with three nights used camping outdoors below the treeline. If you're coming down from Canada, or from far away, starting at the North and using the free camping site not too far from Mt Madison is a good option. You will suffer the first day regardless getting up past the treeline into the mountain range but it will be worth it.

Q: Which mountains should I do?
A: Is it extremely cloudy? Then you should just stay to the path. If not then Mt Madison has the best overall view of the North to South range and you can even see Mt Washington on a good day. Mt Adams is a pile of rocks (I would skip), Mt Jefferson is a yes on a clear day, Mt Clay is a nice windy spot to relax before you climb up Mt Washington, anything past Mt Washington is really dependent on how quickly you need to get back to a shuttle/car (Eisenhower has a pile of rocks on top... up to you).

You cannot reserve a shuttle seat the day of. You must book in advance or wait around in line to be sure to get a spot. Do not rely on taxi services as they are far and few.

Gearwise you should expect wind, rain and sun with the change dependent on the time of the year you go. If you are hiking in the summer expect a neckburn if you don't wear sunscreen or a hat during the peak sun hours. There are streams that I would risk not filtering before drinking but there are larger stretches after Mt Washington that have still water that need more than just tablets to make it consumable. Hiking poles are not needed but shoes with proper ankle support are. You will be on very rocky terrain once you're above the treeline and you could easily roll or strain something without proper footwear.

Please double layer socks in your shoes. Blisters out here will suck. Thin layer first then a thick wool sock so that you don't have as much friction with your shoes leading to blisters.

The cabins take credit cards. If you want to stay in them go for it but you aren't exactly roughing it. Sometimes if you arrive there off usually eating times they'll have free food to eat or coffee to drink. They also will let you fill up on water there.

Parking is 5USD a day at the centre (South). I would recommend dropping people off at the North trailhead, driving to the centre/parking and then taking the shuttle to regroup. This will allow you to come out of the trail right beside the parking lot on your last day.

The trail was the perfect length, all types of terrain and difficulty to challenge anyone. I enjoyed this hike very much! Went up Sandwich and came down Drake. Save yourself for some soaking in the brook on the way down. Very refreshing!
I will definitely do this hike again next year. I would not recommend bringing young children but ages 10+ should be able to handle this hike. Good luck!

Love this hike- but this online map is wrong. The part labeled “bald knob viewpoint” is actually the top.... and the part labeled “Bald knob” is actually a different mountain called Turtleback.

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