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Very pretty, but I went on a Tuesday and it was still crowded as all get out

The Wave is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Our permits were for late March. The weather was perfect, it drizzled at times which kept the temperature perfect. We didn't use a compass or GPS... probably would've found it faster if we had. It was a rough hike for the non-hiker in the group.

Amazing! Easy hike but be very very careful with navigation, you can get lost easily.

4 days ago

A great way to get up high quickly. The trail is pretty easy going, but currently suffers from an abundance of icy snow making things slippy!

Havasu, Mooney And Beaver are all beautiful!
Definitely worth the hike.

Check out my videos of the hike and the camp ground.

Youtube account: Melissa DC Gomez

5 days ago


This was a hike that was beautiful and a good workout that ended at one of the most beautiful natural shrines I have seen. A highlight on a trip full of great hikes!

This trail is so much fun! Dog and family friendly but only to the saddle, after that it gets too difficult in my opinion. The last section of the hike your are reliant on cables. Amazing 360 views from the top and really the entire hike. Enjoy!

We only was able to see the upper part , the lower hike was canceled because was to windy and rocks were coming down.
The experience was amazing, the whole canyon is Soooo beautiful. Be prepared to be surrounded with a lot of other hikers, it is challenging to take pictures and we got rained with sand because of the wind. Cover your camera from the sand.

11 days ago

We went this morning little after 9am. No problem with parking. It was already getting crowded with many hikers. I would suggest to walk to the right and climb the rocks, to get away from crowds, and enjoy the view in quite atmosphere.
Views from the top are amazing and worth it the hike.
There is no railings so keep your kids and dogs near you. They are building new trails and look out.

Love Picacho! It’s close by and a great challenge! The views are spectacular and a must hike!

Be sure to take gloves for the top

12 days ago

It’s about 45min walk with absolutely amazing rock formations and colors to watch... one of the most enchanted places I’ve seen so far...

13 days ago

Current trail conditions are still rough, but doable. There is still a lot of snow the further you get up. Some of it is waist deep if you take a wrong step. When you hit the 11,400 sign, things get much worse. Without snowshoes, you pretty much have no choice but to go up straight up the scree field until you hit the saddle. Doing so, makes this section of the hike the most difficult. When you hit the saddle, take a hard left and head for the false summits until you hit the true summit. Although relatively easy, it was super windy, but no snow to deal with unlike the forest. Beautiful day on the top with the exception of the wind (4/7/2018).

It was a fun hike. We did Picacho Peak first then headed to Romero Pools. It was amazing. Picacho Peak would be best done during the week, weekends are too busy.

on Antelope Canyon

14 days ago


This is an exciting hike. If you are a good hiker and you would like a challenge - hit the Hunter trail and summit Picacho Peak. The trail to the summit is well marked and maintained (Good job Park rangers!). The trail is challenging and require strong arms to grip the cables on ascent and descent :-) as others already mentioned gloves are highly recommended. Views from the trail and the summit are great! The nature is amazing - you have a great chance to spot the bald headed eagle. Blooming ocotillos - wow! Don't hesitate, put this hike on your bucket list!

available by Navajo tour only. purely amazing and a must see!

This trail is a neat hike up over a hump and straight down to the lookout. Its about .75mi from car to the edge and .75mi back. Once at the ledge you can climb up higher on the rocks to get the best views. You can see for miles and miles and straight down to the horseshoe. construction is under way for a viewing platform too. the walk back up the hill is a good incline and rocky uneven footing. also, parking can be very busy so plan accordingly and bring lots of water!

17 days ago

Awesome view but way too many people. Very short easy hike.

It's a short but challenging hike. Definitely bring gloves if you plan to make it to the peak. Thankfully the cables weren't too hot last week so we managed okay, but I can't imagine how hot those can get in the summertime.
It took us about 4 hours round trip.

The crowds almost ruin the experience. Hard to find an unoccupied vista.

18 days ago

Current trail conditions are not great between 11,200 and 11,800. When you reach the sign that says “Hiking off trail prohibited” near 11,300 ft or so, your best choice is to, well, go off trail. There were literally no footprints at all on the proper part of the trail past this point (now there’s 3 ft deep holes from where I and a few other hikers tried to follow the proper trail). What you should see above the sign is a long set of footprints heading straight up. This has become the current trail, and unless you have snowshoes, follow this. Stay on the snow to avoid damage to ground surface and plants. The straight section eventually hits the upper part of the real trail again, and you take this to the left (north) for a 5-10 min hike to the saddle. Gaiters or tight cinching pants are helpful for this section. From the saddle onwards, first false summit has a few tough sections with snow (I had a 30 lb pack with skis which made all the snowy parts more difficult, hiking light or with no pack would be a lot easier obviously), but after that the trail is pretty clear. Winds were 50-60 mph at the summit yesterday (4/2/18)

Amazing, pictures don’t do it justice.

Nice trail. Well maintained. Please stop throwing orange peels and pistachios and sunflower seeds on the trail they last forever in the desert.....besides your mother raised you better!

Please research how these people treat their animals before paying the astronomical permit fees to visit. The waterfalls are nice, but not worth the suffering that the animals endure bc of the tourists. And please, for the love of god, carry your own things and DO NOT HIRE HORSES.

Amazing view from the top! Definitely take at least 3l of water, work gloves to hold on to cables and start early! Great accomplishment for me I'm so glad I did it. We we got refreshed at DQ right after.

21 days ago

The canyon is awesome to see and easy to get some great pictures. Not really a hike. Our guide was spouting more of his racism than educating us about the canyon. $50 through kens is a bit much but you wont forget the experience.

We spent the night at a hotel and drove to the Hilltop parking lot in the morning. Started our decent at 7:45am, made it to Supai around 11am to check-in. Going in was long but manageable with two short breaks. Took a longer break in Supai. Roughly a 2 mile walk to the campground, trail is well traversed so I felt it was easy to identify.

The trail down to Mooney is not as well marked. There is a tube you descend to ladders and chains that are very wet due to the spray from the waterfall. Trail down to Beaver is well-traveled and you will cross the river three times on the trail I followed. I think the mileage on the map provided at check-in is inaccurate but I didn't track it via GPS.

Hike out is strenuous with a steep section starting at Havasu Falls that is maybe .5 miles. Then it's just long with gradual incline until the last 1.5 miles (estimate). Then it is a decent incline for about a mile and a steep ascent the last .5 mile. Slow and steady with lots of water and you'll make it.

We carried our own gear and made from Supai to Hilltop in 4 hours. We are in average shape and in our 40's.

The campgrounds are tight and there isn't a lot of room between, so privacy isn't an option. There is a fresh water spring, so water isn't a problem in camp. You can grab food in Supai at the market or the cafe, which can help reduce pack weight (limited options, so don't only rely on it). There is frybread for sale almost daily in camp. There are compost toilet but bring your own paper, as it runs out fast.

It was worth trip. Reservations go the day open for the year. We went in March and it was perfect for hiking and sleeping not so much if you want warm weather for swimming.

So amazing!! Fairly easy hike getting there, as most of it was downhill. Getting back to the trail head was a whole ‘nother story because it was mostly uphill, but honestly the struggle was worth it. The falls were so beautiful and blue, it was surreal. Bathrooms are pretty decent for the most part, but bring wipes just in case because not all of the stalls have toilet paper. Campsite was nicely spread out, first come first serve basis for camp spots. Permits were a pain to get, but I would do it all over again.

24 days ago

Crowded, but well worth the view. There’s a higher rock formation that you can climb up to get better views and pictures.

Note: Technically, you need a permit to hike here. However, no one checks for this.

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