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1 day ago

awesome winter hike!

So far this is my favorite fire tower hike!

5 days ago

Nice hike 1" or s o soft snow with a base..we did it all in microspikes

This was a nice short hike and we only needed microspikes for the hike. There was ice in spots but very doable. From the top you could Bald Mountain Firetower off in the distance.

The hike was nice and easygoing as we just needed microspikes for this hike. There was a little ice in places but very doable. You could see the snowmobilers riding across the lake.

Went out and back on 1/10/19, didn’t do the loop. Snowshoed to pack down the trail after a lot of snowfall. We saw several people out in just spikes and they did fine

Climbed this on 1/9/19. Lots of fresh snow. Snowshoes would help for sure. We broke out a good deal of the trail especially higher up. Still a very nice hike

Sunny ski, beautiful view. Do not consider it as a challenge. it's just fun. easier with microspikes

Completed this hike over the weekend. It was about 28 degrees out—perfect for a winter hike. The views were amazing. Very easy to navigate and microspikes were essential!

13 days ago

Did this with a friend 0107 and chased daylight. Easy hike up until the last mile or so. Crampons are lifesavers. Lots of ice, but with the recent snowfall, it was a good cover which helped with traction. Trekking poles were a big help too. Easy to locate trailhead. Took us about 4-5 hrs round trip with lots of gear on our back and with taking stops to reorganize and take some pictures.
This was our first winter hike ever. Highly recommend.

16 days ago

Easy Hike. Did this hike about 13 years ago in the summer time. We were in the area for a blue grass festival. The views were amazing, and the weather was awesome. We even saw a baby cub about 50 yards away on the trail.

Perfect day out for a winter ascent. No need for showshoes, although we brought them the whole way up and down with us just in case. Definitely need microspikes the whole hike (we did see two guys without but I’m not sure how well they managed descending without). Packed snow the whole trail - easy to follow. Took my husband and I 4 hrs, 15 min at a fairly leisurely pace (for us) and spending a good 15 minutes at each summit.

16 days ago

Trail was fine up to summit. Then frozen waterfalls thwarted us getting to the summit. Ice axes would have been required to go further. Crampons a must.

Hiked in 8/18/18. Id consider this hike pretty difficult. It kicked my 13 year old sons butt! Saw some neat mushrooms along the way but nothing overly spectacular, in comparison to some of the other memorable firetower trails. Great workout, but your eyes are on the ground the majority of the way because of the extremely rocky terrain. We had to stop mutiple times along the way because this hike works your legs!

Just completed this hike yesterday. Trail is very straight forward and took about 5 hours to complete with moderate amount of breaks. I didn’t have micro spikes nor snow shoes so the amount of ice on the trail made it very challenging. Crampons would be too much but I’d say micro spikes would have helped significantly. Views at the top of both mountains were amazing. Recommend to anyone looking for a moderately challenging day hike in the Adirondacks.

18 days ago

Ohhhh Baker Mt. - Super nice neighborhood locale. Trailhead across from a popular ice fishing pond. A lot of nice people walking pups. And then -the trail. It says go left and make it a loop. Don’t. No trail markers at all when it splits left. We used the shit out of this app to try and find the trail in 2” Of snow. It was a fun adventure scramble up, but icy as F and that wouldn’t be fun if you weren’t prepared. Stay to the right in the winter. Great view at the summit and nicely marked trail on the way down (to the right - which is the left going down). No kidding. Wait until summer. Probably a great trail. Winter. Oooof.

Be prepared for icy trials. Overall great winter hike.

Beatiful hike on 02JAN2019 icy. Not much snow

Did both summits today. New Years Day. Microspikes are needed. Make sure they are sharp. Lots of ice. Glad I had this app as the summit of Porter is nondescript. Cascade was ridiculously windy,icy and somewhat dangerous on top. No views today. Took me 4 1/2 hours for the 6 miles. Probably only a 20 minute break.

Loved it. Hard walk up. Spikes are a must! We were essentially walking up a frozen stream the whole time. Everyone we met was so friendly.

The trail is pretty moderate up to the split between Haystack and McKenzie mountains. The ascent up Haystack is steep, but it was mostly the ice that slowed me down. So much ice. Pretty sweet trail overall. Nice views from the top and lots of parking at the trailhead. Great hike!

Great hike.....definitely needed micro spikes.... for someone like me coming to terms with my fear of heights (actually it’s a fear of falling) the top of Cascade offered beautiful views but challenged my phobia ... very exposed .. very open... I imagined sliding off the top but then got over myself.... that’s the point of all of this isn’t it? And it always helps hiking with your very best, very experienced friend.

Hiked with my bestie Susan on her first HPs.

Unbelievable views from the top.

Great hike, did it early morning great views from the top and short trek. Much steeper than I expected but well worth the work for the views. Bring spikes if there is any snow on the ground. Lots of ice on the rocks

26 days ago

Steep ascent. I got drawn off to East Rusk on the way down. Easier (but longer) to climb the shoulder of East Rusk.

Easy hike for very nice views. Rain makes it a little more annoying though! Never rush your descent in the rain. Some nice bald face rock towards the top, fun to walk along the ridge. Great for new hikers!

Great hike and with clear skies the view is fantastic.

pretty icy, could have used a ice axe in places. after the four false summit's the view was great. had the whole mountain nobody else around.

Spiks were required ( some people without them had to turn around). Couldn’t really use snowshoes even if i wanted. I suggest to do Porter first ( uneventful). Top of Cascade was covered with clouded and couldn’t stand ( at the top) due to strong winds ( lost my orange heat ;( )

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