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Recommended starting early so that while you are hiking up you can enjoy the sunrise and have the summit to yourself. Great hike

People are right, parking is hard to get there early. The view is also the best in the morning. It’s an easy short hike, though some children and seniors may find it difficult. There are good views from the bottom of the pile so even those with physical disabilities could enjoy the view of moraine.

Did it clockwise. Big mistake! Beautiful up to the top and along the ridge is pretty remarkable. It was the loose rocks and lack of trail on the way down that ruined it for us.

2 days ago

This relatively short hike takes you quickly past the tree line and offers great views along the ridge. Once at the top there are even more trails that offer even better views. One trail takes you down a little to view the glaciers. Another trail takes you up another hundred or so feet to that has great views of Mount Athabasca and the surrounding mountains. The hike was short and steep bu the views made it 100% worth it.

Incredible hike. The views start relatively early in the hike, so it’s worth doing even if you only want complete a short part of it. The views at the top are absolutely stunning. One of my favorites.

Amazing views for relatively little effort.

Parking is a bitch. So I started to walk the 12km road. Got picked up by a french couple. Starting walking down got picked up by a German couple. Ppl are super nice.

Beautiful hike, makes for a good day trip. It’s a fairly easy hike and has rewarding views at the top! Would recommend!

This is too long to hike

Just did this over the long weekend. The trail is in great shape, all the way. We stayed over night at Ribbon Falls, there was lots of firewood and company to visit with. Day hiked up to the lake the next day, the chains were a fun challenge. We brought our 1 year old up with us and he loved every minute of it!

6 days ago

The tip I kept getting was to arrive before 7 am, however the lot fills up by 5 am and stays closed a good portion of the day. Allow yourself a couple of tries to get in. When you finally do, you’re rewarded with the most unreal view for a short hike. It’s worth battling the crowd to get in and if you try, you can find a quiet spot.

6 days ago

A nice view of Moraine Lake, but there are better views available on the Shoreline Trail.

Lots of fun, with the most unreal views at the top. You're definitely going to get your cardio in on this one. Took us 2 hours with lots of breaks.

long but wonderful hike.

Is a excellent way to start a know Banff better.

8 days ago

Nice travelled path but didn't feel like I was just walking on a trail. Lots of wide areas to rest and good view at the end.

8 days ago

Really nice trail. Steep in places but great views. The last part is definitely challenging, but, great views at the top of the pass.

A classic hike to start the season.
Smooth pace, still snow about half of the path in May. Poles were a god-send!
Always entertaining people watching at the top lol, but slightly off putting for reaching a summit.

climbed the rock pile, and then walked trail back. great view from top


Did a loop past here to Galatea then round Mt Kid back to Kananaskis village the chains where the highlight. The ball ache was the front of Mt Kid. In the trees the whole way. next time I'll just do either end not the front.

10 days ago

Did that hike on a whim while driving on the ice field park ways, and this was a great decision! Relatively quick ascent for stunning views of the glaciers, far from the tourist crowd on the road (even if a lot of people climb this path). Kinda cold and windy but worth it :)

on Parker Ridge

12 days ago

A steep but short trail with amazing views and photo ops at the top. Really gorgeous and worth the stop. One can explore the web of trails along the ridges but the best views were straight ahead once you reach the top. Buggy during the climb. Windy and very cool at the top as the wind is blowing off the glacier.

Amazes me every time I go. Of all the hikes I've done, this was the most rewarding view!

on Wilcox Pass

13 days ago

A very worthwhile hike. Not very strenuous. Be prepared to dodge fellow humans but at least the bugs are far and few between. Great views from most of the trail but the best when you reach the very top.

Was my first time doing a hike of this calliber... absolutely insane. The effort was well worth it. Would recommend making sure you have perfect navigation (gps, map, compass) as its very easy to get lost on this trail.

on Parker Ridge

14 days ago

Awesome hike! We did this hike during our day driving along the Icefields Parkway. Was trying to decide between this hike and Wilcox, but very happy we did this one! From what I understand (I could be wrong) Wilcox looks out onto glaciers that can already be seen from the road, Parker Ridge looks out onto one that can't be seen from the road and it definitely has an epic view at the top! Very steep hike, but I think we did it in about 2 hours. Bring bug spray, mosquitoes come out near the lower part of the trail.

15 days ago

Highly recommended loop! We backpacked it over 3 days, staying at Aster Lake, then Three Isle campground. We had lots of rain around Point Campground to Hidden Lake, but then clear after that. Lots of elevation gain after Hidden Lake (gut buster!), towards Aster. Was still a large portion of snow in a chute at the scree portion of Aster Lake trail. Too icy to cross, but we managed to skirt around it. Day 2 was the long grind up to the ridge. Hot weather around us until we got to the highest point of the ridge trail.. then we got pummeled with hail. Excellent views all around, making it a highlight. Lots of storms around the area during the day, but we only got hit once. Some thinner portions of ridge, but was manageable. The descent down to Three Isle was longer than expected, but still some great views. Three Isle was a beautiful campsite on a really nice lake. Day 3 was the descent back down to Upper Kananaskis Lake. Some steep descending initially, until the trail leveled out and turned into a well groomed trail, which was easier on the body!

15 days ago

Highly recommend a stop here if you're driving the icefields parkway. Nice views most of the way up, with an awesome view of a glacier at the top. Definitely a highlight of our trip to Banff/Jasper

What a view!

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