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It’s a great place to go. Different trails, easy. Wish more people would heed the signs and pick up their dog poop!

Beautiful trail. Great for taking our dog.

The nature loop and the first part of the hike (till the passing of the 2 rivers) are really worth to do amongst the giant cedars. The second part was much less attractive with a very steep path full of high blue flowers. As the sky was very hazy with the smog (from fires), we did not make it to the end and went back from 1 mile of the final creek. Our GPS measured a 12K hike. A bear was seen the day before.

4 days ago

The reward is worth it when you get to the top. The last mile isn’t easy but it’s doable. Have appropriate shoes, I saw a handful of people with tennis shoes/ no support on and they’ll probably regret that. Took us a few mins past an hour to get to the top. Highly recommend starting before 9:00 am to beat the heat.

Pine Creek Falls are well worth the hike although as the property owner of the property the access road passes through to get to the falls this attraction can be a pain in the butt.
Hikers/tourists need to take care to read the posted signs & quit trespassing on private property.
Forest service public ground does not start until you cross the final cattle guard!!
The littering discarded on our place is also an issue. People stop throwing your trash out your windows. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate me throwing my trash in your yard so don't do it in mine!!
If you don't like my comments then start respecting private property & I won't have to address these issues like I shouldn't have to anyway. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE & THEIR PROPERTY OR STAY AWAY!

A nice hike with varying terrain that keeps one interested and focused. It's billed as an easy family hike and thus I saw lots of unprepared hikers in improper shoes, clothing and with small children. While it is a nice day hike, one should still come prepared and know there are some somewhat dangerous areas for littles or those without proper shoes.

Met lots of people and dogs. First mile is nice and easy with lots of huckleberries. Rocky trail for the last mile and a half, with lots of switchbacks. Lake is worth the hike- spend some time there.

The Running Eagle Falls Trail is an enjoyable, leisurely 0.6 mile spur trail that culminates at a small waterfall. Parking available at the trailhead, fee required to park in Glacier. This pass can be purchased at the small drive-by ranger station by the Lower Two Medicine Lake road.

Having landed in Great Falls two hours prior, my father and I took a quick rest stop near Two Medicine Lake. The evening was upon us with sunset approaching quickly, so a long hike to Dawson Pass or Scenic Point would've been imprudent. This 10-minute walk seemed perfect. Running Eagle Falls sits a third of a mile past the trailhead; the present walk takes you through a nature trail along a creek. As another reviewer stated, it's a "walk in your backyard" difficulty that a toddler could complete.

The falls itself is normally comprised of two flows, one that tumbles over the rock formation, and the other that emerges from a cave-like area inside the formation. Low flow in August saw only the latter running. Fed by glacial melt, the stream is an opal blue, picturesque and perfect for photography. I found ample spots to shoot from, most of which required bypassing the wooden onlooker deck. My long exposure shot turned out beautifully.

Two Medicine Lake feeds this water source, so the falls should be running year-round. If you're making an exploratory pit stop- as dad and I did- make sure to venture to the falls for a quick Montana introduction. However, if you're spending a day near Two Medicine Lake, nearby Pitamakan/Dawson Passes and Scenic Point would be significantly more rewarding hikes. Little more than a decent outing, but quite glad I got to see the falls!

Fairly easy and mostly shaded walk. Uneven path with bolders and tree roots that might trip up young ones. The access road is paved and narrow. Would walk it again.

9 days ago

My favorite place in the world- spent two nights and for the first (and probably only) time, had the lake to ourselves for a whole night. The bugs were minimal which is saying a LOT this year, but I’d still recommend bug spray.

beautiful hike.lots of water in the creek.huckleberru season.

I come here several times a week to walk/hike. Saw a small (2 ft+) rattlesnake on the ridge line trail by one of the benches that overlook Billings and the Yellowstone River yesterday morning. Thankfully, for the first time all year, I had brought a walking stick. It came in handy as it took the brunt of the attack as I nearly stepped on the little critter. Rattle was going but I was walking fast with big strides. (And even though it was in the middle of the grassy trail, it REALLY blended in.) I used the stick to move it aside 20ft and then reported it to Lynn the camp host when I got back.

Overall, this is a nice place (close to town) to escape for an hour and stretch your legs. I'll be back time and time again.

11 days ago

Wonderful from the bottom all the way up. Can see why it's popular. That being said, don't expect to have the world to yourself in the least.

Beautiful views and tons of wildlife to see!

13 days ago

Went during a rainstorm in late September which made the trail a bit more difficult to maneuver but still a beautiful hike. The lake was freezing but that didn't stop us from getting in - would love to go again when the weather is nicer and spend a bit of time enjoying the lake.

it's a good steep trail, especially the last mile. Almost crawling at times, but manageable. view at the top is amazing. The water is nice and cold, excellent for soothing tired feet. Most of the trail is shaded, helping reduce sunburn. be prepared for the long dirt road to the trailhead. The road is not bad with only a few Rocky bits and wash board areas. great hike for plus size hikers looking for a challenge! bring plenty of water, rain gear for after noon showers and bear spray of course.

took my 65 year old father in law, and two 7 year olds, was awesome. Wear good shoes, lots of rocky trail parts.

15 days ago

Breath taking views! The hike to the lake is a constant incline. It is easy until about a mile in then it’s moderately/hard incline hike to the lake.
If I was out of shape, I could do this hike but it would be a struggle. I saw a lot of out of shape people who finished the hike.
This is a good practice hike for people who want to work up to moderate to hard backpacking.

So many wild flowers and berries! Busy trail and still ran into a bear.

17 days ago

This is a great hike, with exceptional views of the valley that is a super short drive to get to. It is 1/4 mile on the right, after you turn on to West Fork Road. The trailhead is not well marked and it only has room for a handful of cars...but it is a nice day hike. Give it a go!

Gorgeous hike! Spectacular views. This is one we were saving for a cooler day...since you have to hike through a lot of the exposed areas that were ravaged by fire years ago. With that being said, this also keeps the view unobstructed for most of the hike...amazing! Worth the drive!

17 days ago

Great hike for dogs sine there is water the whole way. It is definitely steep but worth the climb as the lake is beautiful. Crowded on the weekends and a lot of dogs on the trail, some not so friendly. High recommend though!

Beautiful hike to falls, keep going up once you get to falls for view from top. Don’t cross over at top - experienced people have died being stupid. Stop at pine creek lodge for a bite after. It’s beautiful.

An amazing hike up to a mountain lake with beautiful views of Paradise Valley as you hike. Took just under 5 hours with my Garmin recording a total hike of 9.38 miles.

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever taken! About halfway through the nature Loop there's a trail that goes off to the right which heads up towards the falls. I was surprised that there were many more Giants Cedars along this Trail also not just down at the nature Loop. I did not make it to the falls this time but hope to do this again sometime soon!

19 days ago

Good early morning hike. Not too difficult, pretty good climb to start the first half mile or so. Be sure to look for the site of the old house, the chimney and kitchen are still there.

24 days ago

Overnight trip with my 13 year old daughter. good hike but the trail was fairly busy in early July. The trails well maintained and plenty of places around the lake to pitch a tent.

25 days ago

The hike is fairly easy until you get to the rocky switchbacks. At least it’s a fairly short distance! The view from the top makes it all worth it! We walked down to the “beach” for lunch & to relax before heading back. It’s a wonderful day hike and “moderate” is an accurate rating.

awesome views, great sun/shade ratio the entire hike. still my favorite hike

28 days ago

Hard Hike up but amazing when you get up there like you are in a different world. The hike back down is the worse though. Best hike ever!

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