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Awesome short hike, beautiful drive in. 0.3 miles round trip!

3 days ago

have been here one time and would like to go again. went with friend and two of my grandkids there was ice still in places. the waterfall is beatiful. basically an easy hike other then the length

3 days ago

easy short hike with a real pow at ebd nice swimming area just dont fet to close to falls area swimming a lot of people have drowned here swimming and jumping. they have put steps at the trail going down the hill now so it is real easy now. Nice spots for kids to play in water also with sand there. even saw a beaver swimming there one time

Beautiful trail leading to very nice falls.

Nice hike, great views and wildflowers.

One of my favorite places on Earth.

on Sill Branch Falls

9 days ago

Short hike with an amazing reward! Getting to the falls is very easy a hike. Just make sure when you come to the split to stay on Sill Branch North that will take you directly to the waterfall. The south part of the trail follows the creek and makes for a great day hike.

Took my 2 & 5 yo. Perfect little walk to enjoy a picnic. Very easy to find. Once you get off interstate, I took a left onto the road and went for about 30 min on a paved rd although it had a little gravel over it. You can only go 10-20mph on this windy road. Takes about 30 min on this road but totally worth it!!!!

Beautiful falls! Worth the hike!

15 days ago

Ahhhhh... Back in the Appalachians. Despite my relatively high ratings of trails in (flat) Michigan and Florida, this one is qualitatively different. Superb. The system needs more than five stars so that I can nudge those others down a bit, but this is a real five-star trail. Pretty, well maintained despite its popularity, hilly, green and alive with a variety of flora and fauna, and punctuated with a lovely waterfall that’s a great place to watch people, to get wet, to picnic or hang a hammock, and to marvel at Nature’s creative paths and tableaux during her slow march forward. P.S. Remember to enjoy the drive along the Bluegrass Parkway with plenty of time for stopping at overlooks.

16 days ago

saw bear last week high up on trail

16 days ago

Great trail, beautiful waterfall

Full of leaf lookers, come early if you want to be able to park.

17 days ago

very nice hike really pretty in the winter

Pretty easy overall. I’d recommend this for anybody looking for a high payoff for a short hike.

Any skill level can do this hike. Those with knee trouble should take a sturdy walking stick as there is a steep incline/decline.

I hiked this today (9/7/18) in a rush. It only took about 20 minutes of actual walking to get there and back. I will definitely go back and take the whole family.

lil steep in a part or 2 but worth it super short trail

Max Patch did not disappoint! I took my elderly parents to this awesome trail on 9/2 and it was just an amazing time. Unfortunately, my 82 y.o. father couldn’t go all the way to the top but even with just 1/3rd way there, he thoroughly enjoyed it. This spot is probably awesome year round but the Falls must be pretty majestic. I’m hoping to make my way out there next time to camp over night, catch the sunrise, and stay for the sunset!

20 days ago

nice waterfall!

Great family hike if it’s not the first time your kids are going to hit the trail. For perspective, our boys have hiked all of Stone, Grayson, and Crowders and are 8, 5, and 3: we didn’t have any issues. 8 year old breezed through, and it was just enough to push the 5 year old and make him feel like he really accomplished something. Packed the 3 year old on my back.

We started at around 10:45 and told the kids we would break at Jane Bald (the 2nd of the 3 balds on this trail). It was a good stopping point as most of the rigor in this trail lies between Jane and Grassy Balds.

The views are wonderful and are right up there (if not better than) the views at Grayson Highlands. Lots of great rock outcroppings which make for fun obstacle courses for the kids. It is a balds hike, so bring your sunscreen.

Bottom line: if all you’ve got is an ergo baby and this is your kids’ first foray into hiking, there are better starter routes that are less demanding but still fun. But if they’ve got a few reps under their belt, this is a trail that everyone in the family can really enjoy.

The trail was short and easy, the waterfall itself was beautiful, but the area was very crowded.

Good hike. Go after lots of rain so that there will be more water in the falls.

Amazing scenery! Many different species of plants. I think we saw 3 different species of goldenrod alone. Azaleas and blueberry plants were awesome.

22 days ago

Definitely an easy, quick hike that can be combined with other hikes in the area.

22 days ago

steep Rocky but worth the pain the trail is by the tent camping towards the back of the tent camping area it was hard to find the trail from the recetation center

on Sill Branch Falls

22 days ago

short moderate hike

It’s a good hike to it but the terrain is kind of hard specially if you got kids with you! It takes a while to get to it! ...

Great place and beautiful view. Def recommend hiking this loop. Plan on spending some time on top of the bald too.

28 days ago

Great for an easy hike. We had 4kids ages 1-5. Only did 1/2 (about 2 miles) of the loop and then took the road back to the parked car. Falls were dry. Many other beautiful things to enjoy along the walk. Hot summer day, but the temp was perfect in the woods. As a side note, we saw a rattlesnake while driving to the trailhead.

trails are very well maintained but it gets a little crowded. Nice place to take dogs as well

29 days ago

More of a peaceful walk than a hike, and no view of any real “falls”. However it was enjoyable

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