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Decent when we went. Trail can get muddy and flood during heavy rains in the fall with all the leaves.

One of my favorites especially in the fall when the leaves turn. The lake views are a bonus!

My wife and I enjoyed our first day hike on the trail! Our German Shepard was welcomed by other hikers and make it very welcoming. We only live a couples away but hadn’t been here before but will definitely be back over and over.

Great trial. Look for gnome

23 days ago

such a great hike. challenging in some areas for sure. well marked. Red trail was great and heard the white trail is the most challenging.

Easy walk and pretty view.

on Osmanthus Trail

1 month ago

Well kept peaceful nature walk

Fall is a great time to come and see this awesome place! The different color trees make it more beautiful. Lots of places for photos. It is a easy trail I have been here 3 times and it always has a lot of people. If you bring children ... don’t let them out of your sight.

I really enjoyed this trail. Fall colors were beautiful. Sinkholes were amazing. I am from So Cal so this was very different from what I see here. We also stopped to see Jackson Cave. Very enjoyable I would do it again.

1 month ago

I lost the trail about a mile from the campsite. What little trail there was had been covered by leaves and no markers in sight. I wound up turning back and doing the rest of the day loop to make up the distance. I am assuming that part of the trail does not get a lot of traffic .

Always a great view and fun climbing

not that easy, but a great little hike in the middle of the city. dont miss it!

1 month ago

Any trail with this many lake views will be a favorite trail to me. I completed the Day Loop which is supposed to be 4 miles. My fitness tracker said it was 3.6 miles but that I had climbed the equivalent of 30 flights of stairs once I finished. The elevation changes are so gradual for the most part that it seems very easy. The wooded areas have several interestingly twisted and tall trees as well as beautiful rock formations. The lakeside portions rise slowly until you are rather high up on the bluffs over looking the lake and the surrounding areas for what seems like forever. It is easy to forget you aren't alone here as there were a few encounters with other hikers talk-shouting their way along the trail, oblivious to the others nearby. As my partner said, they would be the first to be taken out in a horror movie. Otherwise, I can see myself coming back here again and again.

My favorite place in Shawnee national forest. Fantastic views with unlimited photo opportunities. A nice short loop, but plan on budgeting a few hours for rock climbing. Very dangerous in places. Common sense must be used. Very peaceful.

Trail has been chewed up by horses in some areas and several spider webs (in late summer) indicate how little this trail is used. Good for an overnighter.

Great trail. Wife and I enjoyed very much. Only recommendation is the Rocky Trail, white colored tree markers need repainted badly. Got lost off trail a couple times but will definitely be back regardless.

1 month ago

We do this with day packs as training for long hiking trips. Not necessarily a pretty hike - just keep on slogging!

It's in my way to or from home. it's easy enough to stop by for some relaxation after a bad day. The Day Loop is my favorite. My goal is to backpack and stay over for an extended weekend. I was there earlier this week, lots of fungi also bullfrogs in "the pond". I have quirky ankles and find I can do this trail easily. Enough people around to feel safe, not so many people to feel crowded. Lots of places to swim as well.

Very nice scenic area. Destination hike, Do Indian Point trail which is just down the road.

on Osmanthus Trail

2 months ago

Good trail . Pretty sandy and there are a lot of bugs

trail running
2 months ago

A good, moderately challenging trail. The last 2 miles or so before you reach the campground do need some maintenance as some of the markers are tough to see, obscured by several fallen trees.
But, I will avoid this trail on warm, sunny days. The party boats in one of the coves were blaring country songs so loud I lost my concentration several times. :(
At the first split, I took the right side (the forest side) of the day loop, then ran to the camp ground, and on the way back when I connected to the day loop again, took the lake side of the loop to get back to the parking lot.
My Nike app marked that as 13.2 miles.

Short and easy trail if you want it to be. Breathtaking views. People do die here every year from falls, but as long as you aren't leaping like a wild man from rock to rock over obviously deep chasms (you'll see people doing it), you'll be fine.

This was a great trail! I went with my bike and had a great time. There was some wets spots but overall really good. We took Cape Henry trail and at end of it there was a port-a-potty that was disgusting and I would recommend definitely not use that. If you go to the right of Cape Henry trail and onto the 64th st road there’s a little bench spot where you can rest and see the lake also at end of 64th street there’s the beach, totally worth it!

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Definitely a favorite. We always do the Day loop option which clocks per my watch at 3.8 miles. It is super dog friendly. There are some rocky spots that give the trail so much beauty. Only down fall is during the summer it does trace a popular party cove so you are going to get some noise and nonsense from that. Other then that we love it.

Did this trail the day after it rained and it rained while we were on it. extremely muddy with large sections tore up by horses. With only a few short steep inclines I didn't find the trail practically challenging. Some parts aren't well marked and are hard to distinguish had to double back a couple of times. There are some large rock formations that make for good photo ops but for the most part the scenery is sub par.

A very short easy stroll, a must for the view. Go at sunset. Bring camera:)

3 months ago

Decent trail. Nothing particularly special. Some parts are marked really well, some are not. Ungodly amount of spider webs that you have to walk into. Would definitely do this in the fall so it’s less humid and “buggy” next time.

the day was too humid to really enjoy, but the trail is well marked and is relaxing once you can escape the flood of people at the front. the rocky trail part was challenging due to the up and down nature of it. my Fitbit thought I had done 36 flights of stairs!

Awesome sunset spot! Don't miss this if you're in the area. One of the shortest and most rewarding walks you can go on.

So much fun to explore and climb. Beautiful views, especially at sunset. Made for some really beautiful pictures. Nice easy trail.

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