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Quick loop with about 1500ft of vertical of climbing. Currently the trail is 90% dry. Little mud towards the top.

6 days ago

Steep and quick. Nice little workout in under and hour. Decent payoff for the amount of work

Solid workout, great views!

6 days ago

Many creek crossings. Creeks are flowing in the Spring. Best I can tell, in some sections the creek is the trail. Make sure your boots are waterproof. If you are more than 50 ft away from the creek, you are off-trail. There was a bull moose on the trail near the mine.

Mid April, 3ft snow, but trail is fairly packed. I recommend micro spikes to help with the slick inclines near the start. Also, wear boots. If you don't have snowshoes, you'll do a few snow lunges, particularly near the lake. Snowshoes will get in the way at the start, but would help the lake area be more enjoyable.

I pulled into the Tanner Park lot right as a woman discovered her car window had been smashed and a backpack taken. It was a stark reminder that this place is in the middle of the city. I was nervous to leave my car there, but I made sure it was obvious I didn't have anything of value in it and took to the trail.

Despite that dubious introduction, I love this park. There are several trail options so you can decide whether you want long or short, paved or dirt, shaded or exposed. It is close to I-80, so there is constant road noise. There are also many, many unleashed dogs. I was greeted by several, so if you don't like dogs, maybe steer clear. Despite the amount of dogs I encountered, I didn't notice many piles of excrement left on or near the trails, so most people do their duty. There are signs of homeless living, but again, it is a park in the middle of the city, so what can you expect?

Great hike, you can reach the top within an hour or so and hop back down. Trail was dry.

It’s a great hike from both directions. I enjoy the shade and great foliage in the summer in Lambs Canyon. In the winter, hike up Millcreek Canyon from the gate and snowshoe Elbow Fork. Few people do this, watch for moose.

Went up it two days ago. Great views for such a short hike. Probably around 3 feet of snow but at the time that we went it was really solid so we we’re able to hike on the top of it though occasionally we would fall through a bit but we had good boots so it wasn’t too bad. Definitely would come back despite the snow.

1 month ago

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize that I did this hike in early September. Went with some friends to hike this on Labor day. Quite possibly the worst day to do so. The parking lot closest to the lake was filled, so we had to park at the ski lodge. We could have taken a shuttle from there to the real trailhead, but the wait was 45min+, so we started our hike from there. Very sunny, hot, and exposed for most of it, so be prepared. Also, there were so many people! This would have been much nicer if the trail wasn't so backed up. Didn't stay long at the lake because of how many others were already there. Other than the heavy traffic, this would have been a nice, short, enjoyable hike.

I would not climb up the falls. That causes a large portion of the salt lake search and rescue calls... just look at it from the bottom. It’s still cool.

Great hike with amazing views of the Valley. Great workout and worth making it all the way to the top.

2 months ago

Love this hike. It's very rewarding, steep and strenuous. Great workout! There was hardly any snow last week amd we didn't use spikes.

2 months ago

The headlamp hike to Jacks Mt last weekend was good. I love the tributes at the summit. Heart warming stuff. I decided to proceed to the to the ridge line behind to the east. WORST MILE EVER. I ran out of deer trails altogether and found out that rocks are hard and shins are softer. My own mistake. Socked in at the top so no payoff. I'll turn around after summiting Jacks next time.

The roads closed during the winter /:

2 months ago

pretty decent hike to make you lose your breath and keep you winded, but in the end it's an amazing hike.

Snowshoed with the full moon. Wonderful night. So beautiful seeing the moon in the meadow before the lake.

We loved this hike. It was our first moderate hike, and it was really only bad because it was pretty icy, which made it a little more difficult than we expected, but once we got to the lake, it was amazing. 3 feet of snow that we were able to enjoy, ate a nice sandwich and watched the sun go down. was an awesome hike. definitely recommend.

The constant noise from the freeway kind of ruins the hike, and there was dog poop EVERYWHERE. It smelled terrible in places and you had to watch where you stepped.

3 months ago

Pretty muddy this time of year, including icy patches. I did wear my MicroSpikes for better grip. It's worth the climb to the top, especially to watch a storm front roll in. This valley is even more amazing from above! The Buddha shrine and mail boxes at the top make it even more entertaining.

3 months ago

Great hike. Short but strenuous. Awesome cardio on a time crunch.

3 months ago

Always a good hike, and saw moose every time this year.
27 June 2017- 1 moose
14 Sep. 2017- 9 moose
23 Sep. 2017- 2 moose
30 Sep. 2017-3 moose

For those that don't like the steep part or have bad knees (especially going down), take the west trail. Go up Moose Track Lane by the rental store, right before the "regular" trail head. It will head west a short distance, and then do a 180 back east. The trail head is at the end of the pavement. A little longer than the "regular" way, but much easier.

Ironically, this trail which is quite flat and a boardwalk most of the way was harder than going up in elevation to Twin Lakes today. This is because some parts of the trail were snow packed, while others slushy, while others totally un-snow-covered and others icy and slushy. But, the fun part of the trail today was seeing lots of families come out in their best clothes for destination photos and some others trying to break the ice and a few brave ones going out on the ice. The trail was full of entertainment, no doubt.

Pretty lake, but it’s a super short hike

4 months ago

Really rewarding night hike. Lightly traveled right now.

We LOVED this hike! Yes, the first .5 are pretty steep, but then it is a nice stroll to the lake. There is something so beautiful about leafless aspens against a light dusting of snow on the surrounding peaks. We had the trail to ourselves but saw quite a few moose prints. The lake was half frozen, and it was hilarious seeing the kids throw rock after rock trying in vain to break the ice. We want to try this one every season of the year. It's just that pretty.

5 months ago

Seriously a bit*h of an ascent, but worth it once you come to the summit.

Awesome off-leash dog trail. If you're not a dog person I would suggest you avoid it. Slight elevation change but fairly easy walk.

Cecret Lake is a beautiful place. One of my favorite hikes. In August this beautiful hike is home to thousands of wild flowers!

Great hike for cardio. View at the top is awesome!

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