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this was a pretty challenging trail, but the hike next to the waterfalls made it worth it to keep going definitely recommend waterproof and grippy shoes alot of wet rocks

This was a fun, easy hike! Beautiful views. We went in October and the colors were amazing!

a little uphill with rewarding views

We had a ranger do a guided tour on this - very knowledgeable and well worth the stops - there is a self guided tour pamphlet at big meadow lodge - free stop and get it. 2nd highest peak in Shenandoah

Beautiful- well worth the elevation climb out

Nice hike - 20 minutes to summit. We took the salamander trail to the Appalachian trail back. This routes goes through an active talus or boulder field very cool

To be honest this loop Cedar Run up and White Oak canyon down is not difficult at all. Very easy hike even for my friend who never hikes. Enjoyable hike with lots of waterfalls and places to swim. There are about 4 times needed to wade across the stream but its not deep just remove your shoes and cross. The trail is very well maintained and is not steep.

Easy hike on the way down - pretty much downhill all the way. The way back up is what makes it a moderate hike! Beautiful falls! Follows the creek throughout the hike!

Great hike! Lots of water along the trail and the waterfalls are great. If it’s been raining prepare to get your feet wet, the main entrance was flooded and you have to cross at your own risk. There was one other creek crossing about shin deep and lots of deep puddles along the way. It gets really good when you start to climb. There’s lots of rock and opportunities to roll an ankle. Definitely worth going back over and over again!

Short and intense on the way up. Beautiful views!

Great view. Well worth the effort.

Great waterfalls! Definitively need to watch your step, especially if wet. Not good for hikers with knee issues. Some of our group members hiked down the trail and then up the fire road. We all met at Fisherman’s gap overlook for lunch on the rock with an amazing view of the valley.

This trail took my friends and I just over six hours to complete. The six hours included a lunch break, several trips down a natural water slide, and a couple of stops for the dog to swim. It is a difficult trail—personally, I think it is more difficult than Old Rag.

The connecting fire trail between White Canyon and Cedar Run is uneventful, but the first and last portions of this loop make the hike worthwhile. We did not realize that we’d be able to ride the natural water slide of Cedar Run, but when we saw others doing it, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We were soaked on the hike back to the car with no regrets!

After you enter the trail, I suggest making a right to see White Oak Canyon first. You can then end your hike by swimming in and sliding into the pools of Cedar Run.

Hiked on 09/01/2018. Pouring down the rain which made for a fun challenging hike! It’s slippery when wet so tread carefully. Although there are two signs at the beginning of the hike saying no dogs permitted on this trail, it didn’t stop people from bringing them. Saw 3 on the round trip hike. Was crowded despite the rain so make sure you are prepared for lots of steps and shaded views. The creek was flowing the entire way so made great photo shots for my new Nikon. Recommend this place but go early or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds

Steep at some points but love the shade cover all the way until the summit. It’s a strenuous hike for those who are not avid hikers but I found it relaxing. Go early to avoid crowds. There’s a picnic table at the top and two great lookout spots. Hard to get a completely clear look with the low sitting clouds but I highly recommend!

Nice short hike but was there to photograph the waterfall. There can be big crowds at times.

14 days ago

This is a great trail that follows a scenic stream with a beautiful waterfall and several places to take a quick dip in the cold water. Access from skyline drive is super easy and it's very close to the visitor's center and big meadows campground. I did it with my 12yo son on a balmy hot day in July. The heat and humidity made the hike a little harder than expected but it was still really enjoyable. I plan to do it again with my wife, 10yo daughter and son again in September.

Yes indeed the trek up is a doozy hike, but all worth it. It allows you to stop along the way and cool off by the waterfall creek.

17 days ago

Beautiful trail following streams and waterfalls along most of the way. Plenty of places to wade and play. 7 yr old made it, but just barely. 3.5 miles is a little misleading because at 3.5 you connect with the fire road but it’s about another mile back to parking.

Amazing vista at the summit!

This is a really great loop for when you want to get out into nature, but maybe aren't looking for a full day 6-7 mile, or many hour trek. The 2.6 mile loop is well shaded, and has a gradual incline but is never too steep (if you go counter clockwise). The views from the top are beautiful, and there are a few more lookout points with equally as beautiful, but even less populated, along the way. A bit rocky on the trail, but if you watch your step you should be good to go. Not too crowded anywhere on the trail except for at the summit itself, but well worth the trip nevertheless.

Creek makes for great views the whole hike.

18 days ago

waterfall is pretty and provides good photo ops, but is very popular due to ease, short distance and of course, the waterfall. so popular that it becomes touristy and find lots of folks not accustomed to hiking, climbing down wet, steep rocks in flip flops or families with teenagers barefoot in the falls soaking wet posing for pictures, etc. regardless, go on a dry day as rocks can be very slippery.

Challenging trail but fun. Lots of waterfalls.

This was a wonderful family hike. Our 4 year old daughter was able to climb, explore, and keep up at a good pace. We reached the overlook at the beginning of sunset and the view was phenomenal! It was a wonderful and tranquil experience overall. We saw several families on the hike with children of all ages.

Great short hike for families and young children. We've taken our kids here twice over two years - first year both in backpacks. This year our four year old hiked down and up on her own stream and our almost three year old hiked down herself and back up on my back. Most of the hike is next to the stream and there are a couple of gentle places for young kids to get in and get their feet wet. The bottom of the main falls has a nice pool which can be entered but I'd make sure an adult went with kids as the falls are right there and the rocks are slick. Bonus yesterday, we watched a barn owl perched about thirty feet away from us as he moved around over the course of fifteen minutes. Our kids love this hike.

This trail was definitely difficult for me, but I rested a bunch along the way and I was able to make it! Mind you, I’m not in the best of shape. I love this hike. I went right after a good rain and the falls were full and beautiful!

Great family hike. We have done this a couple of times with two young daughters in backpacks and when they were a little older our three year old walking most of the way. Gentle incline. Bring a picnic lunch. The top has great views from the rocky pile.

Well groomed trail. My wife and I encountered numerous people, young and old. Nice falls!

25 days ago

My favorite short loop in the Park. This is my 10 YO daughters and I go to hike. I always opt to go down Rose river trail first. The trail quickly meets up with the water and sticks with it all the way to the bottom. The return hike follows the dark hollow run up to the base of dark hollow falls. Down and back are a bit rocky but the elevation gain can be broken up by stops at the various cascades and pools. The proximity to the water also produces a cooling affect especially if you can catch a little breeze. If you have the energy you can take a quick trip up to the base of Dark Hollow Falls. The hike ends with an easy walk up the fire road back to the trail head.

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