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This trail is magic. It starts off on a wide road, and eventually loops into some fairly legit forest hiking. It’s a very wet trail, and you straight up walk through what would ordinarily be considered a creek, but it’s just the rainwater flowing down the path. The river was raging today because of the rain we’ve had, and the water is just gloriously clear and pure looking. Jawbone Flats is the type of place I’d love to visit again, and all the old rust bucket trucks and equipment make my old fashioned heart go pitter patter. My recording said I did 928 feet of elevation, but I truly didn’t feel it, and would say this was very a very gradual incline. I also ended up clocking 7.5 miles instead of 6.5, but I’ve grown use to these hikes always being a little longer than AllTrails says. So here’s the deal- this hike is worth all the tea in China, but for the love of humanity, get some waterproof shoes so you don’t hate your life if you’re doing this hike in the winter. 10/10 will hike again.

7 days ago

Quite the calf burner, but made for an incredible first time hike. The views are worth the grind up to the top. Couldn't imagine walking this during snowfall or heavy rain due to downed trees in parts and narrower paths. All in all a nice gem of a hike.

As someone who isn’t from here, I was bummed that nobody mentioned the lake gets drained in the winter so it’s mostly dirt there currently, but it was a great hike nonetheless and the view of Mt Jefferson is incredible. No snow, and saw families with small children and kids on the way out and back. Took my 12 year old dog on this and she got tired from the incline on the way up but was fine after we hung out at the top for about 10 minutes and we were able to get back to our car in half the time it took to get up the mountain. Definitely would do again when it’s warmer out and the lake is full

Beautiful hike with an amazing view, especially on a clear day. I would highly recommend this hike.

One of the best hikes in the state! just make sure you go in the winter if you don't like crowds!

Such a beautiful hike! We did this hike in June 2018 and it was absolutely breathtaking. We hadn’t backpacked for almost a year, so we wanted to do something a little leisurely. We made it a 3 day/2 night trip. The water beautiful and the old growth trees were amazing to see. The signage is great from the beginning to opal creek over to jawbone flats. We tried hiking beyond that and the signage wasn’t the best as we continued.

Great area to explore. Definitely need to come back up soon. Great day to be out when I was there in early December. Forgot to post when I got home.

Easy to find, clear trail, beautiful view. Hiked in winter and snow coverage was not foreboding.

I love this trail! Steep is accurate. If you go all the way to the summit, it is a narrow trail with a lil bushwhacking. I loved it. About an inch of snow.

Came here on 12/7/18 roads were icy on the route alltrails takes you on Google maps. Dirt road coming in seemed a lot worse (pit hole riddled) than leaving. There are two vaulted toilet stalls here and they were clean. You can rent cabins at jawbone flats. If you want to do the loop I would make a right at the trailhead for the pools when you first come across the bridge it will be easier to follow if you don't have a preloaded map. This place is a must see the road is easy and opal pools trail is moderate to hard. This trail is 9.9 miles and we finished it in 5.5hrs. In jawbone flats the bathroom is closed for the winter. You can rent cabins in jawbone flats and if you are handicap, you can drive in if you are renting a cabin. Cabin prices are fairly expensive over $100. Jawbone flats is privately owned and surrounded by national forrest. You need a northwest forrest pass to park here or an American the beautiful or day pass. I believe $5/visit/day. We were the first ones on the trail and when we left there were 3 or 4 other cars in the lot on a Friday. There is ice on the trail this time of year in the early mornings so use caution. No drinkable water here if you are doing a day trip here, so make sure you bring plenty of water or have a filtration system. There are people that live here all year long (we saw 3 people that worked in jawbone flats). We saw 3 people and 3 dogs while we were heading back to the car (2 dogs were not on leashes). The small trail on the opal pool side I'd call moderate to hard with some steep climbs and drop offs, it is a single track trail. Lots of place to camp on this side.

Great hike, moderate incline and well maintained smooth trail. Little parking lot with no toilet. Stunning 360* views if you can climb up a short steep trail at the top. Beautiful view of mt. jefferson

The last 5 miles to the trail head is slow. A 4 wheel vehicle is needed. I would say it’s more of an overnight camping spot for the amount of work to get there.

trail running
2 months ago

Great loop trail to run. It was about 15 miles with very little elevation change. Pay attention and have your route mapped. It is easy to veer onto another trail, especially when running.

Today it was sunny, cool at 38 degrees and brisk with an East wind blowing 20+ mph. It was noticeable on the West shore, but the trees and terrain protected the rest of the trail. Mt. Hood looked fabulous with its dusting of snow. I saw 3 people on the trail getting in their last hike before the snows arrive.

2 months ago

This was a great trail, and the views of Mt. Hood in Burnt Lake were incredible. From Burnt Lake, we took the a Zigzag Mountain trail for more amazing views of Mt. Hood.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes in Oregon that often gets overlooked. The view from the top is always worth it. Easy hike, well maintained trail and dog friendly.

2 months ago

Great place, lots of variety in the trails as well as the scenery. Hiked along the gravel road going in to Jawbone Flats, (lots of old abandoned mining equipment all along the trail) then continued to Opal Pool and came back along the trail through the forest which connects back to the gravel road.
Since I am new to hiking this last part is for those that are also just getting started, or consider this a long hike. The gravel road is relatively flat, but the section through the woods had some short but steep climbs over rocky terrain. The path is pretty narrow and has some long drop offs in several areas. Don't let that scare you off though, I'm on the older end of the scale and new to hiking and found it all very manageable.
Believe my mileage would have been closer to the 6.5 than what was experienced by Stacy if I had taken the gravel road in and back out and stopped at Jawbone Flats. Adding Opal Pool and taking the route though the forest definitely increased my mileage.
All Trails recorded me at 8.4 miles total.
Most likely due to the weather conditions at the moment, the road leading in wasn't bad at all, even a sedan should be able to make it all the way to the trailhead.

2 months ago

I give this 4.5 stars. Got on the trail about 3p, and took an hour and a half to climb up to the lake. Passed a handful of people hiking out, but pretty uncrowded for a beautiful Saturday. No one was hiking up after me, judging from my car being the lady in the lot when I hiked out. The multiple creeks on both sides of the trail, sometimes cascading down over the trail, serenade you the whole way up. Arrived to the lake just as the sun was setting on Mt. Hood, fading from a rich orange to a soft rose. The surface of the lake was still in the crisp, cold evening air, with no person or creature to interrupt the peace. I ended up watching the sun fully go down, then hiked out in the dark. Easy enough trail to do this, just make sure you have some light as it’s much darker down in the trees. It’d be fun to stay and watch the stars come out next time.

I didn’t see the cut off that this map shows to make it more of a triangle loop, so for me it was basically an out and back with a walk around the lake.

2 months ago

Super awesome hike!! Totally kick ass though. Straight uphill and lots of switch backs, but worth it.

Decided to venture out to this trail on 10/20. We hiked along the gravel road to Jawbone Flats, then over to Opal Pool, and we crossed the bridge taking the trail through the forest as our return route. The 6.5 mileage is VERY off from what you actually do. It’s 4 miles alone to Jawbone Flats and the loop through the forest adds quite a bit due to the twists and turns. My stepmother and several other groups behind us clocked it at over 9.5 miles, so come prepared.

My dog and I LOVED this trail.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike, old growth and wonderful views of Mt.Hood.

3 months ago

Hiked this after Henline Trail (waterfall). Only saw one other person. Amazing views! Will be doing again.

Really amazing hike! Lot of razorbacks and some steep points but super amazing and such an awesome view all along the way (especially at the top)!

Not too hard of a hike. Pretty view of Mt. Jefferson.

on Stahlman Point Trail

3 months ago

Great hike

Honestly, it's neat if you're nearby already but I found it pretty underwhelming. Beautiful colors but the trail is very short and it's hard to get a good view of the lake. Maybe it was just too crowded for me, but I wouldn't do it again. Go to Tamolitch Blue Pool instead!

PS - it was also a big bummer you can't get in the lake. I understand it would stir up the mud and be a drag for others, but it's still a body of water you cant get in and thats a bummer.

Watch out for bees

The best part of the hike is the old growth forest, some really massive trees. The lake is rather unimpressive although clouds were covering Mt.Hood once we got to it

Great hike, definitely venture off the main path so you can get great views of the water. Gravel bits are annoying but the trail part was worth it at least one time through.

3 months ago

It was a little cloudy but no rain so that was nice. Did get a couple of bee stings on the hike so watch out for that!

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