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2 days ago

Just done the loop portion of the trail. Falls was amazing as always! Didn’t go to arch as I have other destinations in store for the day.

6 days ago

I hiked this trail. I went early so I'd be less likely to interfere with the MTB'ers. I saw 2 actual bikers, and 2 joggers. Hikers, please read the following and take it into consideration. The reason these trails are MTB trails is that there really isn't anything to see and the setting isn't fit for actual hiking. I did this trail because it is a trail I hadn't done, and I'm trying to hike out my area. The trails are pretty narrow, and not really challenging for a hike at all. They are just, for the most part, miles. It's not really worth it unless you're just a completionist nut like me who wants to say they did it. For the most part, besides two pine barrens and an old used tire graveyard, there isn't anything to see.

For people who are going to bike this trail: This trail made me wish I had a bike, not that I could have done the trail. It actually seemed to be interesting and had some spots that looked like they would actually challenge a person on a bike. There's a jump or two in there, but mostly it looks like this trail just hates your quads and hammies if you're on a bike. You guys know, most of these trails for bikes aren't all that special, and when things get dropped by your ilk, no one really ever notices as they fly by. I'd recommend getting with the friends of the park, if there's a group, and cleaning up that mess of a tire graveyard. It just makes you guys look bad.

As far as biking goes, I'd give it a 4 since it looks like it'd be kind of fun. Docking stars for general trashiness of the trail, specifically the tire cemetery. There were 2 downed trees on the trail when I went, so keep your head up, not that you could afford otherwise on this one.

Nice trail and well marked.

Amazing view of the waterfall and the hike there was amazing too. Loved how you could go up and down the water fall as you pleased. Was a bit muddy but all in all was an amazing adventure.

11 days ago

Took my dog, Lacy, hiking here. We both liked it but she wouldn’t do the stairs

12 days ago

A bit steep at the beginning and slippery with all the mud. Beautiful winding path. Some spots are level enough to actually run. The falls were beautiful with all the rushing water.

12 days ago

Nice hike. Love the hills and lake view.

This is a good rugged hike, the first incline is a good workout. The best time to go is after a rain, it is muddy but the falls are awesome.

13 days ago

Had an awesome time and got the family out of the house in the winter and was only a 30 minute drive from our house! It rained a lot the day before so the falls were flowing!

16 days ago

Tallest waterfall in KY. Arch on the way you can stop and explore. Nice little hike, pretty easy.

Good trail with the kids and dog, very muddy but we went the day after a heavy rain. Easy enough for the kids to manage but interesting enough to keep their attention. Multiple water crossings were great. Did 2.2 miles for Blue and Orange trails.

19 days ago

This is probably the most technically difficult mountain biking area I’ve found in the Nashville area. In fact I bent my wheel pretty badly tweaking it between two rocks on a rocky downhill section. The difficulty can be offset by doing the front side of the park. When you go in the tunnel under the road, that’s the really technical area. I think the front side offers around 5-6 miles of singletrack, the trail on the other side of the road offers another 6 or so I believe.

20 days ago

A nice hike, but muddy in places since we’ve had a few days of rain earlier in the week. I decided to add the Guerilla Hollow trail to this one. There is a sign about halfway through the Cull Hollow Loop that says “Trail” and points how to continue on. Right beside that is an unmarked connector that goes a short way up to the Guerilla Hollow loop. Doing both together is a little over 2 miles.


One of my favorites!! Visit after a rain so the falls will be running decently.

1 month ago

Great trail to the lake. I like to take my stove with me and brew a cup of coffee at the lake.

Great little hike! Loved the stream about half way through. Was a nice spot to sit and relax.

Enjoyed it. Was more easy than moderate with exception of the big hill on backside (orange trail). Couldn’t get to he waterfall because it was across the creek and it was 30 degrees outside but could see it from a distance and hear it. Will be back in summer.

1 month ago

We took the Yost Trail to the Mitchell Hill trail. Total miles was around 4 miles. We ventured off trail a bit when we saw what looked to be an abandoned car. It was so cool to find this! Would love to know the story behind it. The lake was absolutely beautiful and had picnic tables and benches to relax on, next time we will pack a lunch. Trail isn’t to difficult, just a few steap hills but nothing terrible. Overall we had a wonderful hike and beautiful weather on this December day!

Nice December hike but I’m glad I was using All Trails. It got us back on the trail a few times. The trail markings aren’t too good. There’s a lot of deadfall on the trails due to a recent ice storm but manageable. We plan on coming back to hike other trails. There’s much more to explore there.

decent, but wish I had visited after more rain and falls were heavier.

Lots of ice storm damage by the recent storm but overall very good. Would do again

I didn’t want to give it a bad review but I never went because it’s no dogs.

Simple walk. Sinifigance is the trail of tears, the trail is evident by deep ruts leading to the river.

2 months ago

Very easy “hike” with some nice scenery and wildlife.

This trail definitely more rugged than others in the park. The trail is still walkable though and offers some nice scenery with rock formations, creeks, and views of the Ohio River.

The falls are absolutely beautiful!

Scouted it for horses and it's nice hike but not currently really horse friendly, tree down at the apex that's a little low to ride under and hard to get around. Some areas with bad root holes to watch out for if on horseback. Would be great for a trail run.

Great easy pace walk with the hound. Beautiful outlook area and view.

Took our Cub Scout den yesterday. Had a great time. Fall colors were perfect !

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