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Tons of off leash dogs. Pretty trail otherwise.

2 days ago

One of my favorite hikes close to Denver. Great views and the Lomond is beautiful.

Great trail! Worth it to find the wildflowers and waterfall.

3 days ago

We hiked this today, 7/16/18. We are still acclimating to the altitude, but we stopped numerous times on the way up and it wasn't too bad. Lots of shade along this trail for most of the way. Wildflowers are in full bloom right now. Pack plenty of water!

4 days ago

Beautiful trail, good views, wildflowers and enjoyable.

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS: for the safety of your animals... if your dog is off leash and you run into a dog on a leash, please grab your dogs or call them over. If another dog is on a leash; they tend to feel restrained and threatened when another animal is approaching them and can become anxious or aggressive. There are plenty of beautiful spots there to take your pups off leash so they can run around, please be cognizant of surroundings.

off road driving
4 days ago

Super fun wheeling. Some tough spots overall great trail for our 1993 Landcruiser . Kids played at Lake and on streams. Half way up we photographed a great stream with wildflowers. will be back on a clear day for sure had some cloud cover.

5 days ago

Beautiful area, the three lakes are amazing, definitely a good spot to keep in the rotation.

5 days ago

Hiked to the lakes again today. I love these lakes, especially the second one. I've hiked this trail at least 10 times (or more) over the last 5 years. Second bridge is closed, but I got by it- on the way up by taking off boots and socks and finding a safe place to cross the water. I have a big mountain dog who helps me across streams. On the way down, I went ahead and walked across the wood bridge. Be careful! Five stars for this trail due to the lakes, not the trail itself. Good hiking people! Enjoy.

Great, dog-friendly front range hike. Got to parking lot around 8am and it was only half full. Took us 3 hours with a few stops for our pup, but could easily be done in 2. The switchbacks to the reservoir are worth the effort - nice spot to have a snack and relax for a bit. This seems to be a pretty quiet trail comparative to other hikes in the area. It does get pretty sunny and warm, so bring plenty of water.

Absolutely fantastic hike. This one has it all. With option to keep going further into hall ranch trails at the top. Was about to turn around at the top of sleepy lion in the large field before the view of the dam due to inclement weather but so glad I pushed forward. The sky went from dark most of the afternoon to a full 180 of afternoon sunlight. The river and dam portions are astonishing.

Great summer trail next to river. People were taking dips and cooling down. First part of trail is a road but then the loop is a great true trail with nice views.

Hiked this trail 7/2018 and flowers were beautiful as well as the lakes at the end.

Such a beautiful hike with amazing scenery. Good mixture of rocks and road. Make sure to do the Sleepy Lion Trail. Will be back for sure.

11 days ago

We hiked on 7/8 and it was beautiful! We parked on the street outside (no parking sign but once we finished there was 10 cars so just be respectful) 8 miles RT from the road to the upper lakes and back. Go to upper lakes! Trail is on the other side of the lake and goes straight up a little discrete. But you can see the 3 hidden lakes on the upper side of Loch Lomond.

The hike up the road is most definitely worth it. Once you hit Loch Lomond, I would suggest going to the right and finding the trail up to the three lakes above. Lake Oh Man is worth the effort and not too hard to get to.

Tough and rocky on most of the road up, but about halfway there’s a trail that loops off into the forest and over creeks and offers some shade before getting to the summit. Nice to put our feet in the lake and have some lunch before going back down. Tons of gorgeous views.

Nice trail. Lots of good camping sites in the trees above the lakes. I would recommend the Gore trail also.

This is a nice trail to get away from the busyness of Boulder or other popular front range hikes. The reservoir beautifully frames Longs Peak. Beware that there is little shade on the road portion of the trail in the afternoon.

Good trail for a second time out. It was closed about 4 miles before lake. We were told it is opened about July 15.

Great trail!!! Make sure to go to the second lake. Rangers will tell you second bridge is closed and not passable... we had no issues getting across!

13 days ago

Followed another reviewers advise and went up the upper lakes. I don’t think I initially took the right trail up (found it one the way back down). It’s quick but steep up to the upper lakes but so worth it! Me and my labradoodle had a blast!

Very nice! Get there early to avoid people! When you get to the reservoir go up hummingbird switchbacks

This was a fantastic hike! You start out walking through cacti, crest into a gorgeous golden meadow dotted with wild flowers, continue on to the next peak where you can see for miles, then finish by the perfectly quiet reservior. and, during the week, I didn't see a single other person on the trail. such a hidden gem ❤️

on Wheeler Lakes

18 days ago

The trail and scenery alone are exceptionally beautiful. However I'm only giving it three stars due to the proximity to I70. There are other trails with easy access in the area that don't require hearing the interstate for a good portion of the hike.

A recent review mentioned no aspens... This is inaccurate. The first mile to mile and a half of this trail is jam packed with aspens as well as many different types of wildflowers. There are beautiful spots with running water on the trail although with the dry conditions those will be gone soon.

I agree with the moderate rating of this trail. Trail is well worn and easy to follow. Tons of salamanders in the lakes. Worth hiking, but probably not more than once.

good trail surprising views

18 days ago

I love this trail

18 days ago

Great trail, not as crowded as Crater Lakes trail. Second bridge is currently marked as closed, although you can get across it. Once up to the lower lake it is worth the trip up to the upper lake which is far more scenic. Wildflowers are abundant pretty much the entire way!

love this trail was busy today but still not packed manged to add the new professional trail addition off sleepy lion to the dam. it is step but worth the effort.

19 days ago

Majority of trail is a 4X4 road, so get there early to avoid the vehicle crowd. Top gate is still closed, so vehicles aren’t the whole way to the lake yet. The trail crosses over the CDT, so you have the option to veer right off the roadway to summit James Peak. The trail to the upper lakes (Reynolds, Steuart, and Ohman) is a little less defined. A few places are muddy and the handful of stream crossings might warrant waterproof shoes. Just stay to the left of Loch Lomond and you can ascend to the left of the waterfall. I can’t emphasize enough that the upper lakes are where it’s at. You can also ascend the ridge by following the trail to the right of Loch Lomond. Either way, try to get up above the Loch to enjoy the view down on the lake. This is a big reward kind of view with relatively little effort. Came out to 7 miles round trip from the bottom road to Lake Ohman.

Very moderate. Not too strenuous. Good mountain views.

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