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Loved it! I feel like Lower Greeter is the most photographed, but Upper Greeter was really beautiful too, as well as Boardtree Falls. Definitely wear actual shoes on the hike and wear your swimsuit!

The best place for swimming and exploring. We love jumping off the bluffs into the always cool water. Lots of trails in the park too. The twin falls trail is the best & prettiest in my opinion.

It is an ok spot. The trail is super short, and the fall itself was kinda cool. Def a better place for people aren’t serious hikers or who have kids. If you want to be wowed, don’t go here.


Overgrown trail. From the pictures here I thought there was going to be an overlook... I only saw the cave (didnt bring a flashlight). so if you like caves and bring a flash light, this is for you.

There is an amazing swimming hole both at the top of the falls and the bottom. It is super short and beautiful. I suggest going to the top first and then the bottom.

My favourite by far hidden paradise with a spectacular waterfall and swimming pool hole

Great Trail, Awesome waterfalls! Kids thought the powerhouse was really neat! Trail runs along the river and there is lots to see. Definitely recommend this one for a short trip.....we did this one in light rain and it was wonderful, though we did lose daylight before we could keep going and we made it nearly to the end! Nice views!

Beautiful but strenuous on Climbers Access!

Great hike! Beautiful views of the falls. Trail gets narrow towards end of loop. If you really want to explore, wear waterproof shoes to cross streams and walk on wet rocks.

Short and super sweet!! Amazing waterfall!!! Super clean. Not that easy, not that hard for beginners. Love the place. I’m coming back for sure!!

Seriously an amazing and beautiful trail! So many waterfalls and beautiful views! Full trail review and more pics coming to our blog soon! www.Wander-Full-Life.com

We took our 4 kids (ages 8,5,3, & 3months) on this hike down to the falls yesterday and had a great time! We had to go pretty slow to climb our way down to the falls, but everyone did well. And the way back up was much easier for me with the baby in her carrier than going down. The falls were beautiful and since it had recently rained they were very strong. The water was very cold so the kids didn’t want to swim for long. It was quite busy while we were there and there were several people smoking that really took away from the otherwise natural and beautiful scene. Gorgeous views and my husband loved climbing up and around the falls. Great day trip.

We took our 4 kids on this hike today. (Ages 8,5,3 and 3months) It was a splendid little hike for our clan and we played at the Upper Greeter Falls for most of the day. We even hiked up above the Upper Falls to another 6 foot waterfall that had a huge area for the kids (and us) to play. This is my favorite family hike we’ve done to date.

We will definitely be coming back to this one and next time we’ll try for the Blue Hole.

Cautions: there are very steep drop offs along the trail and there were places that were slippery. We went fairly slow just to be cautious and helped the 3 year old in a couple of spots when it got tough.

We heeded the advice of others and didn’t try the steep decent to the lower Falls with the wee ones with us, but we saw several families down there too so just use best judgement.

Beautiful views. Kinda slick if wet.

Quick hike and great swimming hole. Beautiful falls, impressive rockfaces. Awesome spot to pack a lunch and take the kids and dogs. Descent is steep and rocky so be careful! And please LEAVE NO TRACE.

This trail was gorgeous! It’s a bit strenuous but short enough. Makes you feel as if you did a good workout but not too long. There are some slippery parts when going down to the falls where it’s all mud over the steps.

Enjoyed so much!!! Beautiful waterfalls!!

The trail to the base of the waterfall is a bit steep and gets really rocky at some points, but definitely worth it! Great area to swim too! One of my favorite hikes so far.

1 month ago

Very short 0.5 mile hike that leads from a parking lot down to the river and a long wall of waterfalls that you can climb behind. Waterfalls were awesome and rocks at the river were large enough to lounge on. Very good trail for those that don’t want to spend all day hiking, but still want to see something cool. Trail is pretty wet as you are climbing down a waterfall the whole time along rocks, man made stairs and ramps with cable for support. Spent about an hour at waterfalls and then hiked back up and drove a little further to the very nice on site beach where you allowed to swim. Swimming prohibited on this trail. Wouldn’t have wanted to try anyway. Not worth the risk.

Good Hike. beautiful waterfall

beautiful, well maintained trails

1 month ago

Sharon Mugno and I did 6.5 miles in 2.5 hours and loved every minute of it. The trail was easy and beautiful. The trail was well maintained. We stayed on the South Rim. The canyon views and the rapids/falls were the highlight! Highly recommend this trail.

1 month ago

100% recommending this trip! The views are beautiful and the water is cold. It’s very refreshing on a hot day. The rocks on the bottom of the gorge bed do make it uncomfortable to swim barefoot. You definitely want to bring a pair of water shoes or a dry pair of boots to walk back up in.

1 month ago

Great trail for beginners. My friend and I hiked this one while we waited for the rain to clear so that we could hike down to the falls. Mostly shaded by trees so even in the rain we didn’t get soaked. Maintained very well too!

Definitely will be going back to this trail in the cooler months when there’s not as much foliage so we can take in all the beautiful waterfalls and views even more! There’s 4- that’s right, 4!?!- waterfalls and views galore. Plenty of coverage as it rained the entire hike and it was still magic. Saw a rat snake, but he didn’t give 2 hoots about us! Highly recommend this beautiful trail! Full review and more pics coming to our blog soon at www.Wander-Full-Life.com

1 month ago

Awesome trail! Very rocky at some parts but so worth it!

Great trail and beautiful waterfall! took a little over an hour hours but we stopped a few times for pictures and to enjoy the waterfall. about halfway it gets a bit rocky but overall not too bad and will definitely be back!

Easy, short distance loop. It’s a little big of a descent and climb back up but worth as this is a great water fall. You can also step out onto the outer rocks of the waterfall to get close to the action (waterfall) which is a great photo opportunity.

We took our 4 children ages 8, 5, 4, and 2 on the Greeter Trail to the upper and lower falls. The 2 year old was in a child carrier. It was about 1.75 miles logged on our Apple Watches round trip (including all extra steps taken during swimming).

The trail before it splits off to upper and lower is fairly child friendly but there are a few spots where a cliff is exposed. The upper falls were great for wading- swimsuits and life jackets for the kids are recommended. The water is cold but y’all already knew that ;). The lower falls is reached via a spiral staircase, a slippery wooden ladder/stairs, and a precarious field of boulders. We helped our kids through these obstacles and were rewarded with a spectacular view of the lower falls. We opted not to swim in the lower falls pool as it seemed harder to approach with kids and we were satisfied with our earlier swim. The water looked deeper in the lower falls pools and a group of teenagers were happily enjoying it.

If you have young kids I would plan to visit the upper falls for sure. And if you want to see the spectacular lower falls just know that you will be helping your kids quite a bit but it’s not impossible.

All told a really fun hike for the family! We will come back and visit Blue Hole next time.

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