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13 hours ago

Was not impressed with the waterfall if you can even call it that. It was a decent day though. I didn't really enjoy the gravel trails most of the way around.
There are a lot of little side trails to do. We managed to hike a total of 12 miles through here.

14 hours ago

One of my group’s go-to trails for incline training. We always do it counterclockwise (steep hill first) and the easy decline after you reach the top never gets old. The trail is easy to follow. Watch out for poison oak!

Trail had some absolutely beautiful views however was extremely steep at several points and was quite strenuous. My group was experienced and we have done a fair amount of hiking - we all felt it was probably the most difficult hike we have ever done. if you do this hike, bring extra water, count on climbing over rocks and plan extra time. It is not for the faint of heart!

Great hike! On some weekends it’s online reservations only so be sure to check if the park is full before you go!

on Tuolumne Table Mountain

2 days ago

Love this beautiful walk/climb to the top. We used our AllTrails map to keep us on the right trail. A lot of people seemed confused about what trail to follow. Best time to do this hike is when the weather is cool.

Decent short hike for a workout! Climb up the steep hill and then easy hike back. Weather is good today for a hike. The trail is green with wildflower and butterflies!

horseback riding
2 days ago

So beautiful with a lot of variety of trails.

3 days ago

We did this on our honeymoon, I was in a car accident about a month before and had back injuries so I couldn't do anything crazy but this was perfect and beautiful!

Absolutely amazing trail to hike! Recommend bringing lots of water and snacks with you. Great if you want to hike solo or with a group. Met a lot of awesome and friendly people on the trail. Will definitely be hiking it again soon.

Trail was a little hard to follow at some points but all in all amazing hike and awesome views!

Amazing hike!!! So beautiful

very steep and a great workout. Did this trail with my dad and 3 year old daughter, had a ton of fun. The view is beautiful and the arduous trip up the mountain.

Great hike to take my dog on.

7 days ago

I loved this trail. beautiful. Inclines made it a workout.

Wildflowers on top are beautiful right now

9 days ago

Hike clockwise to have lake views as you hike and easier descent. Be careful of poison oak

Hike was great. I would rate this as moderate to hard. Weather was so awesome today.

Love this trail , love letting my dogs run , be ready for a Little Rock climbing , pretty easy though .

start at the bottom near the reservoir and work your way up. fun little challenge nice waterfall the whole hike.

good challenging hike for the first half mile or so, and then it levels out and starts to descend towards the end of the trail. there are 4 waterfalls on the trail you can't miss them. best time to go would be in March when it is raining.

15 days ago

Beautiful scenery of the waterfalls (post rain). Feels like you’re in a rainforest or jungle. Parked at Rock Springs (watershed) trail head & hiked all the way down to Alpine Lake & back. Total was a little over 8 miles w/ a slight detour on the way back. Be cautious that parts of the trail are unmarked. But if you stay along Cataract Creek you’ll be fine. Lots of steps, great workout. Halfway there is a picnic area to rest by the creek which was nice. Lots of shade & my dog enjoyed it as well.

Gorgeous hike after a big storm. A bit muddy but not too bad. Lots of company—but to be expected since the waterfalls were in full force. There are a ton of steps, uneven, a bit of scrambling in parts. Coming down requires more concentration, going up takes more lung power. A good workout both ways.

This was an intense hike up a mountain! It’s definitely a strenuous hike—especially if you haven’t hiked “up” a mountain lately. Very narrow path on one part of the loop. Lots of poison oak—wear long pants! Beautiful spring flowers peppered the trail. Lovely views of Lake Berryessa. ❤️ It took my group and me 5-hrs to complete the loop, but we were the slowest group out there, stopped for lots of photos, and sat and had a snack at the peak for ~20 mins. Enjoy!

Awesome place to get out close to home! Very well maintained trail system!

Great little hike. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it. Although it was mid day and a great number of others.

This trail was more intense than I expected, and surprisingly warm given that I did it in the winter! Stunning views. If you do the whole loop, you end up going up and down the ridge line. Sometimes the trail got pretty rocky but there are red markers all along it. We went counter clockwise, and ended up taking the stairs down to where we parked, and I preferred this more than having to go up them. We descended in the warm afternoon and there was plenty of shade cover that way down. Going up was steeper and more exposed. It took us 4 hours including photo and water/snack breaks, and will definitely be returning.

21 days ago

Absolutely breathtaking!

great trail! If you chose to hike counterclockwise the first mile or so is definitely a straight up hike with very little level ground to recover on. Once you do reach the top of the hill it is smooth sailing from there. Today was my second time hiking it and it was a beautiful time of the year to explore up there, not too many people and I did encounter snake.

Amazing 4.5 mile hike!!!! There’s 3 miles of pure sun! Take fluids. Pack sodium. Snacks. Bring a mini umbrella if you can’t bear being in that hot sun while climbing up. It was 78 degrees when I went and it was pretty brutal. They have to rescue so many people each year due to heat stroke. Just be careful, please! But enjoy that view! Stunning. Beautiful. Worth it!

23 days ago

Beautiful and well laid out! You can be entertained for hours. Just be sure to make a reservation on weekends

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